~ Amanda and Arlo ~

A few years ago, Amanda adopted Arlo, a beautiful black Labrador, from Scotland. Since then, Arlo has had a huge impact on Amanda and has changed her life. 

When she was 11 years old, Amanda was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). At the time, her dog, Milly, helped her hugely. Even when Amanda was experiencing awful pain, Milly would always brighten her day and helped and encouraged her to learn to walk again.

Sadly, Milly passed away not long after. She helped Amanda through such a difficult time and losing her was devastating. Some time later, in 2016, Amanda and her family felt it was time to welcome another dog into their home. 

Due to her health conditions, Amanda wanted to find a dog who could help her with her symptoms of CRPS and fibromyalgia. She had heard from a breeder and decided to meet with them and their litter of puppies. Initially, Amanda had wanted a little girl, but when she saw her sister, Steph, holding a tiny black Labrador boy puppy, she knew he was the one. 

Having Arlo has been life-changing for Amanda. He supports her when she’s finding it hard to manage her pain or having a hard day. Without fail, Arlo always seems to know just what to do, from getting Amanda her fluffy blanket or her drink bottle. Even on the worst of days, Arlo can make her smile. 

Something that Amanda and Arlo love doing together is going on adventures. From walking along a field or beach – Arlo loves to swim! As well as this, they love training together and simply just spending time with each other. 

The bond that Amanda and Arlo share is immensely special. They have brought so much happiness and love into each other’s lives and continue to brighten every day.