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Lebron and Rocco — October 3, 2022

Lebron and Rocco

~ Lebron and Rocco ~

In 2019, Lebron met French Bulldog pup, Rocco. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have had a huge impact on each other’s lives. 

Three years ago, while scrolling through social media, Lebron saw a litter of French Bulldog puppies looking for homes. As soon as she Rocco, she knew it was just meant to be. She quickly organised a meeting. Once she arrived, Lebron knew that Rocco belonged with her and fell instantly in love with his sweet little face. 

Just before she adopted Rocco, Lebron had been made redundant. It was a difficult time for her, however, having Rocco made a huge difference. Every day since he became part of her life, he has brought his human endless joy and love. No matter what, he never fails to bring a smile to Lebron’s face. As well as this, if she’s working too much at her desk, Rocco is always happy to remind her that he’s right there, waiting for a treat, walk or a game of fetch. 

Having Rocco has also encouraged Lebron to go on more adventures. From bush walks, and walking along the beach, to exploring forests, they love this time together. Rocco especially enjoys taking the time to sniff as many things as possible when in a new place. 

The bond that Lebron and Rocco share is truly special. They have helped each other hugely and bring joy and love into every day. 

Chloe and Oreo — September 30, 2022

Chloe and Oreo

~ Chloe and Oreo ~

Two years ago, Chloe met lovely black and white cat, Oreo. Since then, they have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Chloe wanted to adopt a cat. After some searching, a friend of hers said they had a small, black and white cat who was looking for a home. Chloe decided to met with the cat and as soon as they met, she knew it was meant to be. She adopted the cat then and there and decided to name her Oreo. 

Having Oreo has helped Chloe immensely. Sadly, Chloe lost a family member which was devastating. However, her feline friend never left her side through this difficult time. Whenever she’s feeling sad, anxious or having a tough time, Oreo is always there for his human, no matter what. Whether playing together or snuggling up, being in each other’s company is always a highlight to any day. 

The bond that Chloe and Oreo share is truly special. They have been there for one another through thick and thin and continue to make each day better just by being there. 

Whitney and Archer — September 28, 2022

Whitney and Archer

~ Whitney and Archer ~

Two years ago, Archer was found. Since then, Whitney and her family have helped him to flourish and, in turn, he has changed their lives for the better. 

In 2020, Whitney’s son’s girlfriend saw a tiny 4-week-old raccoon kit on a rural road. He was an orphan and had fallen out of the tree. She decided to bring him home to Whitney and he was immediately welcomed into her home. Whitney spent months caring for the raccoon, whom she named Archer, and after some time, he became part of the family. 

After rescuing Archer, Whitney and her family had to make a lot of changes to their home. They had to baby-proof a lot of things around their house and even gave him his own room. It didn’t take very long for Archer to find his place within his new family. 

To Whitney, Archer is like a child. She cared for him, bottle-fed him, and took him to work with her while he was recovering. Now, Archer returns the same love and care to his family. From making Whitney laugh each day to giving lots of kisses, he never fails to make his human’s day so much better, simply by being himself. One of Whitney’s favourite things is when Archer wakes up next to her, asking for cuddles. 

Having Archer has taught Whitney a lot. She has learnt a lot about raccoons and how to care for them. One of Archer’s favourite things is to hold his human’s arms and nibble on their fingertips. He always ensures, however, he’s gentle and never hurts them. This, to Whitney, just goes to show how intuitive and caring raccoons are. 

It’s obvious that Whitney and Archer mean the world to each other. They have helped one another hugely and bring joy and love into every day. 

Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda — September 26, 2022

Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda

~ Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda ~

Some years ago, Amber met Border Collie pup, Ruby. Not long after, she welcomed Nymeria into their family and then, lastly, Zelda. Since then, they have impacted each other hugely and have brought joy to thousands across the globe.

For as long as she can remember, Amber has always had a love for dogs and Amber wanted to adopt a dog of her own. One day, she heard of a litter of Border Collie puppies. She decided to meet with them and instantly fell in love. The pup, Ruby, stole her heart and Amber knew she was perfect. 

Ruby has improved Amber’s life hugely. Due to the close bond that they share, Ruby has become her emotional support animal. He has helped support her in so many ways and has had a huge impact. Sadly, Amber’s stepfather passed away not long after she adopted her canine companions, however, Ruby supported his human during this time. 

Not long after adopting Ruby did Amber want to welcome a second dog into her family. This led to her meeting Border Collie, Nymeria, a dog who would soon change her life. Soon after Nymeria, Amber adopted Zelda.

Having Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda has meant so much to Amber. Not only this, but they have inspired her to pursue becoming a dog trainer. In 2020, they entered Holland’s Got Talent, coming third overall. At the start of 2022, she performed for thousands as part of Britain’s Got Talent’s Finals with Nymeria, and Ruby guest-starring in their second performance.

Being able to perform together means the world to Amber and Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda. They bring joy to everyone who watches their performances. Together, they work hours on end to perfect their routines, which is something they all enjoy as can be seen by their wagging tails during and after their acts. It’s fun and has brought Amber closer to her canine companions. 

When not performing, Amber, Ruby, Zelda and Nymeria love going to the beach. As well as this, they enjoy going for hikes and exploring new places together. Simply having time together is always cherished. 

Through all their performances, training and experiences, Amber, Ruby, Nymeria and Zelda have created such a special and beautiful bond. The trust they have in each other when performing and the love they share is shown in everything they do.

Emma, Bailey and Daisy — September 23, 2022

Emma, Bailey and Daisy

~ Emma, Bailey and Daisy ~

Four years ago, Emma welcomed Bailey into her life. Then, at the start of 2022, she met Daisy. In the time they’ve been together, Emma, Bailey and Daisy have all had a huge impact on each other, as well as Emma’s daughter, Madison. 

In 2018, Emma, Kris and Madison were devastated when they lost their 10-year-old dog, Max. To Madison, it was like losing a brother. Initially, Emma wanted to wait until the end of the year to adopt another dog, however, she saw a post about some puppies looking for a home. She organised a visit and fell in love. Out of the 11 puppies of the litter, Bailey ran right up to Madison and didn’t leave her side – and hasn’t since. 

At the beginning of 2022, Emma and her family suffered the loss of their 14-year-old cat, Bella. Not long after, a post popped up showing another litter of pups. Emma wanted to adopt a canine friend for Bailey and welcome another pet into their home. Once again, she decided to visit the puppies and one pup in particular, Daisy, ran up to Madison and chewed on her shoelaces! There was no doubt in their mind that she was the perfect addition. 

Both Bailey and Daisy have helped their family to grieve and heal after two devastating losses. As well as this, Emma has struggled with anxiety but having her canine companions has impacted her hugely. Each day, they provide her with love and support by simply being there. Whenever she’s feeling down or overwhelmed, Bailey and Daisy are right there. 

Something that Emma, Bailey and Daisy enjoy is going on adventures. From going to the beach and running along the waterfront to walking tracks, they love having this time together and exploring new places. Madison likes teaching and training Bailey and Daisy to do all kinds of tricks, especially jumping through hoops. At the end of each day, however, they love simply being in each other’s company and snuggling up.

The impact that Bailey and Daisy have had on Emma, Kris and Madison has been huge. They have brought joy and love into every day since finding their family.

Krista and Arya — September 21, 2022

Krista and Arya

~ Krista and Arya ~

Three years ago, Krista met Arya. In the time since, they have formed such a special bond and continue to bring love and joy into each and every day. 

In 2019, Krista saw some photos being posted at a local service dog training group she worked for. A dog, named Arya, was looking for a new handler as the previous one and her didn’t match. From the pictures, Krista felt a connection with Arya. She was wanting a service dog of her own to help support her in her day-to-day life. Then, one day, while at a friend’s house, Arya was there for training. In that moment, Krista knew she and this dog were meant to be. 

Having Arya has been life-changing for Krista, both as her service dog and best friend. She has allowed her human to gain independence and confidence when out in the community. From doing the shopping, to going to doctor’s appointments, to feeling safer in her daily life, Krista can do all these things because of the impact Arya has had on her. 

Both Krista and Arya enjoy simply spending time together and Arya especially loves playing fetch with her human. As well as this, she has taught Krista to slow down a bit and appreciate the smaller things in life. Having her furry friend has just brought so much love, joy and peace into her life. 

Not only has Arya impacted Krista, but many others. Whenever out and about, people stop and talk to Krista about her canine companion. If someone around them is feeling anxious or struggling and, she knows her human is okay, Arya will sit with them and ensure they’re okay. 

The bond that Krista and Arya share is truly beautiful. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and Krista has gained more confidence, independence and a best friend in Arya. 

Sam, Jo, Sophie and Rocky — September 19, 2022

Sam, Jo, Sophie and Rocky

~ Sam, Jo, Sophie and Rocky ~

About a year ago, Sam, Jo and Sophie adopted Mini Dachshund pup, Rocket. Since then, he has brought his family endless joy, love and laughter and they have formed such a beautiful bond. 

One day in 2021, Jo was told of a small Dachshund puppy who, when old enough, would need a home. She decided almost instantly that she would adopt the pup, named Rocket or Rocky, and wanted it to be a surprise for her husband, Sam, and daughter, Sophie. However, it was too exciting for Jo to keep it a secret and told her family before Rocky was welcomed into their family. 

When Sam, Jo and Sophie adopted Rocky, they were going through a lot. Jo had just lost her mother and Sam was struggling as an essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whenever Sam returned home, seeing an excitable puppy jumping up with a wagging tail always brightened his day. After Jo lost her mother, Rocky didn’t leave her side. He followed her everywhere and helped comfort her during this time. 

Not only has Rocky impacted Sam, Jo and Sophie, but also everyone he meets. Whenever they go out for a walk, everyone smiles with they see Rocky’s cute little face and often stop to say hello. It means so much to Sam, Jo and Sophie to be able to share so much joy with so many people. 

The impact that Rocky has had on his family has been huge. He has changed Sam, Jo and Sophie’s lives for the better and they all bring so much love and joy into each and every day. 

Natalie and Nike — September 16, 2022

Natalie and Nike

~ Natalie and Nike ~

Five years ago, Natalie met the sweetest little puppy named Nike. Since then, they have helped each other through so much and have had a huge impact on one another. 

In 2017, Natalie was working as a medical resident which, while rewarding, was stressful. At the same time, her childhood dog passed away which was devastating. After a lot of thinking, however, she decided to get a puppy. Although she was often busy at the hospital, her friends and colleagues were a huge help. It became apparent fairly quickly that the puppy, named Nike, was perfect. 

Having Nike changed Natalie’s life. Her canine companion has been there through thick and thin, reminds her to appreciate the small things and has brought joy into each and every day. Working in the medical profession can be challenging, so returning home to an excited dog never fails to brighten Natalie’s mood. No matter what, Nike always knows just how to bring a smile to her human’s face. She’s very loving and loves meeting new people and dogs. 

Since welcoming Nike into her life, she and Natalie have discovered a passion for hiking. Sometimes, they walk up almost 50km in a week! Doing this has helped Natalie go out more and enjoy the fresh air with her best friend by her side. They have even made friends through hiking and love to go for adventures whenever possible. This has also helped Natalie work on her other passion – photography. Taking photos of Nike while on a hike provides her with great inspiration. 

When they don’t feel like going out, however, Natalie and Nike enjoy snuggling up on a couch and to watch something on TV together. Nike is very cuddly and loves being around her human. Simply being in each other’s company means the world to them. 

Natalie and Nike have improved each other’s lives immensely. Each day since they first met, they have shared so much happiness and love with one another. 

Livia, Darren and Ralph — September 14, 2022

Livia, Darren and Ralph

~ Livia and Ralph ~

Just over a year ago, Ralph found his forever home with Livia and her husband, Darren. In the time since then, they have overcome some challenges and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

Having always dreamed of having a Swiss Shepherd after meeting a few, Livia and Darren decided that, in 2020, they wanted to welcome one into their home. After some searching, they found someone who had some Swiss Shepherds and went onto a waitlist for one of the pups. 

A year later, Livia and Darren were told that there was a new litter and they were able to meet the puppies. Following several visits, it had been decided that an adorable and affectionate pup named Mr Orange had found his home, a was renamed Ralph. It was meant to be as Livia had purchased leashes, collars and other pup essentials that were all orange before Mr Orange was confirmed as the right puppy for them. 

Not long after adopting Ralph did Livia start to spiral into a depression. She found it a challenge to bond with him, as well as thinking that he deserved better. Soon, Livia learnt of something known as the ‘puppy blues.’ This is when someone has negative feelings and experiences after bringing home a new dog or puppy. 

Once Livia had a name for what she was going through, she decided to open up about her journey. As time went on, she and Ralph worked on their bond. He showed her that, while having a puppy around can be difficult at times, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Through working with Ralph, not against him, and slowly building up their relationship, Livia’s realised just how much Ralph has changed her life for the better.

Wanting to help other pet parents who might be going through similar things, Livia decided to start a page and Facebook group called the ‘Puppy Blues Project.’ Together, they show others that there is hope and they’re not alone. If things seem difficult after adopting a new furry friend, the negative feelings won’t last forever and it can get better. 

With Ralph, Livia’s life has changed hugely. He has taught her compassion, patience and understanding, as well as appreciating the smaller things in life. To Livia, Ralph isn’t ‘just a dog,’ he’s her companion and part of the family. Each day, he brings her and her husband so much joy, simply by being himself. 

Something they both enjoy is playing together. Whether a fun game of fetch or tug-of-war, this is time they get all to themselves. Not only this but simply being in each other’s company brings them both immense happiness. Livia loves sitting and just watching Ralph live his best life. 

The love Livia and Ralph share for one another is truly special. They have been there for each other through many ups and downs but ultimately, they have gotten through it all together.

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny — September 12, 2022

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny

~ Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny ~

Almost a year ago, Siobhan and Hamish met Lenny. Since then, they have become a family and each day is made better simply by being together. 

In 2021, Siobhan and Hamish wanted to adopt a furry friend. While searching, they saw a puppy online who was looking for a home. The Border Collie x Golden Retriever, named Lenny, was perfect for them. As soon as they met him, they knew it was meant to be. 

Having Lenny has had a huge impact on Siobhan and Hamish’s lives. If they’re ever feeling angry, sad, or just feeling a bit meh, Lenny can always cheer them up. Through all of life’s ups and downs, he helps ground his humans, to focus on the present and provides them with a routine. As well as this, he has also helped Siobhan and Hamish to be more active.

Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny enjoy going on adventures together. From going on walks around their neighbourhood, finding new places and going swimming, this time is always treasured. One of Lenny’s favourite things is going to the beach. He digs in the sand and plays in the waves, which his humans love to watch. 

The bond that Siobhan, Hamish and Lenny share is so special. They have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives.