~ Misty and Me ~

Just after the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Liezel, with her business partner, Misty the Maltese x Shih Tzu, launched their business, Misty and Me. Through this, Liezel creates beautiful products and accessories for dogs. 

For as long as she can remember, Liezel has always had a passion for fashion and animals. This flourished after watching ‘Legally Blonde’ for the first time. She loved Elle and Bruiser Woods and took this love straight to her sewing machine. At the time, she had a Dachshund named Kylie and decided to make her some matching outfits. This continued on for some time, but Liezel soon lost her motivation and put her sewing on hold. 

Between 2007 and 2008, Liezel studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There, she studied garment construction and pattern-making. Initially, she wanted to start a goth clothing label named Lollyrot but unfortunately, this never took off as she didn’t feel like it was quite the right fit at the time. 

Some years later, Liezel adopted a Yorkie named Freddie, who ignited her human’s passion for sewing once again. Sadly, Freddie passed away as a result of granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis (GME) which left Liezel heartbroken. Her sewing machine went away again until she adopted Misty. Liezel’s mum also adopted Misty’s sister, Gracie, and the two brought their new humans endless joy. 

Having Misty inspired Liezel to start sewing again. She would make all kinds of outfits and accessories for her canine companion and would often be asked where she got them. When replying that these items of clothing were handmade, many asked if they could have something made for their dogs. This marked the beginning of starting her own business. 

Initially, Liezel and a friend launched a business named Minsbo. Unfortunately, this was difficult to maintain between their day jobs and all that happened with the Covid-19 pandemic, so they decided to start their own individual businesses, thus, leading to the launch of Misty and Me

There are many aspects of running her own business that Liezel enjoys. From discovering new fabrics at her local Spotlight store, where the staff are always more than happy to help her find the perfect one, rewatching ‘Legally Blonde’ for motivation and inspiration every few months, and, her most favourite part, thinking of new ideas for designs and being able to bring them to life for customers all over NZ. 

Each and every design and product that Liezel sells is made with her whole heart and soul. As someone who struggles with chronic illness, finding work was always a challenge and led to her losing her financing job in 2016. However, Misty and Me has become Liezel’s full-time job and something that brings her joy. It means the world to her that her dream job is now a reality. As well as this, seeing dogs within her community or on social media wearing her designs always fills her heart.

Misty and Me is an amazing business. The passion that Liezel has for everything she does shines through each product she creates. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new accessory for your pup, make sure to check out Misty and Me!