~ Alicia and Inca ~

Four years ago, Alicia adopted Inca, a rescue Kelpie x. Since then, he has had a huge impact on his family and fills each day with love and happiness. 

In 2018, Alicia and her family met with Inca who had been rescued by the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue in Adelaide, Australia. When she met him, Inca immediately gave her a big puppy kiss. From then on, he had won her heart. Initially, Alicia took him in for a two-week trial, however, two days later, she was signing his adoption papers and welcomed him into his new forever home.

Having Inca has had a huge impact on Alicia and her family. Inca has such a big heart and shows his humans every day just how much he loves them. When Alicia was pregnant, her canine companion would rest his head on her belly. Each day, he fills his family with joy, love and laughter. 

Wanting to share the joy Inca brings to the world, Alicia decided to write a children’s book about him. Since she and her husband adopted Inca, he has been an amazing help. Alicia’s husband is a construction worker and is often joined by their furry family member. Seeing the amazing bond they shared and the joy Inca shares with those around him provided Alicia with all the inspiration she needed to write ‘The Helpie Kelpie and the Tool Thief.’ 

The book was a success and has won the hearts of many. A lot of the readers have continued following Inca’s journey through social media. Seeing Inca be involved in his family’s life or just being himself never fails to brighten the day of everyone who sees him in person or online. 

In 2020, Alicia and her family heard that Inca’s sister, Indy, had been re-surrendered to the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue. Immediately, Alicia’s mum decided to adopt Indy so that she and Inca could be reunited. Since then, the brother-sister duo have continued to bring so much laughter and love into every day. 

Inca has had a huge impact on his family. No matter what, he never fails to brighten their day and has truly changed their’s and Alicia’s lives forever.