~ Mani and Sterling ~

Just over a year ago, Mani met Sterling, a beautiful Great Dane x Saint Bernard pup. In the time since, not only has Sterling had an impact on Mani and their family, but also their community. 

For as long as she can remember, Mani has always had a passion for animals and grew up around Saint Bernards. In 2021, she decided to search for a dog of her own. She spent some time looking, however, after a tough day at work, she found a litter of four Great Dane x Saint Bernard pups online. When she saw a picture of one named Sterling, Mani instantly fell in love and so she arranged to meet him. 

The night before she was to fly from Auckland to Christchurch to meet Sterling, Mani’s cat of ten years passed away. She was heartbroken and was unsure about meeting the pups. However, she felt it was best for her to continue with it and so, the next day, she was on her way to see meet them. Once there, within moments, Sterling, although initially shy, went right to her. He climbed into Mani’s lap and started licking her nose. In that moment, she knew he was perfect. 

Having Sterling has helped Mani hugely. Following the loss of her cat, he helped to put a smile on her face and provided her with companionship. In the time since then, both Mani and Sterling have created a beautiful bond. Each day, he never fails to make his human’s day through cuddles and his cheeky antics. He has also helped Mani to feel safer when out and about. 

Not only has Sterling helped Mani, but he has also had a big impact on their community. He’s kind and gentle and has often accompanied Mani’s mother to her workplace, an oncology centre, where he is known as ‘the pony’ due to his size. There, he helps to comfort the patients and help destress the doctors and nurses. It means a lot to them to be able to bring some joy to those who are going through a difficult time. As well as this, Mani hopes that one day, when Sterling is old enough, that she can become a therapy dog and accompany her to her workplace – a children’s hospital. 

Something that Mani and Sterling enjoy doing is going on walks. They love exploring new places and Sterling especially loves jumping in puddles! As the weather gets warmer, Mani hopes to take her furry friend swimming. Recently, they have also started obedience training which they also very much enjoy. When not out and about, they love simply being in each other’s company and, despite his size, Sterling is always eager to sit on Mani’s lap!

The impact that Sterling has had on Mani has been incredible. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and bring joy and love into every day.