~ Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny ~

Almost a year ago, Siobhan and Hamish met Lenny. Since then, they have become a family and each day is made better simply by being together. 

In 2021, Siobhan and Hamish wanted to adopt a furry friend. While searching, they saw a puppy online who was looking for a home. The Border Collie x Golden Retriever, named Lenny, was perfect for them. As soon as they met him, they knew it was meant to be. 

Having Lenny has had a huge impact on Siobhan and Hamish’s lives. If they’re ever feeling angry, sad, or just feeling a bit meh, Lenny can always cheer them up. Through all of life’s ups and downs, he helps ground his humans, to focus on the present and provides them with a routine. As well as this, he has also helped Siobhan and Hamish to be more active.

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny enjoy going on adventures together. From going on walks around their neighbourhood, finding new places and going swimming, this time is always treasured. One of Lenny’s favourite things is going to the beach. He digs in the sand and plays in the waves, which his humans love to watch. 

The bond that Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny share is so special. They have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives.