Lebron and Rocco

~ Lebron and Rocco ~ In 2019, Lebron met French Bulldog pup, Rocco. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have had a huge impact on each other’s lives.  Three years ago, while scrolling through social media, Lebron saw a litter of French Bulldog puppies looking for homes. As soon as she&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Chloe and Oreo

~ Chloe and Oreo ~ Two years ago, Chloe met lovely black and white cat, Oreo. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives hugely.  In 2020, Chloe wanted to adopt a cat. After some searching, a friend of hers said they had a small, black and white cat who was looking for a home.&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Whitney and Archer

~ Whitney and Archer ~ Two years ago, Archer was found. Since then, Whitney and her family have helped him to flourish and, in turn, he has changed their lives for the better.  In 2020, Whitney’s son’s girlfriend saw a tiny 4-week-old raccoon kit on a rural road. He was an orphan and had fallen&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda

~ Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda ~ Some years ago, Amber met Border Collie pup, Ruby. Not long after, she welcomed Nymeria into their family and then, lastly, Zelda. Since then, they have impacted each other hugely and have brought joy to thousands across the globe. For as long as she can remember, Amber has&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Emma, Bailey and Daisy

~ Emma, Bailey and Daisy ~ Four years ago, Emma welcomed Bailey into her life. Then, at the start of 2022, she met Daisy. In the time they’ve been together, Emma, Bailey and Daisy have all had a huge impact on each other, as well as Emma’s daughter, Madison.  In 2018, Emma, Kris and Madison&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Krista and Arya

~ Krista and Arya ~ Three years ago, Krista met Arya. In the time since, they have formed such a special bond and continue to bring love and joy into each and every day.  In 2019, Krista saw some photos being posted at a local service dog training group she worked for. A dog, named&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Sam, Jo, Sophie and Rocky

~ Sam, Jo, Sophie and Rocky ~ About a year ago, Sam, Jo and Sophie adopted Mini Dachshund pup, Rocket. Since then, he has brought his family endless joy, love and laughter and they have formed such a beautiful bond.  One day in 2021, Jo was told of a small Dachshund puppy who, when old&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Natalie and Nike

~ Natalie and Nike ~ Five years ago, Natalie met the sweetest little puppy named Nike. Since then, they have helped each other through so much and have had a huge impact on one another.  In 2017, Natalie was working as a medical resident which, while rewarding, was stressful. At the same time, her childhood&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Livia, Darren and Ralph

~ Livia and Ralph ~ Just over a year ago, Ralph found his forever home with Livia and her husband, Darren. In the time since then, they have overcome some challenges and have improved each other’s lives hugely.  Having always dreamed of having a Swiss Shepherd after meeting a few, Livia and Darren decided that,&ellipsis;Read the full post »

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny

~ Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny ~ Almost a year ago, Siobhan and Hamish met Lenny. Since then, they have become a family and each day is made better simply by being together.  In 2021, Siobhan and Hamish wanted to adopt a furry friend. While searching, they saw a puppy online who was looking for a&ellipsis;Read the full post »


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