~ Hank the Hellion ~

Just over a year ago, Hank was found on the streets, hungry and alone. While it was a long journey, he now has his forever home and his life has changed for the better. 

In May of 2021, Hank was wandering the streets. Then, one day, he found a kind man. He immediately decided to jump into his arms and ask for some food, water help… and a bath. Shortly after, the humans he found started looking for Hank’s owners, but no one came forward. So, he then went to a local shelter.

Not long after rescuing Hank did his story go viral. His rescuers created a page for him to help him find a home. They noted down his many shenanigans and sprinkled it with many anecdotes that were personal to Hank that would aid him in finding the right family. 

The shelter that Hank had been staying at turned out to be less than helpful for him, so sadly, it took quite some time before he was able to find a home. The humans who found him weren’t sure if they should adopt Hank as they already had other senior animals at home and didn’t think it fair to introduce them to an energetic, younger pup. However, thankfully after eight, long months, the humans who found him fought for him and eventually, became his forever family. 

Having Hank has had a huge impact on his family. He continues to bring them so much joy and laughter through his antics. No matter what, Hank always tries to involve himself in whatever his family are doing, from cooking to cleaning. Because of him, each day is filled with happiness and love. 

The bond that Hank has formed with his humans is truly special. In his time of need, he found them. They fought for him and now, he has his forever home. A home that he brings endless love to.