~ Skylar and Milo ~

Three years ago, Skylar adopted Milo, a cheeky Chihuahua pup. Since first meeting, they have become the best of friends and bring joy into each other’s lives each day. 

For as long as she can remember, Skylar has always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. When she was younger, she remembers dancing around the dining room table as her mother groomed dogs, and sitting under her mother’s work table to cuddle with some of the puppies. Suffice it to say, Skylar has always loved dogs. 

Wanting a dog of her own, Skylar spent around three years searching for the perfect companion. One day in 2019, her mother came across an 18-month-old Chihuahua looking for a home. They instantly decided to make the 2-hour car trip from Christchurch to Kaikoura to meet the pup. As they pulled into the driveway, two excited Chihuahuas came tearing toward them. One of them, named Milo, decided to show Skylar around the house and she knew in that moment, that he was perfect. 

Having Milo has helped Skylar immensely. Every morning, he motivates her to get up, even if it’s tough, and listens to his human without judgement. He has given Skylar more of a purpose, confidence and even independence. As well as this, Milo has encouraged her to be more involved within her community, both online and off. Being able to meet new people, and furbabies, through Milo’s Instagram page has meant a lot to Skylar. 

Not only has Milo helped Skylar, but he has also had a big impact on her grandmother. When at work, Skylar has her grandmother look after Milo. Seeing their bond flourish has warmed her heart. Each day, Milo keeps his great-grandmother company, providing her with someone to talk to and comfort. 

Both Skylar and Milo enjoy going on adventures together. From visiting their favourite spots to finding new ones, having this time with one another always brings them joy. To Skylar, there’s nothing better than walking in nature with her best friend. 

The bond that Skylar and Milo share is incredible. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Skylar’s life has changed for the better because of Milo. She ensures that he is living his best life every day by never skipping a pat or cuddle, always having delicious food, and making sure he’s as happy as he can be!