~ Whitney and Archer ~

Two years ago, Archer was found. Since then, Whitney and her family have helped him to flourish and, in turn, he has changed their lives for the better. 

In 2020, Whitney’s son’s girlfriend saw a tiny 4-week-old raccoon kit on a rural road. He was an orphan and had fallen out of the tree. She decided to bring him home to Whitney and he was immediately welcomed into her home. Whitney spent months caring for the raccoon, whom she named Archer, and after some time, he became part of the family. 

After rescuing Archer, Whitney and her family had to make a lot of changes to their home. They had to baby-proof a lot of things around their house and even gave him his own room. It didn’t take very long for Archer to find his place within his new family. 

To Whitney, Archer is like a child. She cared for him, bottle-fed him, and took him to work with her while he was recovering. Now, Archer returns the same love and care to his family. From making Whitney laugh each day to giving lots of kisses, he never fails to make his human’s day so much better, simply by being himself. One of Whitney’s favourite things is when Archer wakes up next to her, asking for cuddles. 

Having Archer has taught Whitney a lot. She has learnt a lot about raccoons and how to care for them. One of Archer’s favourite things is to hold his human’s arms and nibble on their fingertips. He always ensures, however, he’s gentle and never hurts them. This, to Whitney, just goes to show how intuitive and caring raccoons are. 

It’s obvious that Whitney and Archer mean the world to each other. They have helped one another hugely and bring joy and love into every day.