~ Kaley and Chupey ~

About three years ago, Kaley rescued Chupey. Since then, they have formed a truly special bond and have changed each other’s lives. 

For as long as she can remember, Kaley has always had a passion for animals. She has helped many rescue organisations and has adopted many rescue dogs. Then, in 2019, a family contacted her about a puppy they had who had some issues. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, so, before she agreed to meet him, Kaley asked the family to neuter all their dogs to ensure this didn’t happen again. Thankfully, they agreed. 

Once Kaley arrived at the house, she could tell there was something unique about the pup. She was shocked and initially thought he was a hyena or bear cub! The pup looked so different to the many other pups she had met. He had fur missing, his eyes hadn’t opened yet and Kaley noticed he wasn’t developmentally where he should be for an 8-week-old puppy. Wanting to give him his best life, she adopted him then and there. 

When Kaley adopted Chupey, short for Chupacabra, she took him to the vet to see if there were any health issues. Most of the tests done showed Chupey to be a fairly normal pup, aside from his liver seeming to work overtime. This is treated through a special kind of diet and, since then, his energy has improved and he has flourished into a happy and beautiful well-adjusted dog. Some months later, Chupey had a DNA test done which showed he also has a partial duplication of his sixth chromosome which could explain a lot.

Having Chupey has taught Kaley a lot. His resilience and strength in the face of adversity inspires his human every day. As well as this, Chupey has become a great spokespuppy for animals who might look a bit different. He encourages people to look beyond the surface and see him for who he really is – a friendly, loving, healthy dog living his best life. 

Through Chupey’s Instagram page, he and Kaley have been able to advocate for rescue animals and animals with disabilities and/or chronic health issues. He has taught many that simply looking different or having different needs does not make him any less of a dog. Not only this, but they have also met many friends and being able to share Chupey’s beautiful smile with the world and share the joy it brings her means so much to Kaley. 

When not busy advocating, Kaley and Chupey love going on walks. They go on many adventures while out, from meeting new friends to exploring new places. As well as this, they also enjoy snuggling up together after a long day. Chupey is very cuddly and just adores having time for snuggles!

The love and joy Kaley and Chupey share is evident in everything they do and, together, they are helping many other humans and dogs through their advocacy work. The bond they have is immensely special. They have helped each other in so many ways and continue to make every day better.