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Amber, Aslan and Teenie — April 27, 2022

Amber, Aslan and Teenie

~ Amber, Aslan and Teenie ~

Nine years ago, Amber met Aslan, a four-week-old kitten, who was in need of a forever home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have even welcomed a second kitten, Teenie, into their lives just over a year ago. 

In 2012, Amber discovered a small kitten just moments away from being dumped. She took the kitten into her arms and fell instantly in love. In Amber’s mind, arriving at the exact spot at that exact time, it was simply meant to be. 

Fast forward to 2021 when Amber met Teenie. At the time, Amber was volunteering at Animals First Rescue. While there, she met a tiny one-week-old kitten – Teenie. The kitten was fighting for her life. She became very unwell and, for a while, her prognosis wasn’t good. However, with a lot of hard work and a lot of care, Teenie pulled through. Amber quickly decided to adopt Teenie and to give her the home she deserved. 

Each day since Amber adopted her furbabies has been filled with joy and love. Knowing they’re there by her side means so much. Whenever Amber is feeling down, snuggles from Aslan and Teenie brightens her day. They can always make her smile, even on the days when it’s difficult. 

Amber, Aslan and Teenie love spending time together. From playing with Aslan and Teenie’s vast array of toys, snuggles, dressing up in clothes from their large wardrobe, shopping for toys, food and more at pet stores, car trips, and much more! Being able to spend time together is something they all enjoy. Amber makes sure that every day, she reminds her furbabies just how much they mean to her. 

Because of the impact Aslan and Teenie have had on her, Amber decided to start an Instagram account for them both. She wanted to share the same joy they bring her with everyone else on social media. On their pages, Amber shares photos of Aslan and Teenie being themselves, spreading love and happiness with so many. 

The love and care that Amber, Aslan and Teenie share for each other is truly special. They have helped one another through thick and thin and know that no matter what, they will be there.

Alayna and Revere — April 25, 2022

Alayna and Revere

~ Alayna and Revere ~

Just under nine years ago, Alayna adopted Revere, a lovely tuxedo cat. In the time since then, they have formed a strong and beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on each other. 

Alayna has always been an animal lover. She had decided to visit a shelter in Boston, Massachusetts. There, she met a tiny black and white kitten with big loving eyes named Crayola. She was in love and had no doubt this was the perfect cat for her. Alayna adopted the kitten and gave her a new name – Revere. 

Shortly after welcoming Revere into her home, Alayna noticed it was a big adjustment. Revere was scared of her new surroundings and Alayna was scared that she might escape and run away. She kept her in the bathroom on the first night as it was the safest room she could think of. During the middle of the night, she decided to check on her new kitten. As soon as she opened the door, Revere meowed loudly and ran right up to her new human and just snuggled with her. Alayna knew from that moment that she and Revere were meant to be – and that she would no longer be spending nights in the bathroom. 

Having Revere has had a huge impact on Alayna. As someone who works from home, knowing that she has a furry friend to keep her company means a lot. Each day is filled with so much love and happiness because of Revere. She often reminds Alayna to take breaks and or stretch her legs after long days.

One of Alayna and Revere’s favourite things is to play together. From playing with her cat wand to chasing balls up and down the hallway, it always brightens their day. When they feel like relaxing, Alayna and Revere love snuggling together and just being in each other’s company. 

Revere has taught Alayna so much. She has helped her understand how to better communicate with cats and has shown her unconditional love. They share a beautiful bond and bring out the best in one another.

Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow — April 22, 2022

Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow

~ Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow ~

A couple of years ago, Mikala welcomed lorikeet, Chester, into her life. Not long after, she adopted Raven, then Willow. Since then, they have become a very close and loving family. 

Having always been an animal lover, Mikala and her partner were looking to adopt an animal from their local pet store in December of 2018. Initially, they were looking into getting some fish, but then they saw Chester. Chester, a rainbow lorikeet, was at the bottom of his cage and ignoring everything around him. However, when he saw Mikala and her partner, he instantly engaged with them. From that moment, Mikala knew he had chosen then and they adopted him that same day. 

A year later, Raven was welcomed into Mikala’s home. She had been Mikala’s partner’s family dog but when she was two years old, Mikala adopted her. As soon as she met the German Shepherd pup, she was instantly in love. 

Then, in 2020, Mikala found Willow. Unfortunately, she lost her cat Otis and was devastated. A few weeks later, Mikala received a call about another kitten, with an interesting background, looking for a home. She had been spayed but went missing for 2.5 months, when turned up at Mikala’s aunt’s house! Mikala felt it was meant to be and drove for three hours to go pick her up.

Mikala has struggled with health issues, and having Raven has greatly helped her. She motivates her human to stay active and get out of the house each day for walks. This has had a huge impact on Mikala’s mental and physical health. Not only this, but Raven has also been a big support for Mikala during her studies. From encouraging her to get some fresh air to simply being there, Raven never fails to brighten her human’s day.

Having Chester has brought a new sense of joy to Mikala’s life. Chester is protective of his humans, especially Mikala, and has a lot of character. Mikala has learnt a lot about birds, too. Initially, she thought it would be easier than a cat or dog, but soon found he is quite high-maintenance. While he’s the smallest member of the family, he is definitely the boss of the house!

Raven has had a huge impact on Mikala. From encouraging her to be more active to helping her to make new friends, both human and canine. They go on adventures together, too. Mikala loves doing obedience and scent training with Raven and it has made their bond even stronger in doing so. She has brought so much joy and love into Mikala’s life. 

The youngest of the family, Willow, has also had a big impact on Mikala and her partner. She loves company and is especially close with Mikala’s partner. Each morning, Willow curls up on his chest and will excitedly greet him when he gets home from work. As well as this, any time she hears the treats being opened, she immediately runs to the source. Willow loves being around her family, however, Chester has learnt how to meow and often enjoys teasing her! 

It’s obvious that Chester, Raven and Willow have had a huge impact on Mikala. They have helped her through many difficult times and have made the good times better. The love and care they all have for one another is truly special. 

Cara and Edna — April 20, 2022

Cara and Edna

~ Cara and Edna ~

Last year, Edna changed Cara’s life. During one of the most difficult times in Cara’s life, Edna was right there to help her.

A few years ago, one of Cara’s close friends adopted Edna. However, when she went to university, she had to leave Edna with her parents as animals weren’t allowed there. During this time, Cara became very unwell. Her friends’ parents offered to have her stay with them while she recovered. 

As she moved in, Cara took over the care of Edna. It wasn’t long before they became great friends. Cara loved watching Edna do zoomies around the house, with her fur puffed up and green eyes wide. Each morning, Edna would go into Cara’s room and soothe her with purrs or sit in her lap and just looks up. 

Cara has struggled with pain disorders and mental health issues. This can cause pain attacks, panic attacks, paralysis and difficult emotions. Whenever she experiences these episodes, no matter what she’s doing or where she is, Edna will find Cara and comfort her. Whether it’s simply being by her human’s side, giving her cuddles or massaging the painful areas. Knowing that she cares so much has had a big impact on Cara’s overall wellbeing and feeling safer. 

Sometimes, as a result of her mental health issues, Cara experiences severe nightmares. Recently, after a particularly scary nightmare, Edna woke up Cara by placing her paws on her chin and purring loudly. When Cara woke up, Edna rested on her chest. This was like a weighted blanket and greatly helped to relax her human. As well as this, it reminded Cara to take deeper breaths and to ground herself in the present. 

Edna has provided Cara with a sense of companionship. She knows that, no matter what, Edna is right there beside her. If she’s having a tough time, talking to her furry friend can be a huge relief. As well as this, having Edna allows Cara to focus on something else and have a purpose each day. 

Not only does Edna provide Cara with a sense of hope, but she spreads so much joy and positivity. Each day, she brings so much laughter through zoomies and her playfulness. Cara loves when Edna chases her feet under the blankets. They’ll happily play this for as long as they both have the energy to. 

Each day, Edna brings so much happiness into Cara’s life. She has been life-changing and has had a huge impact on Cara’s recovery. The love that they share for one another is so strong and will only continue to flourish.

Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo — April 18, 2022

Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo

~ Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo ~

About two years ago, Kitten Kay Sera welcomed sweet Pomeranian pup, Pinkaboo, into her life. Since then, they have brought so much love and positivity into the world with their rosy pink life.  

Kitten Kay Sera, also known as the ‘Pinkest Person in The World; and ‘Queen of Pink’, has made quite a name for herself. She surrounds herself in all shades of pink and brings a lot of happiness to those who follow her. 

In 2020, Kitten saw photos and videos of a cute little Pomeranian puppy. In May of that same year, she met the pup and fell instantly in love. The pup loved cuddles and was so sweet, Kitten had no doubt in her mind that they were meant to be. From that moment, she decided to adopt her and named her Pinkaboo. 

Wanting to share her passion for pink, Kitten wanted a healthy and safe way to colour Pinkaboo’s fur. She tried beet juice and it worked perfectly. After talking to Pinkaboo’s vet, it was approved as a natural and non-toxic way to dye her fur. And so, that’s what she has done ever since so Kitten can be the pinkest person and Pinkaboo the pinkest pup. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Kitten was immensely grateful to have Pinkaboo. During the difficult and scary time, Kitten was isolated and away from her friends and family. Pinkaboo helped her to cope. She provided her with comfort and entertainment. From keeping her company, encouraging her to go for walks, and just being a sweet little pup, she made the lockdown so much better. 

Having Pinkaboo has had a huge impact on Kitten. Wherever she goes, she spreads so much joy and happiness with her bubbly personality. People often stop her for a pawtograph! Whenever she meets a new friend, Pinkaboo will roll over, waiting for a belly rub. She never fails to bring a smile to all those around her.

A year after adopting Pinkaboo, she and Kitten were even on the cover of Vogue magazine! They featured in the pink issue of Vogue Portugal and shared their rose coloured life with the world. Pinkaboo had a cameo in Kitten’s music video for her song, ‘Pink Universe’ too. Not only this, but they also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show in February. 

When not modelling or making public appearances, Kitten and Pinkaboo simply enjoy each other’s company. One of their favourite things is going to the beach. Kitten rents a pink bike and will ride along the beach trail for hours with Pinkaboo in her own comfortable, and pink, backpack. At home, if Kitten is dancing, Pinkaboo is always excited to join her. 

Every day of Kitten’s is full of love, joy, and, of course, pink, thanks to Pinkaboo. They spread happiness with so many people. The bond they share is truly amazing.

Cynthia and Buttercup — April 15, 2022

Cynthia and Buttercup

~ Cynthia and Buttercup ~

Just over two years ago, Cynthia met Buttercup, a Holland Lop rabbit. They fell instantly in love and have been best friends ever since. 

For as long as she can remember, Cynthia has always wanted a rabbit. In 2020, she and her partner were looking to adopt a pet. They had wanted to adopt a dog, but living in an apartment meant they weren’t allowed to. One day, while at a pet store, Cynthia met a very sweet little white and brown rabbit – Buttercup. She knew immediately that Buttercup would be perfect and decided to adopt her. 

Since adopting Buttercup, Cynthia’s life has changed for the better. Knowing she has her fluffy companion by her side reminds her she’s not alone. After a particularly tough day, knowing she will be met by Buttercup can make all the difference. She can bring a smile to her human’s face by being herself and just make each day so much brighter. 

One of Cynthia’s favourite things is simply being around Buttercup. Whether she’s interacting with or just watching her furry friend, it allows her to just be in the moment. They love spending time together, they especially love laying down on the couch together for cuddles. 

Cynthia and Buttercup share such a beautiful bond. They have brought joy and love into each other’s life. It is easy to see how much they mean to one another.

Thor and Dudeman — April 13, 2022

Thor and Dudeman

~ Thor and Dudeman ~

A few years ago, Dudeman found his forever home with Thor. They quickly became best friends and formed a very special bond. Since then, they have spread positivity through sharing their story. 

Thor has always loved animals, especially dogs. One night, he was chosen by a hopeful pup. When he returned home after a long day, he was greeted by a loud bark. A stray dog had been left outside his house and had chosen to stay there. Thor was instantly in love and decided to adopt him and called him Prince Dudeman, or simply Dudeman. 

As someone with a hearing impairment, Thor was glad to have a dog who could alert him to sounds. Dudeman has also helped Thor to spread joy through their journey together, both locally and worldwide. Not only this, but Dudeman has also provided Thor with a focus and has helped him learn to put others first. 

In 2020, Dudeman was diagnosed with severe glaucoma. As a result of this, he had to undergo a major surgery to have the cancer removed from his eyes. While this thankfully got rid of the cancerous cells, it led to him becoming permanently blind. Seeing him go through this was difficult for Thor, but Dudeman’s courage and passion for life was a constant source of inspiration. 

Despite going through all he did, Dudeman has a zest for life and lives each day to the fullest. He and Thor have done performances and been part of different shows. They have appeared on Nickolodean shows and Netflix series. In their down time, they enjoy surfing together and going on hikes. As a team, they share the message that nothing is impossible with audiences across the world. 

Through thick and thin, Thor and Dudeman have been by each other’s side. Dudeman has brought so much light and love into Thor’s life and continues to inspire him every day. The love they have for one another and bond they share is truly special.

Emma and Loki — April 11, 2022

Emma and Loki

~ Emma and Loki ~

Two years ago, Emma met her best friend, Loki. Since then, they have formed such a strong and loving bond. They have been there for each other through thick and thin and care so much for one another. 

Emma has always been an animal lover and had always wanted a dog. One day, while scrolling through social media, she discovered a litter of puppies. They had been brought in to their local rescue and were looking for their forever homes. She arranged a meeting and fell in love with a small and quiet puppy. After looking into his eyes, there was no doubt in Emma’s mind he was her pup. She decided to adopt him and named him Loki, after the Norse God of Mischief. 

It didn’t take long after bringing Loki home that he certainly grew into his name. Emma found him to be full of beans and had a lot of energy to spare, with a mischievous streak! Because of this, he has helped Emma to be more active and encourages her to go out each day and explore. From beaches to parks, any adventure is something Emma and Loki enjoy doing together. 

Something that Loki especially loves is going camping with Emma. He enjoys resting in her rooftop tent and waking up surrounded by trees. Seeing his excitement while sniffing and exploring never fails to make Emma smile. As well as this, they enjoy sitting together in the warmth of the sun and just spending time in each other’s company. 

Each day, Loki brings a lot of happiness into Emma’s life. No matter what, he can always bring a smile to her face, and Emma ensures that every day is filled with lots of fun and hugs for Loki. They share such a beautiful bond and have so much love for each other. 

Ingrid and Ella — April 8, 2022

Ingrid and Ella

~ Ingrid and Ella ~

Just over six years ago, Ingrid adopted Labrador, Ella. After a challenging start to life, Ella has flourished and has now become part of the student support team at Otago University. 

In 2015, Ella found her forever home. Originally, she came from Western Johannesburg, South Africa. She was rescued by Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) and was cared for there. While there, she met Ingrid, who had been working at CLAW. They had an instant connection and Ingrid decided to adopt Ella. Not long after adopting Ella, Ingrid and her family moved New Zealand.

Four years later, Ella went in to be interviewed with the Otago University Student Support. Suffice to say, she passed with flying colours and has worked there ever since. Ella loves to be around people and she helps students feel more relaxed and happier whenever they pay her a visit. 

Ella also just seems to know when a student needs a bit of extra care. She’s certainly a valued member of the university and has had a huge impact on everyone who meets her! Getting to work and live with Ingrid has also been great for both her and Ella. 

When not at Otago University, Ella enjoys walks around the neighbourhood and along the beach with her humans. It’s one of her favourite times as she gets to spend time with just her humans and she gets a chance to further explore her community. At the end of the day, however, she simply loves spending time with her family and her 3-legged cat friend, Fred. 

The impact that Ella has had on Ingrid and the greater community has been incredible. She has brought so much happiness to everyone she meets and no matter what, just manages to spread a bit of positivity wherever she goes. 

Jamie, Matt and Athena — April 6, 2022

Jamie, Matt and Athena

~ Jamie, Matt and Athena ~

Just over a year ago, Jamie and Matt met Athena, a beautiful Doberman pup. Since then, they have become a family and have formed a very strong bond. 

Jamie had been wanting to adopt a dog for a very long time. Then one day in 2021, she and Matt heard via social media there was a litter of nine puppies who were looking for their forever homes. Jamie was instantly drawn to one puppy in particular. She had a red tag on her collar and something about her stood out. Matt and Jamie decided then that she was the perfect puppy and named her Athena. 

Having Athena has been life-changing for both Jamie and Matt. She has brought so much happiness into their home and has helped Jamie to become more confident around dogs. Not only this, but she has also given her humans a new perspective on life and to appreciate the smaller things in life. 

During the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Jamie and Matt were immensely grateful to have Athena. It was a very stressful time, but she encouraged them to go out for walks, to play and provided them with a positive distraction every day. She made the difficult situation so much better just by being herself. 

Being a Doberman, Athena loves to be active. Jamie and Matt often take her out to parks, beaches and for tiki tours around Auckland. They enjoy finding new places to explore and seeing Athena so happy to be somewhere different. She loves to sniff around, run, play and just appreciate her new surroundings. Jamie and Matt have even been keen to take her camping, something they loved to do before adopting Athena.

Athena means the absolute world to Jamie and Matt. She has brought endless joy and so much love into their lives. They all mean so much to each other and she fills every happiness and adventure.