~ Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti ~

Over a year ago, Laura and Scott adopted Kali and Otti, two Kune Kune pig siblings. Since then, they have become a family and bring joy and love into each other’s lives. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura and Scott felt they needed something – or someone – to keep them company, and occupied. One summer day, between lockdowns, one decided to drag the other to a farm to meet with some pigs. While there, they met Kali and fell in love with her. From their very first meeting, both Laura and Scott knew she was perfect. 

Then, a few months after adopting Kali, Laura and Scott adopted Otti to keep her company. Kune Kune pigs are very social and so they wanted to ensure Kali was getting the best life possible. When they met Otti, they knew he would be the perfect addition to their family.

Something that Laura, Scott, Kali and Otti enjoy is going on adventures. Whether taking their piggy friends to have a swim at a beach, going camping or for bush walks, or exploring somewhere new together, Laura and Scott love spending this time with one another. When Laura and Scott go travelling on their own, their first thoughts when away are of Kali and Otti. However, they know when they return home, they have two very excited piggies waiting to greet them. 

Having Kali and Otti has been life-changing for Laura and Scott. They have learnt so much about pigs – how to care for them, their behaviours, and more. When they look into Kali and Otti’s eyes, all they see is love, and this inspires Laura and Scott to advocate for them and educate others on what pigs are really like. To their humans, they are their family, their children. 

Not only have Kali and Otti had an impact on Laura and Scott, but also on their extended families. They are often included in family activities and have become local celebrities within their community. Kali and Otti have even become the unofficial mascots for their local football club!

The bond that Laura and Scott have formed with Kali and Otti is truly special. Each day is made better simply because they have one another.