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Jono, Ellie and Zeus — August 17, 2022

Jono, Ellie and Zeus

~ Jono, Ellie and Zeus ~

Two years ago, Jono and Ellie welcomed Zeus into their lives. Since then, they have become a family and continue to better each other’s lives every day.

Jono and Ellie had been wanting to adopt a dog. In 2020, just before a Covid-19 lockdown, they adopted Zeus. He travelled for quite some time via truck, but once he arrived, he knew that he had finally found his home. As soon as he set foot outside his travel crate, he excitedly ran up to his new humans. From that moment, Jono and Ellie knew he was the perfect pup. What was even more special was that Zeus and Ellie share the same birthday! Another sign it was meant to be. 

Having Zeus has hugely helped Jono and Ellie, especially through the Covid-19 lockdowns. He encouraged his humans to go out for walks and get some fresh air and brought them endless laughter during such a difficult time. When the restrictions started to lift, Jono and Ellie found it challenging to adjust to their new lifestyle. However, each day, after work, Zeus would always greet them with a wagging tail and lots of excitement. 

Through all of life’s ups and downs, Jono and Ellie always know that Zeus will be right there for them. No matter what kind of day they might have had, Zeus never fails to make it just a bit brighter. As well as this, he has helped bring his family together. Now, when they get home, everyone sits down and simply enjoys each other’s company.

Something that Jono, Ellie and Zeus often do is go swimming together. He has helped them to be more active and explore more of New Zealand. Everything that Zeus does brings love and joy into his humans’ lives. Having lived such busy lives before adopting him, Jono and Ellie are reminded each day to stop for a moment and appreciate the small things. 

The impact that Zeus has had on Jono and Ellie has been huge. He has become like a child to them and has enriched their lives simply by being himself. The bond they all share is truly special.

Tori and Pumbaa — August 15, 2022

Tori and Pumbaa

~ Tori and Pumbaa ~

Four years ago, Tori welcomed British Bulldog pup, Pumbaa, into her home. Since then, they have helped each other hugely and continue to fill every day with love and happiness.

In 2018, Tori heard of a litter of British Bulldog puppies. She jumped at the chance to adopt one and organised a visit. Once she arrived, all but one had found their homes. However, the last puppy, a mischievous ginger one, was perfect for Tori and she immediately decided to adopt him and named him Pumbaa. 

Having Pumbaa has helped Tori immensely. Through his social media page, he and Tori have met many new friends. As well as this, they enjoy meeting others in person. Pumbaa is very social and loves receiving attention from dogs and humans alike. From doggy meet-ups to bringing joy to everyone he meets, Pumbaa has helped Tori to be more active within her community. 

Tori and Pumbaa love spending time together. Whether out and about, online shopping or enjoying a yummy snack together, spending time with one another is always cherished. For Tori, Pumbaa is a ray of sunshine and, no matter what, never fails to bring a smile to her face. He may keep her up at night with his snoring, and clear rooms when he farts, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The impact that Tori and Pumbaa have had on each other has been huge. Every day, they have shared so much joy and love with one another. 

Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie — August 12, 2022

Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie

~ Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie ~

Eight and a half years ago, Ian and Neil adopted Labradoodles, Bert and Ernie. Since then, they have become a family and bring joy into each day they’re together. 

While living in the UK, Ian and Neil met two Labradoodle puppies who instantly stole their hearts. The blue merle puppy, who is now known as Bert, was very relaxed and friendly. The chocolate-coloured pup, now known as Ernie, has been a rascal since the moment Ian and Neil met him. Without a doubt, they decided to welcome them both into their home. 

Now living in New Zealand, both Ian and Neil have full-on jobs which can be challenging. However, when they get home, any stress from the day is washed away once they’re greeted by two very excited pups! It warms their hearts to see their canine companions so happy. The energy and pure joy that Bert and Ernie share never fail to brighten Ian and Neil’s day. 

For Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie, there’s truly nothing better than going on long walks. From walking along their local beach or even socialising at the local pub, it’s time that they get to simply enjoy each other’s company. As well as this, at the end of a long day, being able to relax on the couch with their two furbabies means the world to Ian and Neil.

The bond that Ian, Neil, Bert and Ernie share is truly special. They have become a family and enrich one another’s lives every day.

Stacey, Pepper and Chili — August 10, 2022

Stacey, Pepper and Chili

~ Stacey, Pepper and Chili ~

Two years ago, Stacey welcomed rescue pup, Pepper, into her life. Not long after, Chili joined their family. Since then, they have all improved each other’s lives hugely. 

In 2020, Stacey applied to adopt a puppy from Rescue Dogs Rock. The pup she initially applied for was adopted by someone else, but they said her sister was looking for a home. As soon as they met the pup named Jupiter, she was in love. Ten days later, Stacey adopted Jupiter, who she decided to name Pepper. 

Unfortunately, two months after adopting Pepper, Stacey’s 16-year-old Chihuahua, Scrappy, passed away. Realising that Pepper needed a canine friend, she contacted Rescue Dogs Rock once again. They told her about a pup named Annie and, after hearing about her, Stacey knew she was the perfect friend for Pepper. She quickly decided to make the trip out to pick up the puppy, who she renamed Chili, in honour of Stacey’s favourite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Having Pepper and Chili has enriched Stacey’s life. Whenever Stacey is feeling down, Pepper and Chili are right there to lick away her tears. Playing with them or going for a walk never fails to brighten Stacey’s day. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a time of anxiety and uncertainty, they shared endless joy and laughter. 

Not only have Pepper and Chili had a big impact on Stacey, but also on Stacey’s mother. They help her to stay active and always bring a smile to her face. Seeing them brings Stacey’s mother so much happiness and is something she always looks forward to. Before Pepper and Chili, she felt trapped by her past but, with them, she has been able to be present in each moment. 

Something that Stacey, Pepper and Chili enjoy doing is travelling and being active. From exploring new places to going for walks around their favourite dog park, having this time together means so much. It allows Stacey to unwind from any daily stresses and Pepper and Chili to live their best lives. 

The bond that Stacey, Pepper and Chili share is so special. To Stacey, her canine companions aren’t pets, but are cherished family members. While they were rescued from a shelter, they rescued their human just the same. 

Devon, James and Ajax — August 8, 2022

Devon, James and Ajax

~ Devon, James and Ajax ~

At the start of 2022, Devon and James welcomed rescue pup, Ajax, into their lives. Since then, he has shared so much love and joy with his new family. 

While scrolling through social media, Devon came across a post by Saving Hope Foundation. They had a lovely dog named Ajax who was looking for his forever home. She talked to James about the possibility of adopting this dog and, it wasn’t long before they decided to reach out. Devon and James were on their way to meet with the pup within the next few days. 

Once Devon and James arrived at the Saving Hope Foundation, they learned more about Ajax. When he was found abandoned at four weeks old, he was in need of urgent surgery and was full of worms. Because of all that he had been through, he was very anxious when meeting Devon and James. However, after about 20 minutes, he trusted James enough to snuggle up in his arms. They knew Ajax was perfect for their family and decided to adopt him.

Having Ajax has been life-changing for both Devon and James. He never fails to bring smiles to his humans’ faces. On days that may be a bit tough, he instantly makes it better just by being his lovely, goofy self. Knowing about his difficult past, seeing Ajax living his best life means so much to Devon and James. He has come so far in the short amount of time he has been part of their family.

Devon and James work from home, which often allows Ajax to join in. From excitedly dropping in on a virtual meeting and making himself known, to running to the door when the mail is delivered as a lot of the time, it’s either toys or treats. He certainly makes Devon and James’ work a lot more exciting! Not a minute goes by that he doesn’t make better. 

Something that Devon, James and Ajax enjoy is their weekend sleep-ins. Each night, Ajax sleeps in his crate (occasionally even before his humans do!). In the mornings, however, he is always excited to jump onto the bed and say ‘good morning!’ He often wakes them up with either lots of cuddles or an excited nip! 

The impact that Devon, James and Ajax have all had on each other has been huge. Devon and James rescued Ajax, but he has brought so much love and joy into their home. 

Rachel and Roger — August 5, 2022

Rachel and Roger

~ Rachel and Roger ~

Over two years ago, Rachel adopted Roger. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have impacted each other hugely. 

In 2020, Rachel came across an animal rescue page who had dogs looking for forever homes. One pup instantly stood out to Rachel. She contacted them rescue and it wasn’t long before she decided to go on the 3-hour drive to meet them. As soon as she met the pup named Roger, she knew it was meant to be. While he was initially shy and couldn’t make eye contact, Rachel had no doubt he was perfect.

Each and every day since adopting him, Roger has brought endless joy and unconditional love to his family. He encourages Rachel to appreciate the smaller things in life and to be present in the moment. No matter what, he can always bring a smile to anyone’s face with his antics and bubbly personality. 

As well as impacting Rachel’s life, Roger has recently become a big brother. This has been amazing for Rachel to watch as her canine companion and daughter, Abby, have flourished and will be able to grow up together. She knows that Abby will learn many valuable life lessons from Roger.

Something that Rachel and Roger enjoy is going on adventures together. Whether going for walks or exploring a new park, beach or somewhere else, having this time together is truly special. Not only this, but seeing Roger’s pure happiness and excitement when he’s running around and loving life always brightens Rachel’s day.

The bond that Rachel and Roger have formed is beautiful. Each day is made better simply because they have each other. 

Anna and Pepper — August 3, 2022

Anna and Pepper

~ Anna and Pepper ~

Just over a year ago, Anna welcomed doggo, Pepper, into her life. In the short amount of time since then, they have grown to be best friends and have impacted each other hugely. 

At the beginning of 2021, Anna saw a litter of sweet puppies online and just had to meet her. She quickly organised a visit. Once she arrived, one particular pup came bounding up to meet Anna. The puppy kept coming back to Anna, even when the others had found something else to do. It was obvious at that point that Anna had been chosen and so, she adopted the puppy and named her Pepper. 

Having Pepper has had a huge impact on Anna. She has helped her to be more active and better connect with more friends and even those met on social media. On days that are a bit difficult, Pepper is always right there for Anna. She will happily snuggle up with her human. 

Something that Anna and Pepper enjoy is meeting up with their friends, humans and dogs alike. They also love simply spending time with one another. Whether going for a walk, visiting their favourite dog park or cuddling up together. Being able to appreciate this time means the world to them both. 

The bond that Anna and Pepper share is truly special. They have brought endless love and joy into each other’s lives and continue to make each day so much better. 

Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory — August 1, 2022

Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory

~ Sian, Bean, Luna and Rory ~

Some years ago, Sian welcomed Bean into her life. Since then, two doggos named Luna and Rory have become part of their family. 

When she was 14 years old, Sian struggled with her mental health. It was a very dark time for her. Wanting to help, Sian’s parents decided to adopt a cat for her from the local SPCA. After some searching, one in particular stood out. The moment Sian sat down, the cat walked right up to her, sat on her lap and dug her claws in whenever she tried to move. There was no doubt in Sian’s mind that she had been chosen. So, she and her parents went home with a new furry friend named Bean.

Having Bean changed Sian’s life. She knew she had her feline friend right there through all of life’s ups and downs. Bean was a source of comfort for her human through the toughest of times and, in turn, helped her to be who she is today. 

A few years later, Sian and her partner were looking to adopt a canine companion. It didn’t take long before they found two beautiful doggos named Rory and Luna. Both Sian and her partner knew these two were the perfect additions to their family and decided to adopt them then and there. 

During some of the toughest times in Sian’s life, she’s always found comfort in her furbabies. When she returns home from work, no matter what kind of day she has had, she knows that Bean, Rory and Luna will all be there at the door to meet her. This trio never fails to make Sian’s day. 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sian experienced a lot of losses. She and her partner had to postpone their wedding, they had job losses, and more. This was very challenging for Sian and she found herself in a dark place. However, throughout this difficult time, Bean, Rory and Luna were little rays of sunshine. Luna especially helped her human by snuggling up with Sian if she was sad and always encouraged her to go out and take her for a walk. This made the pandemic feel less daunting. 

Something that Sian enjoys doing with Rory and Luna is going out and exploring. Whether going up into the hills or into the bush, simply being with them in nature brings Sian a sense of joy and tranquillity. When at home, they enjoy snuggling up, which Bean is often more than happy to take part in, too. 

The bond that Sian, Bean, Rory and Luna share is truly special. They have helped and supported one another through many tough times. However, they continue to share unconditional love and endless happiness and know that no matter what, they have each other.

Lorna and Ryleigh — July 29, 2022

Lorna and Ryleigh

~ Lorna and Ryleigh ~

Over a year ago, Lorna and Ryleigh met for the first time. Since then, they have formed a beautiful bond and have helped each other through so much. Every day is infinitely better just by being together. 

For while, Lorna had been fostering kittens from her local SPCA. Just before Christmas 2020, as she was dropping off a kitten, she left with two brothers, Fred and George. They both had tummy bugs which had to be monitored for a week. After recovering, they both showed their true colours; George was very confident and wanted a lot of attention. Fred, on the other hand, was a combination of energetic and calm. It didn’t take long before Lorna knew that Fred had found his forever home with her, and so, she renamed him Ryleigh. 

Having Ryleigh has been life-changing for Lorna. When things are difficult, Lorna knows she always has her feline friend right there. On dark days, he’s her ray of sunshine. Recently, Lorna went through a big life change, and having Ryleigh really helped her through it. Even when he’s being a bit naughty, Ryleigh never fails to bring a smile to his human’s face and can always brighten her day. 

Due to Ryleigh’s calm nature, Lorna hopes that, one day, he can be a therapy cat. He’s even harness trained, which has allowed him to join his human at work, where, of course, he was a hit. Everyone he meets, he can always brighten their day.

Both Lorna and Ryleigh enjoy playing together and going on adventures. She especially loves watching Ryleigh as he explores his surroundings and experience new things. Recently, they even went to the beach together. There, he was fascinated with the ocean and the waves as they splashed ashore. Seeing him take such an interest in the simple things helps Lorna to appreciate them, too. 

As well as this, having just moved house, to take in their new neighbourhood, Lorna and Ryleigh go on car rides together. While Lorna has a cup of coffee, she and her feline friend people and bird watch. This is time they get to simply enjoy each other’s company and the serenity of sitting there together. 

It’s obvious just how much Lorna and Ryleigh have impacted each other. Through thick and thin, they know they have one another to help them through anything. The love and happiness they share has been life-changing, and they will only continue to flourish together.

Mary and Daisy — July 27, 2022

Mary and Daisy

~ Mary and Daisy ~

Seven years ago, Mary welcomed British Shorthair kitten, Daisy, into her life. Since then, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

In 2015, Mary’s cat, Patch, had three kittens. She was unable to keep them all and so, when they were 8 weeks old, two of them found their forever homes. However, Mary wanted to keep one of the kittens who looked a lot like Patch. 

Sadly, in 2019, Mary lost Patch. She was devastated and heartbroken. Having Daisy, Patch’s daughter, meant so much. During this time, she comforted Mary and provided her with unconditional love and lots of cuddles. It was difficult for the both of them, but together, they got through it. 

Not only has Daisy helped Mary, but she has also been supported through her anxieties. Daisy has always been a very anxious and shy cat. Mary helps her by simply being supportive and allowing her to go at her own pace. 

Something that Mary and Daisy enjoy is playing together. Daisy has quite the collection of toys and both she and her human always set aside time each day to play. When they feel more like relaxing, they love spending time outside in the garden together. Any time they get to spend with each other always brings them joy. 

The bond that Mary and Daisy share is so special. They have helped each other through thick and thin and know that, no matter what happens, they have one another.