~ Nicole and Odin ~

At the end of last year, Nicole and Odin met. Since then, they have become the best of friends and bring so much joy into each and every day. 

In 2021, while scrolling through social media, Nicole saw a photo of Pomeranian x Dachshund puppies. She knew immediately she had to arrange a visit. Once she arrived, her heart melted as one of the puppies ran right up to her and curled up in her arms. From this moment, Nicole knew it was just meant to be. What solidified her decision was that she met the pup, whom she named Odin, on the 17th of December and 7 is a lucky number for Nicole and her family. 

Just before adopting Odin, Nicole lost her cat, Sebastian. She was devastated and felt there was a big hole in her life afterwards. When she adopted Odin, he helped her to heal and, together, they visit Sebastian’s grave in their backyard. It’s difficult, but having her canine companion by her side has meant a lot.

Having Odin has had a big impact on Nicole. Each day he brings her so much love and joy. Before work, he helps to start his human’s day off right with an excited tail wag. When she returns home from work, Odin races to meet her and instantly washes away any stresses from her day. They love snuggling up together on the sofa and watching a relaxing movie or series on Netflix. 

Not only has Odin impacted Nicole, but also her family and community. He has helped bring Nicole’s family closer together, simply by being himself. Everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. As well as this, two dogs who live nearby, Luna and Rose, love visiting Odin and playing tug-of-war or just running around. 

Something that Nicole and Odin enjoy is going on adventures. Whether meeting up with friends, exploring new places, or simply running around their backyard and playing together. Having this time with one another means so much to the both of them. 

While Odin has only been part of Nicole’s life for just under a year, they have already formed a special bond and created lots of happy memories together. Each day is made better simply because they have each other.