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Liezl and Juno — July 18, 2022

Liezl and Juno

~ Liezl and Juno ~

Over a year ago, Liezl gave Juno a second chance. Since then, the two have formed a beautiful bond and have improved each other’s lives hugely. 

At the start of 2021, Liezl met her perfect companion. Prior to meeting, Juno had been working on a farm. Unfortunately, she sustained two injuries which led to hip dysplasia and could no longer work. So, her handler decided to rehome her. Liezl’s flatmate had been working as a vet nurse at the clinic Juno was taken to. After being told about the pup and, having wanted to adopt a dog for years, Liezl decided to meet her. 

Once Liezl arrived at the vet clinic, she fell in love with Juno. She was a wiggly and sassy pup and had definitely won over her new friend. Instantly, Liezl knew they were a perfect match and adopted her then and there. 

Before adopting Juno, Liezl and her partner had just made a big move from Christchurch to New Plymouth. They felt there was something missing from their lives. Liezl had been dealing with some fertility issues, which was immensely difficult. However, having Juno helped her hugely. Looking after a furbaby has kept her very busy, but has also been very rewarding. 

To ensure she was living her best life, Liezl took Juno to a dog trainer. This was incredible for both of them. Juno flourished and the bond between her and Liezl only grew stronger. However, in the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Juno had an incident with another dog while out for a walk. Unfortunately, this led to her becoming concerningly reactive. 

After the lockdown restrictions were lifted, Liezl found a dog trainer who could help Juno with her reactivity. Slowly but surely, she has grown less reactive around other dogs. Through this, her and Liezl’s bond only strengthened as they help each other grow and learn more about each other. 

Both Liezl and Juno enjoy being active. Whether going for a walk at their local park, beach or Juno doing zoomies, occasionally sniffing something on the way, they both take joy in this time spent together. One day, Liezl has been training her companion in agility and scent work. Juno loves to learn and work, and she and her human love a good challenge. 

No matter what, Liezl and Juno have always been there for one another. Through all of life’s ups and downs, they have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives. 

Mary and Zoe — July 15, 2022

Mary and Zoe

~ Mary and Zoe ~

A few years ago, Mary and Zoe met. Since then, they have greatly impacted each other’s lives and continue to fill each day with love and happiness. 

In 2019, Mary had been looking for a cat. Sadly, her cat had passed away, which left her devastated. She wanted to welcome another feline friend into her life. So, Mary went to a vet clinic to meet with some of the cats looking for homes. While there, a small black kitten walked right up to her and demanded to be held. At that moment, Mary knew she and this kitten, Zoe, were meant to be. 

For a while, Mary had been living on her own. Once she adopted Zoe, she felt less alone and they became the best of friends. Shortly after bringing Zoe home, she and Mary moved to a dairy farm. This proved to be great as it allowed Zoe to have more space to enjoy and to help out around the farm in the form of being a mouser. 

Whenever Mary is doing work on the farm, Zoe is always happy to keep her company. Whether doing chores, gardening or other jobs, Zoe is right there. When not working, she enjoys exploring the farm more and loves going for walks with Mary. Time they get to spend together never fails to make their days!

The bond that Mary and Zoe have formed is so special. They help one another and share so much love and happiness. 

Marieke and Shadow — July 13, 2022

Marieke and Shadow

~ Marieke and Shadow ~

A few years ago, Marieke welcomed Shadow into her life. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives and have had many adventures together. 

At the end of 2019, Marieke and her partner had been looking to adopt a dog. Then, one day, they heard of a litter of 5-week-old Staffy x Border Collie puppies and decided to go meet them. Once there, one of the puppies took a particular interest in Marieke’s partner. They knew he was meant to be their dog. 

Having Shadow has greatly improved Marieke’s life. From encouraging her to go out more and socialise, to comforting her on tough days and helping her build her self-confidence. As well as this, Shadow also inspired Marieke to start her own business, Knots by Shadow. Through Knots by Shadow, Marieke sells a variety of leashes and tick collars. Doing this brings her so much joy as she knows that it benefits the lives of other dog owners.

In August of 2021, Shadow unfortunately had an accident that required an emergency operation. Marieke was terrified of what it may mean for her best friend. However, after the operation, rehabilitation and lots of cuddles, he pulled through and is now back to his active and happy self. 

Both Marieke and Shadow enjoy doing agility and sports together. They do many classes together and love every minute of it. Through working with each other, they strengthen their bond and it’s time they get just to themselves. When not doing agility, they love going for walkies and playing with Shadow’s favourite frisbee. 

Since meeting Shadow, Marieke’s life has changed. They have both impacted each other hugely by filling every day with so much love and joy. 

Chloe and Felix — July 11, 2022

Chloe and Felix

~ Chloe and Felix ~

Six years ago, Chloe met Felix. From the very first moment they met, Chloe knew he was the perfect cat for her family. Since then, they have formed a very special bond. 

Chloe had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while and decided to visit a local shelter in Birkenhead, New Zealand. She met a friendly and quirky moggy who instantly stood out to her. As soon as they met, she knew he was coming home with her. So, Chloe adopted him then and there and named him Felix. 

Not long after adopting Felix was it apparent he had some health issues. He had pneumonia which very nearly took his life. Seeing him go through this was immensely difficult for Chloe, but she stayed by his side through everything. Thankfully, Felix pulled through and he continues to fill his human’s day with endless joy and laughter with his antics. 

Having Felix has impacted Chloe’s life hugely. The last few years have presented her with a lot of challenges, namely experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses. However, Felix, and Chloe’s other cat, Ziggy, were always there to comfort her. When she was feeling especially defeated, Felix would snuggle up and remind her that she wasn’t alone. When Chloe had her children, Felix immediately accepted them into his heart. This meant the world to her.

Not only has Felix had an impact on Chloe and her family, but also their whole neighbourhood. When he first moved into the neighbourhood, he enjoyed learning from the resident tomcat. Now, Felix has taken on that role. He is often seen protecting his territory – and the local female cats – and meeting with friends. Recently, a new kitten moved in. Felix has taken it upon himself to teach his new friend all his tricks and train him to become the next tomcat.

The bond that Chloe and Felix share is so special. They have brought so much joy and love into each other’s lives through simply being there. Chloe saved Felix as a kitten, and Felix helped Chloe through her darkest times. 

Hank the Hellion — July 8, 2022

Hank the Hellion

~ Hank the Hellion ~

Just over a year ago, Hank was found on the streets, hungry and alone. While it was a long journey, he now has his forever home and his life has changed for the better. 

In May of 2021, Hank was wandering the streets. Then, one day, he found a kind man. He immediately decided to jump into his arms and ask for some food, water help… and a bath. Shortly after, the humans he found started looking for Hank’s owners, but no one came forward. So, he then went to a local shelter.

Not long after rescuing Hank did his story go viral. His rescuers created a page for him to help him find a home. They noted down his many shenanigans and sprinkled it with many anecdotes that were personal to Hank that would aid him in finding the right family. 

The shelter that Hank had been staying at turned out to be less than helpful for him, so sadly, it took quite some time before he was able to find a home. The humans who found him weren’t sure if they should adopt Hank as they already had other senior animals at home and didn’t think it fair to introduce them to an energetic, younger pup. However, thankfully after eight, long months, the humans who found him fought for him and eventually, became his forever family. 

Having Hank has had a huge impact on his family. He continues to bring them so much joy and laughter through his antics. No matter what, Hank always tries to involve himself in whatever his family are doing, from cooking to cleaning. Because of him, each day is filled with happiness and love. 

The bond that Hank has formed with his humans is truly special. In his time of need, he found them. They fought for him and now, he has his forever home. A home that he brings endless love to.

Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse — July 6, 2022

Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse

~ Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse ~

A few years ago, Mahala adopted her furbabies, Odie, Rosie and then Mouse. In the time since then, they have all changed each other’s lives and have shown each other unconditional love. 

In 2017, Mahala was looking to adopt a greyhound. Then one day, she was told of some who were looking for a home and decided to meet them. Once she got there, she fell in love with one named Opawa Diesel, or Odie. Instantly, Mahala knew he was meant to be with her, and adopted him then and there.

After adopting Odie, he and Mahala did everything together. Some years later, they returned to the kennels to meet some more of the dogs. As they arrived, one of the greyhounds jumped at the fence to meet Mahala. Not 15 minutes later, Mahala and Odie were driving back home with a new, furry family member – Rosie. 

Mahala, Odie and Rosie became very well known in the greyhound community. They held adoption events, fostered, and even home checks. When Mahala had her son, Odie and Rosie immediately accepted him and treated him as part of their pack. 

Not long after giving birth did Mahala receive a new foster greyhound named Mouse. She came into Mahala’s care very skinny and had some tumours. Eventually, they found a home, but the week before, Mahala knew in her heart that they would be welcoming Mouse into their family. 

Something that Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse enjoy is going on adventures. From doing zoomies on the beach, picnics, travelling and more, they all love this time they get to spend together. As well as this, Mahala often takes her trio of dogs to markets and schools to spread awareness about greyhounds. 

When out and about, Mahala and her dogs often get stopped by people, asking about life with greyhounds. She’s often asked about how active greyhounds are and if they would be good pets, to which she always replies with a big ‘yes!’ and explains they’re not all that different from cats behaviour-wise. Because of all she does with Odie, Rosie and Mouse, Mahala has even been able to help with sending adoption applications for retired greyhounds!

The bond that Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse all share is so special. Mahala has given all three dogs their second chance and ensures that each day they get all the love they deserve. In return, Odie, Rosie and Mouse fill every day with endless joy. 

Madeleine and Emma — July 4, 2022

Madeleine and Emma

~ Madeleine and Emma ~

Not long ago, Emma found her forever home. As soon as she and Madeleine met, they both knew they were meant to be with each other. 

One day, Madeleine saw a dog on the SPCA website who was looking for a home. When she arrived at the shelter and explained what kind of dog she was looking for, the person she was talking to had a thought. A dog who had just come in, and wasn’t even up on the website yet, was looking for a home. The moment they met, the pup, named Emma, ran up to Madeleine, begging for cuddles, tummy rubs and love. Immediately, she knew this was her dog. 

While adopting Emma, Madeleine was told of her challenging past. She was found as a puppy in a box and taken into the local SPCA’s care. From there, she travelled to another branch where she was placed into a family twice before she was welcomed into her forever home. Knowing all this, Madeleine vowed she would help Emma flourish, despite her past traumas. 

From the shelter, Madeleine took Emma to her friend’s animal sanctuary. There, they both learned so much. Madeleine’s friend had nine dogs, of all different ages and sizes, who helped guide Emma to become the dog Madeleine knew she could be. Slowly but surely, Emma came out of her shell and became more comfortable in new situations and around new people and dogs. Not only this, but she was afraid of water, however, little by little, Madeleine encouraged Emma to be in the water and now, she loves swimming!

Having Emma has been life-changing for Madeleine. She has brought happiness in times of darkness and continues to make her human smile and laugh every day. Because of Emma, Madeleine wakes up each day with a purpose and to focus on the positives. She also works hard to educate others on the realities of dogs like Emma. That they are loving and gentle dogs, not aggressive as they have been made out to be.

Something that Madeleine and Emma enjoy doing is simply spending time together. Whether playing at the local park, sharing peanut butter toast or running along the beach, anytime they spend together is very special. Most of all, they love cuddles on a lazy Saturday morning, a belly rub after a long day, and just treasure each other’s company. 

The impact that Emma has had on Madeleine and vice versa is truly special. Madeleine may have rescued Emma from the SPCA, but Emma rescued Madeleine, too. They have brought so much love and happiness into each other’s lives and will continue to help one another be the very best they can be. 

Lizzy and Phoebe — July 1, 2022

Lizzy and Phoebe

~ Lizzy and Phoebe ~

A few years ago, Lizzy met an adorable rescue pup named Phoebe. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have hugely impacted each other’s lives. 

Lizzy had always wanted a furry friend, but due to family members having allergies to cats and dogs, it was not something she thought would happen. However, one day, a family friend told them she had rescued a litter of puppies and was looking to rehome them. Not long after, Lizzy and her family decided to meet the puppies. The smallest of the litter was very excited to meet Lizzy and her dad. They left, but Lizzy couldn’t stop thinking about the pup. 

Sometime later, Lizzy’s mum fell ill and stayed at the hospital. After she was discharged, their family friend offered to bring over some food for them. Little did they know, she had brought over something much better – a puppy! That night, everything changed. They had their own puppy and named her Phoebe. 

Phoebe has been life-changing not only for Lizzy, but for the whole family. She’s full of beans and brings so much joy to everyone around her. When Lizzy’s dad is overseas for work, Phoebe keeps everyone at home company. If anyone is feeling down, she can instantly cheer them up with her mischievous antics. Not only this, but everyone in the neighbourhood loves seeing Phoebe. She’s become a local celebrity and whenever she’s going for a walk, people love stopping to give her a pat. 

Both Lizzy and Phoebe love going on adventures together. From going to the local park to car rides, they just love spending this time with one another. As well as this, Lizzy loves taking Phoebe out for puppy playdates with her littermates. She loves seeing the immense joy it brings her canine companion. 

One of Lizzy and Phoebe’s favourite things is going to the beach for a swim. The beach is Lizzy’s happy place, so being able to share this with her best friend makes it even more special. It’s time when they get to just be present in the moment and enjoy each other’s company. 

Since adopting Phoebe, Lizzy and her family have adopted a second dog, Fletcher. Phoebe has been a great big sister by teaching him how to play, how to interact with other dogs and people, and more. Not only this, but they, too, have developed a great bond and love playing together. 

Having Phoebe has even inspired Lizzy to start her own business, Collie and Co. From training together to learning how to effectively communicate with dogs, it has all had a huge impact on Lizzy. She hopes to continue with her business, selling dog tags, keyrings, drinking glasses and more – something for dogs and humans!

The bond that Lizzy and Phoebe share is so special. They have improved each other’s life and have brought one another so much happiness, love and joy. 

Stacey and Groot — June 29, 2022

Stacey and Groot

~ Stacey and Groot ~

Three years ago, Stacey adopted Groot, the Saint Bernard. Since then, they have formed a beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on one another. 

In 2019, Stacey had heard about a litter of Saint Bernard puppies. She jumped at the chance to meet them and went on a 45-minute car ride to do so. Once she got there, Stacey was excited to meet a Saint Bernard puppy as she had only ever seen them fully grown. One puppy in particular stood out to her. She picked him up and it was love at first sight. Within an hour, Stacey and her new pup, Groot, were on their way home.

During the 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand, Groot helped Stacey hugely. At a time of uncertainty, Groot made everything better and provided everyone with a distraction. Things were stressful, but he reminded Stacey that not everything was lost and he filled each day with endless joy and unconditional love. 

Since adopting Groot, Stacey’s life has changed immensely. No matter what may be happening in her life, she knows she always has her furry friend. Stacey has learnt to appreciate the small things in life and to enjoy every moment. He has enriched her life as much as she has his. 

Both Stacey and Groot love playing together, from playing fetch to playing with one of Groot’s many toys. Seeing him happy and enjoying himself never fails to brighten Stacey’s day – it’s like watching pure joy! Simply being able to spend time with one another always brightens their days. 

Having Groot has had a huge impact on Stacey’s life. He has brought her endless joy and unconditional love. Stacey always ensures she is making his life as rich and full as it can be. They truly share such a special bond. 

Tiffany, Dobby and Buffy — June 27, 2022

Tiffany, Dobby and Buffy

~ Tiffany, Dobby and Buffy ~

Over a year ago, Tiffany met Dobby, an adorable fluffy pup! Not long after, she met Buffy. Since then, they have all changed each other’s lives and shared so much love and joy. 

Since she was young, Tiffany had always been afraid of dogs. However, her husband had been wanting to get one for a while. They ended up compromising and getting a small dog! Tiffany wanted to overcome her fear, so after a lot of searching, they found the perfect pup – Dobby. From the moment they first saw his face, they knew he was the one. 

Five months later, Tiffany and her husband felt that it would be good to get another dog to keep Dobby company. When they met Buffy, one look into her beautiful eyes told them they weren’t leaving without her. She was very cuddly and Tiffany had no doubt she had found her forever home with them. 

While it took some time, Tiffany has overcome her fear of dogs and has become a dog lover. She loves spending time with Dobby and Buffy, going for walks at the beach or a dog park, and doing everything she can with them. As well as this, since starting their Instagram account, Tiffany has become an active member of the pet community. She has met many other animal lovers and their pets through this which has brought her a lot of happiness. 

The love that Tiffany has for Dobby and Buffy is beautiful. They helped her overcome a fear that she has had for as long as she can remember and have shown her unconditional love. They have all greatly impacted each other’s lives and changed them for the better.