~ Love and Above Cat Club ~

In 2021, the Love and Above Cat Club was launched. A page, and now community, dedicated to helping provide cat parents with ways to better care for themselves and time some time out to focus on their own wellbeing. 

Founder and cat lover, Siena Lee-Tajiri, lost her soulcat, Cumin, in 2016. Cumin had been in her human’s life for over 19 years and, sadly, passed away from oral squamous cell cancer. Siena was heartbroken and felt like all the love in her life had left with Cumin. Soon, she felt that she had relied on her soulcat for love and wasn’t able to cultivate her own self-love. The love they shared was enough for them both. It was from this that she realised that sometimes, people go above and beyond for their furbabies, but can often neglect themselves. 

Siena remembers journalling after losing Cumin. She wanted to help other pet parents love themselves in the same way they love their furbabies. From this, she had come up with an idea and a name – Love and Above Cat Club: Self Care for Cat Lovers. However, from 2016-2020, this was put on hold for a while due to her heavy work schedule. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Siena had the time to plan and, before she knew it, the Love and Above Cat Club had flourished! 

While on Christmas vacation, Siena and her partner were excitedly writing and designing the website. Then, the following year on Cumin’s birthday, March 9th, Love and Above Cat Club launched! 

The main motivation behind Love and Above Cat Club is aiding others in their spiritual and self-love journey. Each follow, comment, like and share helps Siena to do this by sharing awareness and spreading her message. As well as this, she sells a variety of products on her website including essential oils, journals, healing gemstone bracelets, and more! 

The love between a cat and their human is truly special. Being able to nurture this and help people channel the same love towards themselves encourages and motivates Siena daily. It fills her heart and seeing photos of happy cats AND their humans proves to her that her work is making a difference in the lives of many people and cats. As well as this, she’s able to share this experience with her furry assistant, Bear. Bear features a lot on Love and Above Cat Club page, helping to share tips and tricks or simply brightening everyone’s day with his adorable face. 

The Love and Above Cat Club is amazing. It’s obvious just how passionate Siena is about cats and the bonds they share with their humans. Make sure you go support her by checking out her page – a page full of love and cats, what more could you ask for?