~ Sheri and Maggie ~

Over a year ago, Sheri welcomed Staffy pup, Maggie, into her home. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

At the beginning of 2021, Sheri and her partner wanted to adopt a dog. After some research, they decided that a Staffy was the best dog for them. They heard of a litter of them and decided to arrange a visit. As soon as Sheri met a pup named Maggie, she fell instantly in love and adopted her then and there. 

Since adopting Maggie, her vet has found that she has a neurological condition in her back legs known as ataxia. This is when the spinal cord can’t properly communicate with her back legs, causing wobbling, lack of coordination and more. While the cause of this is currently unknown, Sheri does know that it isn’t causing any pain or causing any other health issues for her canine companion. 

Having Maggie has had a huge impact on Sheri. Because of her disability, Sheri ensures her furry friend is able to live her best life. From running around at their favourite park to going to dog-friendly cafes and meeting new people and dogs, having this time together means the world to them both. 

Not only has Maggie had an impact on Sheri, but also on their community. Maggie is such a gentle dog and brings love and joy into each and every day. Everyone who meets her falls in love. Maggie shows that having a disability doesn’t hold her back and she can still live a full and happy life. 

The bond that Sheri and Maggie share is truly special. The love and care they have for one another is beautiful and they have changed each other’s lives hugely.