~ Mallory and Bowie ~

A few years ago, Mallory welcomed Bowie into her home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have helped each other hugely. 

When she graduated, Mallory decided to find herself a duckling friend as a graduation gift. Having raised ducks as a kid, she wanted to get back into this. She met a local farmer who introduced her to a small Rouen duckling looking for a forever home. Instantly, she fell in love with him and met him when he was only a day old. He had some balance issues and slow reflexes, making Mallory want to give him a home where he could flourish. Then and there, she knew he had found his forever home and named him Bowie. 

Over the last few years, Mallory has struggled with her mental health. From dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic to studying for her PhD, some days getting out of bed was an enormous feat. However, having to get up and feed Bowie and the rest of the ducky family members helps give Mallory a routine and a purpose in her daily life. Each day is made so much better, simply by being together. 

One of Mallory’s favourite things to do with Bowie is relaxing on the couch and watching TV with one another. As well as this, Bowie enjoys hunting for bugs to eat! While Mallory helps him find them, she leaves the bugs all to him. 

Not only has Bowie impacted Mallory’s life, but also her family and community. Everyone is always eager to ask about her ducky friend and see how he’s doing. It’s brought Mallory a lot closer to those around her, too. She has also loved being part of the Instagram duck community. It’s a way for Mallory to connect with other duck parents and educate others. 

The bond that Mallory and Bowie share is truly special. They have become the best of friends and have changed each other’s lives hugely.