~ Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie ~

Four years ago, Shameel welcomed Monty into his home. Not long after, Koko and Lockie joined the family. Since then, they have formed a great bond and share so much happiness with one another each and every day. 

In 2018, Shameel wanted to adopt a furry friend. After some searching, he discovered a litter of Russian Blue kittens and was instantly in love. It didn’t take long before he returned home with one of the kittens who he named Monty. 

Two years later, wanting to welcome a second furry friend into his life, Shameel decided to adopt a dog. One day, he met Koko, a sweet little Japanese Spitz pup! He knew she was perfect. Then, at the end of 2021, Shameel welcomed Lockie, a Japanese Spitz x German Spitz, into their family. 

The trio have helped Shameel hugely. Monty, Koko and Lockie bring so much joy and love into each day. Whenever he’s sad or having a tough day, Shameel knows his furbabies are right there. Seeing their happy faces, either excitedly waiting for a cuddle or a game of fetch can always make a bad day better. They all have their quirks – Monty waking the house up for breakfast, Koko singing along to police sirens and Lockie eating the outside plants – and Shameel can’t imagine life without them. 

No matter what, Monty, Koko and Lockie never fail to brighten the day of everyone around them. The trio are rays of sunshine and have definitely changed Shameel’s life for the better. There’s nothing they enjoy more than being able to spend time together. Monty loves snuggling up for a nap with Shameel, especially when it’s cold! Koko and her human enjoy playing together – fetch, and tug-of-war, among others. While Lockie and Shameel’s favourite thing to do together is going for walks and meeting new friends.

The bond that Shameel, Monty, Koko and Lockie share is truly special. Each day is made better because they have each other and they bring endless joy and unconditional love into one another’s lives.