~ The Pet Pantry ~

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Jess saw a need for struggling families and their furry family members. So, at the start of 2022, she took it upon herself and help those in need. 

For as long as she can remember, Jess has always loved animals. She currently lives with two dogs, Milo and Challenge, a cat named Sally and lots of tropical fish. They have all greatly enriched her life and inspire her every day. It’s this love and passion for her animals and the welfare of all animals that encouraged Jess to find ways to help other pet parents.

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted many people and animals. Many were struggling to provide essentials, such as food, bedding and more for themselves and their families. Jess observed there were provisions and food banks for humans, but almost nothing for the animal family members. So, she took it upon herself to provide this for families in Nelson Tasman and thus, Pet Pantry was started. 

Wanting to ensure these essentials were accessible, Jess started a Facebook page. Here, she shares what families need and what would be helpful. Then, thanks to the kindness of other group members, these items are provided and sent to families in need. Things such as beds, blankets, toys, food, bowls, leads, collars and more are always needed and for those struggling, it means so much to know they don’t have to worry about these.

Knowing that she is helping so many families and their animal family members means the world to Jess. She is able to ensure that animals don’t go without the necessities and that families can feel less alone. As well as this, Jess also provides additional food, toys, bedding and more to local rescues, ensuring everyone is able to be fed, happy and comfortable.

Currently, through Pet Pantry, Jess is looking for donations to help make the Christmas season a bit easier for those in need. If you can provide food, bedding, toys, collars, blankets or anything else, it would make a world of difference for these families. You can find out more by checking out The Pet Pantry – Nelson/Tasman Facebook group. 

The passion that Jess has for her own furbabies as well as for those who might need a bit of extra help is evident in everything she does. Helping those who might not have the same resources as others will be life-changing for many and allows her to spread so much love, positivity and kindness.