Kelly and Rascal

~ Kelly and Rascal ~ Eight years ago, Kelly met Rascal, a small ginger and white kitten. Since then, they have faced some challenges but, by simply being there for one another, they have gotten through each difficulty that’s been thrown their way.  In 2014, Kelly was looking to adopt a cat. Then, one day,&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Reagan and Lola

~ Reagan and Lola ~ A few years ago, Reagan adopted paraplegic Australian Kelpie, Lola. Since then, they have had a huge impact on each other’s lives and have shared so much love and joy with one another.  In 2019, Reagan wanted to adopt a canine companion. He searched for dogs through the Austin Pets&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Andy and Meow Meow

~ Andy and Meow Meow ~ Sixteen years ago, Andy adopted Meow Meow, a beautiful brown tabby cat. Since then, she has had a huge impact on Andy, his family and the wider community.  In 2006, Andy and his partner decided to adopt a cat for their children. Once they found the perfect one, their&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Jen and Cooper

~ Jen and Cooper ~ Thirteen years ago, Jen and Cooper met. Ever since, they have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to share so much love, hope and joy with one another. Initially, Cooper was brought into the local shelter. He was terrified, weak and severely malnourished. During the same time,&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Genevieve, Izak and Frankie

~ Genevieve, Izak and Frankie ~ In 2021, Genevieve and her fiance, Izak, adopted Taco Terrier, Frankie. They have formed a very special bond and have become a family together.  Having been wanting to adopt a dog, Genevieve and Izak had spent some time discussing it but felt that they needed to find their own&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Scoop Dog

~ Scoop Dog ~ Over a year ago, Aleisha and her husband, Jono, had an idea. Since then, the idea has come to fruition and they are now the proud owner of their own business, Scoop Dog!  Aleisha and Jono have always been animal lovers and keen ice cream enthusiasts! As they share their love&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Storm and Oakley

~ Storm and Oakley ~ Two years ago, Storm met Oakley. Oakley, who has since become Storm’s service cat, has had a huge impact on both his human and the community.  On a hot summer’s day in 2019, Storm’s mother asked her to come outside and help take some groceries out of the car. When&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Amber, Aslan and Teenie

~ Amber, Aslan and Teenie ~ Nine years ago, Amber met Aslan, a four-week-old kitten, who was in need of a forever home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have even welcomed a second kitten, Teenie, into their lives just over a year ago.  In 2012, Amber discovered a small kitten&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Alayna and Revere

~ Alayna and Revere ~ Just under nine years ago, Alayna adopted Revere, a lovely tuxedo cat. In the time since then, they have formed a strong and beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on each other.  Alayna has always been an animal lover. She had decided to visit a shelter in Boston,&ellipsis;Read the full post »


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