~ K Scarry and Tyra ~

Over a year ago, K Scarry met Tyra, a beautiful little pup. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2021, K Scarry first met Tyra, who had some health issues, but this didn’t hold her back from anything. When K Scarry met her, she felt an instant connection. At the time, she was only fostering and not looking to adopt. It wasn’t long, however, before she fell in love with Tyra’s sassy personality and decided to adopt her.

With Tyra by her side, K Scarry’s life has changed hugely. Her canine companion has helped her to appreciate the smaller things in life and to not be so serious. Each day is filled with joy and laughter because of Tyra’s bubbly personality and cheeky antics. K Scarry sees this as an invitation for her to do the same; be her true, authentic self. 

Not only does Tyra make the good days better, but she also helps K Scarry on the tough days. Through 2022, she has had some health struggles. Tyra has helped by showing her human unconditional love and simply making her days a bit brighter. Having both struggled with their health, they share a mutual understanding of each other, which has only strengthened their bond. 

As well as impacting K Scarry, Tyra has brought joy to many others, both within their community and online. Whenever she and K Scarry are out and about, Tyra brings smiles to the faces of all those who meet her. Everyone falls in love with her and her sweet little face. She has also been an amazing advocate for dogs with disabilities. Through being herself, she shows people that having a disability doesn’t mean that she can’t have a good life. 

Both K Scarry and Tyra love to do everything together. From going out to cafes, markets or breweries, to exploring new places and meeting new people. When not out and about, they enjoy playing fetch or simply snuggling up on the couch together after a long day. 

The impact that Tyra has had on K Scarry and vice versa has been incredible. No matter what, they know they have each other and their lives have been made better because of this.