~ Sara and Albert ~

Earlier this year, Sara met Albert, a beautiful Newfie pup. Since then, Albert has changed his human’s life hugely and continues to be a light in her life every single day.

Over a year ago, Sara put her name down for a puppy. For a while, she waited and waited for the call that would change her life. At the start of 2022, Sara was struggling with her mental health and was at a very low point. She felt trapped and alone. Then, she received a call – a litter of eleven puppies had been born! To Sara, this felt like fate and so, she immediately decided to arrange a visit.

As soon as Sara met the puppies, one in particular stood out to her. He ran up to her and it was love at first sight. She had to wait a few more weeks before he could go home with her as he was only 3-weeks-old, however, she visited him every chance she got. Once he was old enough, the pup, now named Albert, had found his home and Sara had found her companion.

Having Albert has changed Sara’s life. While she still struggles with her mental health, having her furry friend has been amazing. He’s the reason she wakes up in the morning and he gives her a purpose each day. As well as this, Albert is always there for his human. Whether she needs a warm hug or a listening ear, Sara knows he’s right there.

Something that Sara and Albert enjoy is being active. They often go exploring new places and they especially love swimming. At the end of the day, simply snuggling up with each other makes a tough day better. Not only this, but Albert is also much loved within his community. Every time he and Sara go out for a walk, they’re always greeted by excited people who want to get to know him.

The bond that Sara and Albert share is truly special. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and bring endless love and joy into every single day.