~ Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo ~

Earlier this year, Kaitlyn adopted Pūmā. Then, not long after, welcomed Neo into her home. Since then, they have helped each other hugely and become a close family.

In 2021, Kaitlyn and her partner wanted to adopt a furry friend into their lives. They spent quite some time looking for the right one, until February 2022 when they saw some kittens online who were looking for a forever home. Kaitlyn and her partner decided to organise a visit and drove five hours to meet the kittens. On the way there, they agreed that they were simply going to meet and then sleep on it before making any decisions.

Once they arrived, Kaitlyn was shown a scene of the kittens all curled up together, asleep. All the kittens were white and fluffy, except for one who was grey and shorthaired. This kitten was one of the smallest and both Kaitlyn and her partner instantly fell in love with him. There was no doubt in their minds that this was the perfect furry friend, and adopted him then and there and named him Pūmā. 

Not long after adopting Pūmā did Kaitlyn notice that something seemed off, so she took him to the vet. There, she was told he was in fact six weeks, as opposed to the eight weeks she has been told by the breeder. At first, Pūmā was very weak and scared. However, with a lot of care and treatment, he flourished and came right out of his shell. 

Shortly after, Kaitlyn and her partner realised that Pūmā didn’t like being home alone. Because of this, they decided to adopt a second furry friend to keep him company. After some more waiting, they came across Neo, a sweet little Tuxedo kitten. They felt he was a great fit for their family and adopted him. It took about four weeks of introductions between him and Pūmā, but now, they’re the best of friends. 

Neo, at first, was also not well when he was adopted. However, like Pūmā, after lots of care and some treatment, he has become a happy and healthy cat. To Kaitlyn, this has proved that both her feline friends are fighters and have a lot of passion for life. They show her, and others, to not give up and to keep fighting when things get tough. 

Having Pūmā and Neo has been life-changing for Kaitlyn and her partner. No matter what, each day, they never fail to bring a smile to their humans’ faces. From their mischievous antics to their warm cuddles, Pūmā and Neo make every day better. Not only do they impact Kaitlyn, but also her family, friends and community. 

Something that Kaitlyn, Pūmā and Neo enjoy doing is going on adventures. Since adopting them, both cats have been harness trained so they’re all able to go out into the world together. Their most favourite place to explore are bushy areas and finding new places. Kaitlyn is especially looking forward to summer so they can continue experiencing new things and gaining more of an appreciation for the world around them. 

The bond that Kaitlyn shares with Pūmā and Neo is truly special. Each day is made better because they bring love and happiness into each other’s lives.