~ Niqi and Teddy ~

A few years ago, Niqi met Teddy, a beautiful Dachshund puppy. Their journey since then hasn’t been easy, however, they’ve been by each other’s side, providing love and happiness throughout all the tough times. 

Having always wanted a dog, Niqi was thrilled when she met a litter of Dachshund puppies. They were all adorable and Niqi loved all of them, however, one puppy, in particular with a dark-tipped tail, stood out to her. He immediately snuggled into her and she knew that he had chosen her in that moment. Without any doubt, Niqi decided to adopt the pup and named him Theodore, or Teddy for short. 

Having Teddy changed Niqi’s life. Each day, he brought her unconditional love and is like a ray of sunshine. No matter what, he can always brighten Niqi’s day. Teddy has changed her life for the better.

When Teddy was 5 years old, he had his first intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) episode. Niqi took him to the vet where she was told he had stage 5 IVDD, the most severe stage. It was an incredibly difficult time for Niqi as she feared the worst. Despite the severity, Teddy never gave up. He was determined to survive and fight his horrible illness. 

After a year of recovery and 24/7 monitoring, Teddy survived IVDD, however, it left his back legs paralysed. To help him get around, Niqi got him his own wheelchair. Seeing how well he adjusted to his new way of living was inspirational to her. Teddy never seemed upset or annoyed about having to use a wheelchair, and was quickly able to speed around!

Through sharing Teddy’s story, Niqi hopes it can provide others in similar situations with support and guidance. She is happy to answer any questions owners may have. Remembering how difficult it was for her, she wants to help the process feel less daunting. On Teddy’s page, Niqi shares photos of him loving and living life to the fullest. He shows everyone that, while he may have paralysis, it doesn’t mean he can’t live how he wants to. 

Something that Teddy and Niqi love doing together is going for walks. It’s time they can simply enjoy each other’s company and just be in the moment. As well as this, Teddy is quite the spoilt pup! Niqi often shares her food with him (dog-friendly snacks, of course!) and gives him endless cuddles. 

The bond that Niqi and Teddy share is so special. They bring so much love and joy into each other’s lives. Though they have been through some challenging times, together, they became stronger.