~ Jono, Ellie and Zeus ~

Two years ago, Jono and Ellie welcomed Zeus into their lives. Since then, they have become a family and continue to better each other’s lives every day.

Jono and Ellie had been wanting to adopt a dog. In 2020, just before a Covid-19 lockdown, they adopted Zeus. He travelled for quite some time via truck, but once he arrived, he knew that he had finally found his home. As soon as he set foot outside his travel crate, he excitedly ran up to his new humans. From that moment, Jono and Ellie knew he was the perfect pup. What was even more special was that Zeus and Ellie share the same birthday! Another sign it was meant to be. 

Having Zeus has hugely helped Jono and Ellie, especially through the Covid-19 lockdowns. He encouraged his humans to go out for walks and get some fresh air and brought them endless laughter during such a difficult time. When the restrictions started to lift, Jono and Ellie found it challenging to adjust to their new lifestyle. However, each day, after work, Zeus would always greet them with a wagging tail and lots of excitement. 

Through all of life’s ups and downs, Jono and Ellie always know that Zeus will be right there for them. No matter what kind of day they might have had, Zeus never fails to make it just a bit brighter. As well as this, he has helped bring his family together. Now, when they get home, everyone sits down and simply enjoys each other’s company.

Something that Jono, Ellie and Zeus often do is go swimming together. He has helped them to be more active and explore more of New Zealand. Everything that Zeus does brings love and joy into his humans’ lives. Having lived such busy lives before adopting him, Jono and Ellie are reminded each day to stop for a moment and appreciate the small things. 

The impact that Zeus has had on Jono and Ellie has been huge. He has become like a child to them and has enriched their lives simply by being himself. The bond they all share is truly special.