~ Liz and Koda ~

Just over four years ago, Liz met Koda for the first time. Since then, Koda has changed his human’s life and they have formed a truly special bond. 

Liz has struggled with a variety of health issues and so she and her medical team felt a service dog would be beneficial. In late 2018, she met with a litter of Miniature American Shepherd puppies. Liz was instantly drawn to one pup in particular and felt a connection and knew that, if she had the opportunity to adopt him, she would. Not long after, while searching for a service dog, it just so happened that this pup, named Koda, would become her companion. 

Having Koda has changed Liz’s life for the better. He has been trained to help his human with both physical tasks and medical alerts. From opening doors, picking up items that Liz has dropped, to alerting her when her heart rate is too high, and many more tasks, Koda has given his human a sense of confidence and independence that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to have.

The tasks that Koda knows have helped Liz hugely. If she’s feeling faint, Koda can guide his human to a safer place, once there, he performs deep pressure therapy (DPT) and will lick her face. He will continue doing this until he feels Liz is okay enough to sit up or stand. Having him with her makes her feel safer, both at home and when out and about. 

Whether Koda is on or off duty, he and Liz are always a team. Over the last four years they have been together, Koda has always been right there for his human and has saved her life many times. To Liz, the best thing her furry friend does is simply snuggling up next to her when she’s having a pain flare up. 

When not out and about, Liz and Koda enjoy simply spending time together. Whether they’re going for a walk in the forest, training or doing enrichment activities, having this time with one another means the world to them both. To Liz, as long as Koda’s happy, she’s happy. 

The bond that Liz and Koda share is incredible. Each day is filled with love and happiness simply because they’re a team. No matter what, they know they will always have each other.