~ Devon, James and Ajax ~

At the start of 2022, Devon and James welcomed rescue pup, Ajax, into their lives. Since then, he has shared so much love and joy with his new family. 

While scrolling through social media, Devon came across a post by Saving Hope Foundation. They had a lovely dog named Ajax who was looking for his forever home. She talked to James about the possibility of adopting this dog and, it wasn’t long before they decided to reach out. Devon and James were on their way to meet with the pup within the next few days. 

Once Devon and James arrived at the Saving Hope Foundation, they learned more about Ajax. When he was found abandoned at four weeks old, he was in need of urgent surgery and was full of worms. Because of all that he had been through, he was very anxious when meeting Devon and James. However, after about 20 minutes, he trusted James enough to snuggle up in his arms. They knew Ajax was perfect for their family and decided to adopt him.

Having Ajax has been life-changing for both Devon and James. He never fails to bring smiles to his humans’ faces. On days that may be a bit tough, he instantly makes it better just by being his lovely, goofy self. Knowing about his difficult past, seeing Ajax living his best life means so much to Devon and James. He has come so far in the short amount of time he has been part of their family.

Devon and James work from home, which often allows Ajax to join in. From excitedly dropping in on a virtual meeting and making himself known, to running to the door when the mail is delivered as a lot of the time, it’s either toys or treats. He certainly makes Devon and James’ work a lot more exciting! Not a minute goes by that he doesn’t make better. 

Something that Devon, James and Ajax enjoy is their weekend sleep-ins. Each night, Ajax sleeps in his crate (occasionally even before his humans do!). In the mornings, however, he is always excited to jump onto the bed and say ‘good morning!’ He often wakes them up with either lots of cuddles or an excited nip! 

The impact that Devon, James and Ajax have all had on each other has been huge. Devon and James rescued Ajax, but he has brought so much love and joy into their home.