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Ange and Koda — December 28, 2021

Ange and Koda

~ Ange and Koda ~

A few years ago, Ange adopted Koda, a sweet doggo, who has had a huge impact on her and her family. Koda has been by Ange’s side through thick and thin and have formed a very special bond. 

At a young age, Ange’s daughter, Skyla, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. This was an incredibly difficult time for them. However, having always wanted a dog, Ange decided that once Skyla finished treatments, they would adopt a pup. 

At that point in time, Ange heard of a litter of puppies looking for a home. After showing Skyla the photos, they were in love. They booked a visit and a small puppy with two different coloured eyes ran right up to them. Three weeks later, he was welcomed into his forever home and named Koda. 

Looking after Skyla and a new puppy was certainly an adjustment, but seeing just how happy Koda made Skyla made it worth it to Ange. He helped keep up her mobility, even on days when it was difficult. Above everything else, each day he provided Skyla with unconditional love and endless joy, despite her health. 

Not long after adopting Koda, however, Skyla sadly passed away. This was devastating for both Ange and Koda. Losing her daughter took a huge toll on Ange. Thankfully, Koda was right there for her. He encouraged her to leave the house and get fresh air, he provided her with hugs and was just a great companion during this difficult time. 

Koda loves his humans and constantly brightens their day. He can often struggle with meeting new dogs. When he was young, he was attacked by roaming dogs and, understandably, struggles to trust unknown dogs. Despite being anxious at times, Koda has a heart of gold and just wants to share his love and happiness with his humans. 

After long days, Ange and Koda love being in each other’s company. He always snuggles with her in the mornings and enjoys lots of hugs and pats. One of his favourite things to do is play fetch, of which he would happily play all day, every day. He also likes going for ‘sniffaris’. When out walking, he loves sniffing everything he passes and leaving pee-mails for his doggo friends. 

The impact that Koda has had on Ange is incredible. He has been by her side through everything and has brought so much more love and joy into her life. They share such a beautiful bond that will only continue to flourish.

Kevser and Simba — December 27, 2021

Kevser and Simba

~ Kevser and Simba ~

Just over a year ago, Kevser found Simba alone and in need of urgent care. In the time they’ve been together, Kevser has helped Simba to thrive and live his best life. 

In July of 2020, Kevser was walking along a beach not too far from her home. There, she found a tiny, one-month-old ginger kitten. He had been severely injured and was in need of emergency care. Kevser immediately took him in her arms and rushed to the vet. 

Once she was at the vet, Kevser ensured that the kitten received the care he needed. However, he had sustained serious spinal damage, meaning he could no longer use his back legs. There was also no doubt in her mind that this kitten had found his forever home, and was named Simba. 

With Simba in her life, Kevser has learned so much about cats and life in general. While she already had five cats before Simba, she’s been amazed at how much he has taught her. He has inspired her, and many others, with his courage and bravery in the face of great difficulties. 

Due to Simba sustaining severe spinal damage at such a young age, he uses a wheelchair to get around. Despite this, he is still very active and loves to get himself into mischief. Because of this, Kevser wanted to start an Instagram account to show others that having a disability doesn’t make an animal harder to care for. 

Since starting Simba’s account, he has amassed well over 30,000 followers! They often receive messages from people expressing how much Simba has inspired them or how just seeing his face has brightened their day. It has also encouraged people to adopt animals with disabilities. Simba has shown them that having one doesn’t mean they can have a full, happy life. 

Having Simba has brought immense happiness and love into Kevser’s life. He can always bring a smile to people’s faces and can brighten anyone’s day. Kevser and her family love to spend time with him. When they visit Kevser’s grandmother, she is always thrilled to see her grand-fur. 

While Simba is still young, he loves to relax and cuddle up with Kevser. When she sits down, Simba will happily curl up with her and fall asleep and when she pets his tummy, he purrs. These moments bring Kevser so much happiness. She feels at peace when spending time with him.

The impact Simba has had on Kevser, her family and the greater community has been huge. He continues to inspire many people all over the world. Thanks to Kevser’s care and love, he is absolutely thriving and living his best life. Not only this, but it is obvious how much happiness he brings to Kevser’s life. They truly share such a strong bond.

Hank — December 24, 2021


~ Hank ~

Just under two years ago, Hank found his forever home. This was life-changing for him, but also for his human. 

Having always grown up around dogs, Hank’s human decided in 2020 she wanted to adopt a dog of her own. She soon heard of a new litter of French Bulldog puppies. She went to meet them and instantly fell in love with one in particular – Hank. Without a doubt in her mind, she adopted him. 

A week after adopting Hank, his human had to have a surgery. She has struggled with endometriosis and it was creating many challenges in her day-to-day life. 

Unfortunately, a week later, Hank’s human experienced some side effects as a result of the procedure. She collapsed at work and had to go back to the hospital. There, they found she had a rupture and had lost 4 litres of blood. She had to spend weeks in the hospital recovering and having multiple surgeries while Hank stayed with her mother. 

After being discharged, Hank and his human moved to New Plymouth. As a result of all she had been through, Hank’s human is unable to leave the house or do much due to having endometriosis. However, she is encouraged to go out each day with Hank for walks. This has been immensely helpful to her and has greatly helped her mental health. They love exploring new places and meeting new people. 

Not long after moving, Hank’s human had to have a few more hospital visits. However, Hank was allowed in and his human’s partner brought him in whenever possible. Having him there brought her comfort and joy in seeing his sweet face. 

Obviously, this has been a very anxiety-inducing situation for Hank’s human, and having him there is comforting. He brings her happiness and is always happy to give her cuddles. No matter what, he is a little ray of sunshine and is just so happy to support her through this anything. 

Hank has helped his human’s mental health immensely, too. At times, managing her mental health is difficult. With Hank by her side, she knows she’s not alone. Hank has so much love to give and always shares it with his human. He can brighten anyone’s day and brings a bit of joy to anyone they meet. He is truly a special pup full of positivity. 

The impact that Hank has had on his human has been huge. He has helped her through tough times and made the good times even better. They share such a beautiful bond.

Pickle’s Pawtraits — December 23, 2021

Pickle’s Pawtraits

~ Pickle’s Pawtraits ~

Just over a year ago, Abbey and Harley adopted Dachshund pup, Pickle. Since then, they have become a small family and have created a community full of animal lovers. 

Abbey and Harley had always loved animals, and when they heard of a litter of Dachshund puppies, they instantly jumped at the chance to adopt. When they met with them, a bubbly pup excitedly greeted them. Abbey and Harley knew from that moment this was the perfect furry friend. They adopted her and named her Pickle. 

Not long after having Pickle, Abbey and Harley created an Instagram account. They soon discovered how supportive and encouraging the animal community was and so decided to become more involved within it. That’s when they had the idea to start Pickle’s Pawtraits

Having Pickle has brought Abbey and Harley so much joy. They created a pawtrait of Pickle and their cat, Puss, and it brought smiles to their faces and their friends. So, they began creating pawtraits of other pet parents’ fur babies. Not only do they make digital pawtraits, but also mugs, stickers, and have their sights set on a few other products!

One of Abbey and Harley’s favourite things is getting to interact with so many pet parents from across the world. They love their work and it means a lot that they’re able to share their passion for animals with so many. Not only this, but hearing how much happiness each pawtrait brings also means the world to both Abbey and Harley. 

In 2021, Abbey and Harley were featured on The Project, a New Zealand news program. They shared their story about how Pickle’s Pawtraits began and what they hope for the future of their business. This was a big highlight for Abbey and Harley in their Pickle’s Pawtraits journey. Being able to share what they do has helped them reach more people. 

Since starting Pickle’s Pawtraits, Abbey and Harley donate $5 from each pawtrait to different animal charities across NZ. Each month they choose a new charity, and at the end of that month, they donate the proceeds. They have helped many different charities, including Nine Lives Orphanage, Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ, NZ Chihuahua Rescue, and, most recently, Boxers and Bullies NZ. Not only does this greatly help each charity, but it also spreads awareness around the work they do for animals in NZ. 

The impact that Pickle has had on Abbey and Harley has been huge. She has brought so much happiness and love into their lives. The love Abbey and Harley have for animals is evident in what they do with Pickle’s Pawtraits and for the animal community in New Zealand. 

Lupin — December 22, 2021


~ Lupin ~

Just over a year ago, after a difficult start to life,  Lupin was welcomed into her forever home. She has come a long way and is now thriving. 

In 2020, Lupin’s humans had been looking for the perfect fur baby. It took some time, but soon she found an adoption ad for a Shepsky puppy. She instantly fell in love and contacted the seller. 

Unfortunately, it appeared the seller wasn’t quite who they appeared to be and had to be followed up with a lot. Lupin seemed to be scared in many of the photos sent. Despite this, Lupin’s human had made up her mind and had no doubt that Lupin was the puppy for her. 

It took a bit of time after the adoption to figure out the right name. They tried different names, but none felt right. It wasn’t until a friend of Lupin’s human suggested the name ‘Lupin’ – from the Latin word lupus, meaning wolf. Lupin’s human and her partner got engaged in Iceland and the name Lupin was everywhere; it just seemed meant to be! 

It was quite an adjustment for Lupin. When she was adopted, she was very timid and shy. It was difficult for her human to see her like this. It wasn’t until she had found her forever home that she had even seen a toy. The first time she played with one, she was unsure, but now loves chasing after and chewing on any toy she can find! Thanks to the care of her human, Lupin has definitely come out of her shell. 

Having Lupin has brought so much happiness into her humans’ lives. Since adopting her, she has brought joy into their home, encourages them to go outside for a walk and some fresh air, and give them an additional purpose each day. Every day they ensure that Lupin is able to live her best life after having a tough start. 

Lupin is still quite young and continues to thrive with her family. She has taught her humans patience and has grown into a beautiful, gentle, smart and occasionally cheeky doggo. No matter what, she just seems to know how to bring a smile to her human’s face. They can’t imagine life without her. 

Not only has Lupin had an impact on her family, but also on those in her community. She has become a well known Houdini and can often find her way into all kinds of mischief while her humans are at work. She has a lot of love to give, however, and loves to make people laugh. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her bubbly personality. 

One of Lupin’s favourite places is outside in the garden. This is somewhere she and her human love to spend time together, especially when the sunsets. When she returns home from work, Lupin always excitedly greets her by putting her head between her knees. She also loves belly rubs and snuggles with her humans, and the occasional treat! 

The impact that Lupin has had on her family has been huge. She has brought so much happiness and love into their lives and continues to brighten their days with her positivity. 

Tamzyn and Nala — December 21, 2021

Tamzyn and Nala

~ Tamzyn and Nala ~

Just over three years ago, Nala was welcomed into Tamzyn’s home. Since then, they have created a beautiful bond and have greatly improved each other’s lives.

Originally, Nala lived with Tamzyn’s cousin. However, in 2019, he moved to Australia from the UK and was unable to take then 18-month-old Nala with him. Without a doubt in her mind, Tamzyn offered to take her in and give her a forever home. She was a very sweet but quiet kitten and was just a bundle of fluff. Tamzyn was in love!

Having Nala has had a huge impact on Tamzyn’s life. She has struggled with multiple sclerosis (MS), and some days are harder than others. While for the most part, her MS is well managed, some days can be a challenge. On these days, Nala is right there for her. She will sit at the end of Tamzyn’s bed and just watch her, to make sure she’s okay. Not only this, but she often gives her leg massages and on the days when she struggles to get out of bed, Nala checks on her every hour with a head bunt. 

When Tamzyn first adopted Nala, she was told that she wasn’t much of a lap cat. Now, Nala will only ever sit with Tamzyn. She even meows at Tamzyn for nose kisses! It just goes to show how close they are and how much Nala cares for her human.

Not only has Nala helped Tamzyn’s physical health, but also her mental health. On the more difficult days, Nala can always brighten Tamzyn’s day. She always feels loved and cared for and never feels judged on the days she can’t get up. Nala has no expectations of her, other than food, of course. She can make Tamzyn laugh and smile when it’s difficult.

Nala has also had an impact on Tamzyn’s partner. Initially, he wasn’t a big fan of cats, however, Nala made sure to change this. He loves seeing Nala each day and seeing just how much she cares for her human. She also brings happiness to all their neighbours and family as she enjoys socialising with them. Nala often sits on the windowsill and brings smiles to everyone who passes their window. 

The impact that Nala has had on Tamzyn has been incredible. No matter what, they know they have each other. They share so much love for one another and it’s evident just how much they have improved each other’s lives. 

Caitlin and Bella — December 20, 2021

Caitlin and Bella

~ Caitlin and Bella ~

Two years ago, Caitlin met Bella, a Border Collie puppy. Since then, they have formed such a strong and special bond. 

For as long as she can remember, Caitlin had always wanted her own puppy. Her family already had a seven-year-old dog named Lucy, but Caitlin wanted a puppy who she could grow up with. 

Christmas of 2019, Caitlin and her family were on their way to meet some family friends, only this was just a cover. They were actually on their way to meet a new litter of Border Collie puppies! Once they arrived, Caitlin was overjoyed. One puppy, in particular, ran right up to her and the rest is history. There was no doubt this puppy, Bella, had found her home. 

Having Bella has helped Caitlin immensely. She has gained confidence in herself and has learnt to be more assertive through training Bella. Together, they do a lot of agility training. It’s time they get to spend together and it’s something they both enjoy.

One of Caitlin’s favourite things is working on new tricks and commands with Bella. Because of this, she has been inspired to pursue dog training as a career! Without Bella, Caitlin wouldn’t have known just how much she loves working with dogs. 

It is evident just how much Bella has impacted Caitlin, and vice versa. They have enriched each other’s lives through the love, joy and happiness they share. 

Madison and Yumi — December 17, 2021

Madison and Yumi

~ Madison and Yumi ~

Just over a year ago, Madison adopted Guinea pig, Yumi, into her home. They have since become the best of friends. 

In October of 2020, Yumi was born. Madison had met him only a few days after he was born. She fell instantly in love with him but could not adopt him at the time. Then, that Christmas, they were reunited and have been together ever since. 

Having Yumi has had such a big impact on Madison. He has helped her to learn more about responsibility. Whenever times are tough, he’s right there for her and brings her so much joy. No matter what, he can always brighten her day. 

Not only has Yumi improved Madison’s life, but also that of her family’s. Madison’s brother has also come to love Yumi and has had to learn how to properly interact with him. Madison’s aunt happens to have Yumi’s mother, so she often advises on how to properly care for him. All of Madison’s family love seeing Yumi. 

One of Madison’s favourite things is simply spending time together. Whether Yumi is running around his house or sleeping, Madison enjoys watching him be himself. They love just being in each other’s company. 

It is evident how much Madison and Yumi have impacted each other. From Madison caring for Yumi, to him always brightening her days, they share such a strong bond. 

Leia — December 15, 2021


~ Leia ~

A couple of years ago, Leia found her forever home. Since then, she has brought immense happiness to her family and community. 

For as long as she can remember, Leia’s human has always wanted a dog. When she was 10 years old, she got a laptop. With it, she made reports and PowerPoint presentations each year to convince her parents to get a dog. However, by her 16th birthday, Leia’s human had saved up enough money and was given permission to adopt a dog! 

Soon enough, Leia’s human was in contact with a breeder and she and her family went to go meet them. There was a lot of uncertainty going into it, and her parents said that the puppy may not be the right one. However, as soon as they all met the puppy, Leia, it was love at first sight. That was one of the happiest days for both Leia and her human. 

Through thick and thin, Leia has always been there for her human. During rough patches and challenges during high school, Leia was able to help bring a bit of sunshine to each day, and has even licked away her human’s tears. They truly are best friends and Leia has definitely had a huge impact on her human and has given her a purpose. 

During high school, Leia’s human even got a part-time at Animates, a pet care store in NZ, to learn more about dogs and animals in general. She wants to provide Leia with the best life possible. Leia has simply brought so much more happiness into her family’s lives. Her bubbly personality just brings smiles to everyone’s faces. 

One of their favourite things to do together is photoshoots. Leia loves being in front of the camera and happily poses every time a camera is out! Her human has a passion for photography and photo editing, so this is something that is special to both of them. It’s also time they get together and can enjoy each other’s company.

Leia is certainly a photogenic doggo! Whenever her human has a bandana or outfit, she will run right up to her with her tail wagging excitedly and she’ll just begin posing. That’s one of the reasons they also started sharing photos on Instagram, to share the pure joy that comes from taking photos together. However, after long days, their favourite thing is to sit together and watch the sunset. 

The impact that Leia has had on her human and their greater community is immense. She is a ray of sunshine and manages to brighten the days of everyone she meets! Not only this, but she has changed her human’s life for the better and the bond they now share is truly special. 

Fucha — December 13, 2021


~ Fucha ~

In early 2021, 10-year-old Fucha found her forever home. Ever since, she has absolutely flourished and loves her family. 

Fucha arrived at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary all the way from Israel. She was a very timid and nervous senior dog and had obviously had a tough life up until she was rescued. Despite all that happened, however, Fucha maintained her sweet nature. And, in 2021, found her forever home. 

Before adopting Fucha, her human had already been involved with Dog Tales through fostering – with one becoming a forever foster! When she met Fucha, she fell in love. She knew that Fucha had found her home in that moment. 

Because Fucha’s human works from home, they can both spend time together. Her job is very demanding, so Fucha reminds her to take a break every once in a while. She also quietly sits with her human while she works and there for her. 

Having Fucha has given her human a new perspective on rescued senior dogs. So often, older animals go unnoticed and spend a lot of time in shelters. Knowing that she is able to now give Fucha a happy life full of love and comfort has been hugely rewarding. She has also given her a new hope in humans as she will always be by her side. 

With new freedom, one of Fucha’s favourite things is going on long forest hikes with her human and fur brother, Copper. This has been a great way for them all to bond and spend time together. For them to just be in the moment with one another. 

The impact that both Fucha and her human have had on each other is truly amazing. Fucha is able to live out her life in a home full of unconditional love and has brought her forever home so much happiness.