~ Jeanine, Zoe and Percy ~

Over a year ago, Jeanine met Percy, a lovely Rednose Pit Bull pup. Since then, he has become part of her family and his antics have made people near and far fall in love with his sweet little face.

In July 2021, while at Bunnings, Jeanine and her daughters, Zoe and Summer, met Percy. He was out for a walk with his foster family and she couldn’t resist saying hello. At the time, Zoe was struggling with severe separation anxiety which was difficult to manage for both her and her mum. When they first met Percy, however, his presence helped with Zoe’s anxiety and Jeanine just cried. It was incredible to see this change in her daughter and, from that moment, she knew it was meant to be. That same night, she decided to do all the paperwork to adopt him and a month later, he was home.

Before meeting Percy, Jeanine never thought she’d adopt a Pit Bull. She had heard many of the negative associations and was scared that this applied to all Pit Bulls. However, when she met Percy, all this went out the window. As soon as she looked into his adorable little face, Jeanine could see he only had love and affection to give. She was a little concerned about how he would be around their three cats, but it wasn’t long before they became friends, too. 

Having Percy has had a huge impact on his family, especially Zoe. He has helped her with her separation anxiety. It was hard for her to do anything – being in her room alone or going outside into the garden by herself, was impossible. With Percy, however, she could do all this and more. He has given her a sense of independence and confidence and has greatly changed her life as well as that of her family. 

No matter what, Percy spreads joy wherever he goes. He loves going for walks with his family and meeting new friends. Giving lots of kisses and cuddles to everyone he meets is definitely one of his favourite things. His antics even ended up making him fairly famous. One day, he managed to escape to their neighbour’s house. This neighbour turned out to be mental health advocate, author, speaker and filmmaker, Jazz Thornton

Since meeting Jazz, Percy has adopted her as part of his family. He’s always excited when he sees her for a walk or decides to visit her during the day. Whenever she returns home from a busy day at work, Percy always seems to know and will instantly alert his family. 

The impact that Percy has had on his family has been huge. He has become a big part of their family and Jeanine always ensures that wherever she and Zoe go, Percy can go, too. If things have been difficult or it’s been a long day, knowing that their canine companion is there makes all the difference. They all share such a special bond and continue to fill each day with unconditional love and endless joy.