~ Tiffany, Dobby and Buffy ~

Over a year ago, Tiffany met Dobby, an adorable fluffy pup! Not long after, she met Buffy. Since then, they have all changed each other’s lives and shared so much love and joy. 

Since she was young, Tiffany had always been afraid of dogs. However, her husband had been wanting to get one for a while. They ended up compromising and getting a small dog! Tiffany wanted to overcome her fear, so after a lot of searching, they found the perfect pup – Dobby. From the moment they first saw his face, they knew he was the one. 

Five months later, Tiffany and her husband felt that it would be good to get another dog to keep Dobby company. When they met Buffy, one look into her beautiful eyes told them they weren’t leaving without her. She was very cuddly and Tiffany had no doubt she had found her forever home with them. 

While it took some time, Tiffany has overcome her fear of dogs and has become a dog lover. She loves spending time with Dobby and Buffy, going for walks at the beach or a dog park, and doing everything she can with them. As well as this, since starting their Instagram account, Tiffany has become an active member of the pet community. She has met many other animal lovers and their pets through this which has brought her a lot of happiness. 

The love that Tiffany has for Dobby and Buffy is beautiful. They helped her overcome a fear that she has had for as long as she can remember and have shown her unconditional love. They have all greatly impacted each other’s lives and changed them for the better.