~ Becki and Buster ~

Two years ago, Becki rescued Buster, a friendly Kunekune pig. Since then, they have formed a strong bond. 

In 2020, Becki was looking to adopt an animal friend. Then, she came across a listing for ‘grow your own pig for slaughter’ pig. She was horrified at such an ad and decided to adopt the pig to give him a better life than what he would have had. Once she met him, he flopped over, let her scratch his belly and chewed on her shoelaces. In that moment, Becki fell in love and took him home that day and named him Buster. 

Buster has had a huge impact on Becki. He reminds her to slow down every once in a while and appreciate the smaller things. Every day, Buster never fails to bring a smile to his human’s face. They love being in each other’s company, sitting outside together on a sunny day, and Buster enjoys rolling over so that Becki can give him a belly rub. 

Since adopting Buster, Becki has learnt so much about pigs in general. Because of this, she has stopped eating all pork products. She has learnt that pigs are emotional, smart and social animals. Seeing first-hand what pigs are like and having one as a companion has been life-changing for her. As well as this, Becki and Buster have been able to educate others and share awareness about these lovely animals. 

Both Becki and Buster have greatly improved each other’s lives. The love they share for one another is evident; every day is filled with endless happiness because they’re together.