~ Marieke and Shadow ~

A few years ago, Marieke welcomed Shadow into her life. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives and have had many adventures together. 

At the end of 2019, Marieke and her partner had been looking to adopt a dog. Then, one day, they heard of a litter of 5-week-old Staffy x Border Collie puppies and decided to go meet them. Once there, one of the puppies took a particular interest in Marieke’s partner. They knew he was meant to be their dog. 

Having Shadow has greatly improved Marieke’s life. From encouraging her to go out more and socialise, to comforting her on tough days and helping her build her self-confidence. As well as this, Shadow also inspired Marieke to start her own business, Knots by Shadow. Through Knots by Shadow, Marieke sells a variety of leashes and tick collars. Doing this brings her so much joy as she knows that it benefits the lives of other dog owners.

In August of 2021, Shadow unfortunately had an accident that required an emergency operation. Marieke was terrified of what it may mean for her best friend. However, after the operation, rehabilitation and lots of cuddles, he pulled through and is now back to his active and happy self. 

Both Marieke and Shadow enjoy doing agility and sports together. They do many classes together and love every minute of it. Through working with each other, they strengthen their bond and it’s time they get just to themselves. When not doing agility, they love going for walkies and playing with Shadow’s favourite frisbee. 

Since meeting Shadow, Marieke’s life has changed. They have both impacted each other hugely by filling every day with so much love and joy.