~ Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda ~

Some years ago, Amber met Border Collie pup, Ruby. Not long after, she welcomed Nymeria into their family and then, lastly, Zelda. Since then, they have impacted each other hugely and have brought joy to thousands across the globe.

For as long as she can remember, Amber has always had a love for dogs and Amber wanted to adopt a dog of her own. One day, she heard of a litter of Border Collie puppies. She decided to meet with them and instantly fell in love. The pup, Ruby, stole her heart and Amber knew she was perfect. 

Ruby has improved Amber’s life hugely. Due to the close bond that they share, Ruby has become her emotional support animal. He has helped support her in so many ways and has had a huge impact. Sadly, Amber’s stepfather passed away not long after she adopted her canine companions, however, Ruby supported his human during this time. 

Not long after adopting Ruby did Amber want to welcome a second dog into her family. This led to her meeting Border Collie, Nymeria, a dog who would soon change her life. Soon after Nymeria, Amber adopted Zelda.

Having Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda has meant so much to Amber. Not only this, but they have inspired her to pursue becoming a dog trainer. In 2020, they entered Holland’s Got Talent, coming third overall. At the start of 2022, she performed for thousands as part of Britain’s Got Talent’s Finals with Nymeria, and Ruby guest-starring in their second performance.

Being able to perform together means the world to Amber and Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda. They bring joy to everyone who watches their performances. Together, they work hours on end to perfect their routines, which is something they all enjoy as can be seen by their wagging tails during and after their acts. It’s fun and has brought Amber closer to her canine companions. 

When not performing, Amber, Ruby, Zelda and Nymeria love going to the beach. As well as this, they enjoy going for hikes and exploring new places together. Simply having time together is always cherished. 

Through all their performances, training and experiences, Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda have created such a special and beautiful bond. The trust they have in each other when performing and the love they share is shown in everything they do.