~ Lisa and Portia ~

Five years ago, Lisa and her beautiful doggo, Portia, launched their business, Clothes By Portia. Since then, they have created a lovely community and shared so much positivity. 

In 2015, Lisa met Lhasa Apso x Shitzu pup, Portia. In the seven years since, they have created a very special bond. Lisa has struggled with some health conditions over the last few years, but having her canine companion has helped hugely. Whenever things are tough, she knows Portia will be right there for her. 

The impact Portia has had on her human has also inspired her to start her own business. In 2017, Lisa felt there needed to be more of a variety of bandanas and accessories for dogs. Thus, the beginning of Clothes By Portia. For as long as she can remember, Lisa has always had a passion for sewing, and so wanted to make and sell bandanas. Ones that could be customised for dogs, ones that were unique and a bit different to the ones she saw in pet stores as well as being of good quality.

Since launching Clothes By Portia, Lisa has had many exciting opportunities and experiences. One of her most memorable was at the start of 2022 when she was filmed for Digital Boost‘s website and used as part of their online advertising. Lisa has created bandanas for mental health awareness week 2022 and even her newly released upcycled range. This entails sending old pieces of clothing to be made into apparel or accessories for dogs!

One of Lisa’s favourite things about Clothes By Portia is seeing pups and dogs in their new clothes or accessories. Knowing that people and dogs love her products means so much. 

Clothes By Portia is an awesome business and it’s obvious just how passionate Lisa is about what she does. If you’re looking for a stylish bandana, accessory or apparel, check out Clothes By Portia now!