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Misty and Me — December 9, 2022

Misty and Me

~ Misty and Me ~

Just after the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Liezel, with her business partner, Misty the Maltese x Shih Tzu, launched their business, Misty and Me. Through this, Liezel creates beautiful products and accessories for dogs. 

For as long as she can remember, Liezel has always had a passion for fashion and animals. This flourished after watching ‘Legally Blonde’ for the first time. She loved Elle and Bruiser Woods and took this love straight to her sewing machine. At the time, she had a Dachshund named Kylie and decided to make her some matching outfits. This continued on for some time, but Liezel soon lost her motivation and put her sewing on hold. 

Between 2007 and 2008, Liezel studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There, she studied garment construction and pattern-making. Initially, she wanted to start a goth clothing label named Lollyrot but unfortunately, this never took off as she didn’t feel like it was quite the right fit at the time. 

Some years later, Liezel adopted a Yorkie named Freddie, who ignited her human’s passion for sewing once again. Sadly, Freddie passed away as a result of granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis (GME) which left Liezel heartbroken. Her sewing machine went away again until she adopted Misty. Liezel’s mum also adopted Misty’s sister, Gracie, and the two brought their new humans endless joy. 

Having Misty inspired Liezel to start sewing again. She would make all kinds of outfits and accessories for her canine companion and would often be asked where she got them. When replying that these items of clothing were handmade, many asked if they could have something made for their dogs. This marked the beginning of starting her own business. 

Initially, Liezel and a friend launched a business named Minsbo. Unfortunately, this was difficult to maintain between their day jobs and all that happened with the Covid-19 pandemic, so they decided to start their own individual businesses, thus, leading to the launch of Misty and Me

There are many aspects of running her own business that Liezel enjoys. From discovering new fabrics at her local Spotlight store, where the staff are always more than happy to help her find the perfect one, rewatching ‘Legally Blonde’ for motivation and inspiration every few months, and, her most favourite part, thinking of new ideas for designs and being able to bring them to life for customers all over NZ. 

Each and every design and product that Liezel sells is made with her whole heart and soul. As someone who struggles with chronic illness, finding work was always a challenge and led to her losing her financing job in 2016. However, Misty and Me has become Liezel’s full-time job and something that brings her joy. It means the world to her that her dream job is now a reality. As well as this, seeing dogs within her community or on social media wearing her designs always fills her heart.

Misty and Me is an amazing business. The passion that Liezel has for everything she does shines through each product she creates. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new accessory for your pup, make sure to check out Misty and Me!

Tanner and Fishtopher — December 7, 2022

Tanner and Fishtopher

~ Tanner and Fishtopher ~

In November of 2022, while wishing for his forever home, Fishtopher’s dream finally became reality when Tanner and his family heard of his journey. In the short time since, Fishtopher and Tanner have formed a very special bond. 

Fishtopher was rescued by the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre. While not much is known about his past, it was evident to everyone at the rescue that he had been through a lot and, following a vet check, was diagnosed with FIV. Despite this, he has always loved receiving affection. While at the rescue, the staff saw how anxious and upset he was; he just wanted a family of his own. Wanting to help him, they posted his profile on social media and the PetFinder website.  

After sharing Fishtopher’s plight, the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre received hundreds of applications for him. When Tanner and his family saw his picture, they instantly fell in love and applied to adopt him. Then, after what felt like a long wait, he was contacted and told that he and Fishtopher were a perfect match. 

In the small amount of time since finding his forever home, Fishtopher has flourished. He gets all the cuddles he could want and receives unconditional love and affection. One of his favourite things is simply relaxing on the couch, watching TV and curling up next to his humans. To Tanner, his new feline friend has brought so much joy. Whenever he returns home after a long day, he looks forward to seeing Fishtopher’s fluffy face. 

Since adopting Fishtopher, Tanner has used their story to spread awareness about animal rescues and shelters. Through his social media accounts, Fishtopher’s family shares the profiles and photos of other animals who are looking for homes. Knowing that they’re able to help other cats and dogs through this means a lot. 

The impact that Tanner and Fishtopher have had on each other has been huge. Tanner has provided Fishtopher with his home and a family, and Fishtopher brings endless joy and unconditional love into his human’s life. 

Rose Mary and Scooter — December 5, 2022

Rose Mary and Scooter

~ Rose Mary and Scooter ~

At the end of 2018, Rose Mary met Scooter, a handsome Siamese kitten. They have changed each other’s lives hugely since then and continue to bring love and joy to every day. 

On December 22nd of 2018, Rose Mary was told about a small Siamese kitten who had been found wandering around behind trash cans. She decided to then meet with the kitten who was found to be incontinent and had been paralysed from the waist down. As soon as Rose Mary met him, she instantly fell in love and offered to foster him. However, it wasn’t long before she knew he was a perfect companion and decided to adopt him and name him Scooter. 

Less than a year later, an unexpected incident occurred during a procedure for Scooter. He suffered a punctured urethra, was passing blood, wasn’t eating and seemed to be in a lot of pain. As well as this, he was given a terminal diagnosis with a 0% survival rate, yet Scooter wasn’t about to accept that. He fought, with Rose Mary by his side, and after a long journey, he not only survived but is now thriving. His strength and bravery never cease to amaze his human. 

Having Scooter has changed Rose Mary’s life hugely. Every day, he provides her with endless joy and unconditional love. It’s this love that empowers Rose Mary to be the best version of herself. She ensures that Scooter knows just how loved he is in return, too. 

The courage and compassion Scooter shows everyone around him is inspiring to Rose Mary. No matter who he meets, human, cat or dog, he is always a welcoming host, especially when meeting a new rescue friend. When out and about, Scooter is a great advocate for animals with disabilities. He continuously proves that simply having a disability doesn’t make him any less of a cat and that he can still live a full and happy life. 

Both Rose Mary and Scooter enjoy going on their daily walks. Being able to explore the world around him and meet new friends is something he always looks forward to. At the end of each day, both he and Rose Mary have their own nightly routine. Scooter will groom himself – and briefly Rose Mary – before bed, then does some biscuit making and finally, lays his head down on his human’s arm and purrs himself to sleep. 

The impact that both Rose Mary and Scooter have had on each other has been huge. They’ve both faced their own struggles but, together, they have gotten through it all and fill each and every day with love and happiness. 

Alicia and Inca — December 2, 2022

Alicia and Inca

~ Alicia and Inca ~

Four years ago, Alicia adopted Inca, a rescue Kelpie x. Since then, he has had a huge impact on his family and fills each day with love and happiness. 

In 2018, Alicia and her family met with Inca who had been rescued by the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue in Adelaide, Australia. When she met him, Inca immediately gave her a big puppy kiss. From then on, he had won her heart. Initially, Alicia took him in for a two-week trial, however, two days later, she was signing his adoption papers and welcomed him into his new forever home.

Having Inca has had a huge impact on Alicia and her family. Inca has such a big heart and shows his humans every day just how much he loves them. When Alicia was pregnant, her canine companion would rest his head on her belly. Each day, he fills his family with joy, love and laughter. 

Wanting to share the joy Inca brings to the world, Alicia decided to write a children’s book about him. Since she and her husband adopted Inca, he has been an amazing help. Alicia’s husband is a construction worker and is often joined by their furry family member. Seeing the amazing bond they shared and the joy Inca shares with those around him provided Alicia with all the inspiration she needed to write ‘The Helpie Kelpie and the Tool Thief.’ 

The book was a success and has won the hearts of many. A lot of the readers have continued following Inca’s journey through social media. Seeing Inca be involved in his family’s life or just being himself never fails to brighten the day of everyone who sees him in person or online. 

In 2020, Alicia and her family heard that Inca’s sister, Indy, had been re-surrendered to the Guardian Angel Animal Rescue. Immediately, Alicia’s mum decided to adopt Indy so that she and Inca could be reunited. Since then, the brother-sister duo have continued to bring so much laughter and love into every day. 

Inca has had a huge impact on his family. No matter what, he never fails to brighten their day and has truly changed their’s and Alicia’s lives forever. 

K Scarry and Tyra — November 30, 2022

K Scarry and Tyra

~ K Scarry and Tyra ~

Over a year ago, K Scarry met Tyra, a beautiful little pup. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2021, K Scarry first met Tyra, who had some health issues, but this didn’t hold her back from anything. When K Scarry met her, she felt an instant connection. At the time, she was only fostering and not looking to adopt. It wasn’t long, however, before she fell in love with Tyra’s sassy personality and decided to adopt her.

With Tyra by her side, K Scarry’s life has changed hugely. Her canine companion has helped her to appreciate the smaller things in life and to not be so serious. Each day is filled with joy and laughter because of Tyra’s bubbly personality and cheeky antics. K Scarry sees this as an invitation for her to do the same; be her true, authentic self. 

Not only does Tyra make the good days better, but she also helps K Scarry on the tough days. Through 2022, she has had some health struggles. Tyra has helped by showing her human unconditional love and simply making her days a bit brighter. Having both struggled with their health, they share a mutual understanding of each other, which has only strengthened their bond. 

As well as impacting K Scarry, Tyra has brought joy to many others, both within their community and online. Whenever she and K Scarry are out and about, Tyra brings smiles to the faces of all those who meet her. Everyone falls in love with her and her sweet little face. She has also been an amazing advocate for dogs with disabilities. Through being herself, she shows people that having a disability doesn’t mean that she can’t have a good life. 

Both K Scarry and Tyra love to do everything together. From going out to cafes, markets or breweries, to exploring new places and meeting new people. When not out and about, they enjoy playing fetch or simply snuggling up on the couch together after a long day. 

The impact that Tyra has had on K Scarry and vice versa has been incredible. No matter what, they know they have each other and their lives have been made better because of this. 

Katie and Pym — November 28, 2022

Katie and Pym

~ Katie and Pym ~

Almost eight years ago, Katie met Pym for the first time. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, because of Pym’s antics, have become TikTok famous. 

In 2015, Katie decided to visit a local animal rescue shelter. Initially, she was only going in to help and not looking to adopt. However, when she met a tortoiseshell kitten named Pym, there was no way she would be leaving the shelter without her. From that moment onwards, Pym had found her forever home. 

Having Pym has been life-changing for Katie. They have been right by each other’s sides through thick and thin. Katie has experienced many difficult times, including the loss of her father five years ago. She was devastated, however, Pym helped her hugely. No matter what, Pym always brightened Katie’s day, whether with a warm, fluffy snuggle or her cheeky antics. 

A while after adopting Pym, Katie noticed she was unusually fascinated with water. Whenever she would have a shower, Pym would eagerly join her! Initially, Katie was surprised, but it didn’t take long before it became part of their normal everyday life. It has now become Pym’s favourite thing. 

As a result, Katie decided to record Pym and, after a while, they became TikTok famous. Together, they have brought so much happiness to people all over the world as they watch Pym the Shower Cat enjoying her daily showers. Katie has received many messages telling her how much her videos have made them smile or reminded them of their own cats. It means a lot to her to be able to share a bit of positivity with others. 

The bond that Katie and Pym share is truly special. They have helped each other through many tough times and have made the good times better. 

Mani and Sterling — November 25, 2022

Mani and Sterling

~ Mani and Sterling ~

Just over a year ago, Mani met Sterling, a beautiful Great Dane x Saint Bernard pup. In the time since, not only has Sterling had an impact on Mani and their family, but also their community. 

For as long as she can remember, Mani has always had a passion for animals and grew up around Saint Bernards. In 2021, she decided to search for a dog of her own. She spent some time looking, however, after a tough day at work, she found a litter of four Great Dane x Saint Bernard pups online. When she saw a picture of one named Sterling, Mani instantly fell in love and so she arranged to meet him. 

The night before she was to fly from Auckland to Christchurch to meet Sterling, Mani’s cat of ten years passed away. She was heartbroken and was unsure about meeting the pups. However, she felt it was best for her to continue with it and so, the next day, she was on her way to see meet them. Once there, within moments, Sterling, although initially shy, went right to her. He climbed into Mani’s lap and started licking her nose. In that moment, she knew he was perfect. 

Having Sterling has helped Mani hugely. Following the loss of her cat, he helped to put a smile on her face and provided her with companionship. In the time since then, both Mani and Sterling have created a beautiful bond. Each day, he never fails to make his human’s day through cuddles and his cheeky antics. He has also helped Mani to feel safer when out and about. 

Not only has Sterling helped Mani, but he has also had a big impact on their community. He’s kind and gentle and has often accompanied Mani’s mother to her workplace, an oncology centre, where he is known as ‘the pony’ due to his size. There, he helps to comfort the patients and help destress the doctors and nurses. It means a lot to them to be able to bring some joy to those who are going through a difficult time. As well as this, Mani hopes that one day, when Sterling is old enough, that she can become a therapy dog and accompany her to her workplace – a children’s hospital. 

Something that Mani and Sterling enjoy doing is going on walks. They love exploring new places and Sterling especially loves jumping in puddles! As the weather gets warmer, Mani hopes to take her furry friend swimming. Recently, they have also started obedience training which they also very much enjoy. When not out and about, they love simply being in each other’s company and, despite his size, Sterling is always eager to sit on Mani’s lap!

The impact that Sterling has had on Mani has been incredible. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and bring joy and love into every day. 

Tracey-Lee and Poppy — November 23, 2022

Tracey-Lee and Poppy

~ Tracey-Lee and Poppy ~

Eleven years ago, Tracey-Lee rescued Poppy, a beautiful Staffy x pup. Since then, they have formed an incredible bond and have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Right after the devastating Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, Tracey heard of a litter of 3-month-old puppies who had been abandoned by the Waimakariri River. She decided to arrange a visit to the Christchurch SPCA to meet the pups. As soon as Tracey walked into the cage, she was met with lots of wiggly tails and lots of licks. However, one pup, named Tink, stayed behind. She was more timid than her siblings, and Tracey knew this was the pup for her. Right then and there, she adopted her and named her Poppy. 

Following the trauma from the Christchurch earthquakes, Tracey struggled with her mental health. It was a very dark time for her. However, having Poppy gave Tracey a purpose, someone to care for and brought so much happiness into each day. It has been a long journey since then, but they have helped each other to recover from these traumas. They have both provided one another with unconditional love and endless joy.

Wanting to find a way to thank Poppy for all she has done, Tracey made it her goal to find them a home that had a big backyard. Wanting to give Poppy her best life possible, Tracey became a volunteer ambulance driver for St John New Zealand. After a lot of hard work, she is now a full-time ambulance officer, has given up smoking and has recently moved into a new home where Poppy can run around to her heart’s content. 

Being an ambulance driver can be immensely stressful. Tracey has saved many people and helped many more in their time of need. It’s definitely not an easy job. One memorable call-out was to the 2019 mosque shootings in Christchurch. The scenes were heartbreaking. It was a difficult time following the scenes she witnessed, but Poppy was right there, reminding her of the good that still existed in the world. 

Both Tracey and Poppy enjoy going on road trips together in their Australian muscle car. Poppy has a bit of arthritis in her back now. It’s hard for her human to see this, but she is still full of beans and continues to provide Tracey with endless joy each and every day. 

The impact that both Tracey and Poppy have had on one another has been life-changing. Together, they know there’s nothing that they can’t get through. Every day is made better simply because they have each other. 

Dogs With Jobs — November 21, 2022

Dogs With Jobs

~ Dogs With Jobs ~

A couple of years ago, wanting to promote awareness around service dogs, Natalie published her book, ‘Dogs With Jobs’. As well as this, she has also created a page and community that shows the many amazing ways that dogs can help their humans. 

Wanting to help others and work with animals, Natalie signed up to be a puppy raiser for service dogs. While doing this, often had to explain what she was doing and proper etiquette, such as not distracting a dog on duty. A lot of the time, her explanations went ignored and so, she felt something needed to be done to spread awareness. 

After becoming an aunty, Natalie realised there was a way she could educate both adults and children – by writing a book! With inspiration from some of her foster puppies, including Claudia, Kirree, and many more, she wrote a children’s book about working dogs titled ‘Dogs With Jobs’, with illustrations by Victoria Brown, which was published in 2020. 

Natalie’s book details the jobs of six different dogs. It was popular upon release and provided some much-needed awareness to many people. On top of her book, Natalie also started an Instagram page under the same name. The page, as with her book, has helped educate a lot of people. The first time an account for a service dog liked one of her posts, Natalie was thrilled. She felt that her message was helping not only to teach people but also to help service dog handlers feel seen on a public platform. 

Since launching Dogs With Jobs, Natalie has received endless support. It has meant a lot to her to be able to help spread awareness about the incredible jobs that dogs can have. One day, Natalie hopes to make her book available to everyone. As well as this, seeing service dogs from all over the world doing their jobs never fails to brighten her day. 

Currently, Natalie is fostering an 11-week-old assistance dog named Irving. Whenever they’re training or going out and about, it warms Natalie’s heart to know that, one day, he will be able to help change someone’s life. It’s never easy for her to give a dog back to the trainer after creating such a beautiful bond, but she knows it’s for the best and will give someone independence, confidence and companionship.

The impact that Natalie’s work has had is incredible. Through her book and page, she is helping more people understand the incomparable difference these dogs can make. The passion she has is evident in everything she does, from every book sold to each post and message. 

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo — November 18, 2022

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo

~ Rinsa, Casper and Romeo ~

Several years ago, Rinsa adopted Samoyed pup, Casper. Then, a few years later, adopted Himalayan Persian, Romeo. Since then, they have formed a unique and special bond and now share their lives with people – and animals – all over the world. 

About seven years ago, Rinsa and her partner met Casper, a beautiful Samoyed pup. They instantly fell in love with his sweet face and decided to adopt him. Four years later, they welcomed Romeo into their lives. While unsure at first whether Casper and Romeo would get on, Rinsa’s concerns about them soon melted away and she has been amazed by how close they have become. 

Having Casper and Romeo has been life changing for Rinsa. Each day, they bring her and her partner endless joy and unconditional love. They help their humans through the tough times and make the good times better. As well as this, Casper and Romeo have helped give their humans more of a sense of responsibility and encourage them to live more active lives. 

Since adopting Casper and Romeo, Rinsa has discovered a love of exploring New Zealand. Together, they find new places to enjoy and to appreciate. Not only this, but Rinsa is a talented photographer and enjoys being able to capture these moments to share with others. Closer to home, Casper and Romeo are very loved by the community. When out and about, people often go to greet them. 

Seeing the bond that Casper and Romeo have created has been so special to Rinsa. They’ve become like brothers and make their humans smile every day, no matter what. At the end of each day, they all look forward to cuddling up together on the couch. 

The bond that Rinsa, Casper and Romeo share is truly special. They have helped each other hugely and bring love and happiness into every single day.