~ Natalie and Nike ~

Five years ago, Natalie met the sweetest little puppy named Nike. Since then, they have helped each other through so much and have had a huge impact on one another. 

In 2017, Natalie was working as a medical resident which, while rewarding, was stressful. At the same time, her childhood dog passed away which was devastating. After a lot of thinking, however, she decided to get a puppy. Although she was often busy at the hospital, her friends and colleagues were a huge help. It became apparent fairly quickly that the puppy, named Nike, was perfect. 

Having Nike changed Natalie’s life. Her canine companion has been there through thick and thin, reminds her to appreciate the small things and has brought joy into each and every day. Working in the medical profession can be challenging, so returning home to an excited dog never fails to brighten Natalie’s mood. No matter what, Nike always knows just how to bring a smile to her human’s face. She’s very loving and loves meeting new people and dogs. 

Since welcoming Nike into her life, she and Natalie have discovered a passion for hiking. Sometimes, they walk up almost 50km in a week! Doing this has helped Natalie go out more and enjoy the fresh air with her best friend by her side. They have even made friends through hiking and love to go for adventures whenever possible. This has also helped Natalie work on her other passion – photography. Taking photos of Nike while on a hike provides her with great inspiration. 

When they don’t feel like going out, however, Natalie and Nike enjoy snuggling up on a couch and to watch something on TV together. Nike is very cuddly and loves being around her human. Simply being in each other’s company means the world to them. 

Natalie and Nike have improved each other’s lives immensely. Each day since they first met, they have shared so much happiness and love with one another.