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Adrianna and Amenity — January 9, 2023

Adrianna and Amenity

~ Adrianna and Amenity ~

Eleven years ago, Adrianna adopted Amenity. Since then, they have impacted one another more than either thought possible. They have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives. 

Growing up, Adrianna’s family never had any pets but, for as long as she can remember, she had always wanted a dog. When she was old enough to move into her own place, she decided to start looking for a canine companion. A friend contacted her about their neighbour’s dogs who had just had a litter of puppies. Adrianna jumped at the chance to adopt one of the pups and was drawn to one particular pup, then-named Lola. It was love at first sight and Lola, now named Amenity, had found her forever home. 

As someone who struggles with mental health, Adrianna has found comfort and hope in Amenity. Adrianna has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and speaks out about this to raise awareness through her page and books, Book of Thoughts. Having Amenity be a source of unconditional love has helped her immeasurably. Through thick and thin, she has always been there for her human and always will be. 

In the midst of Adrianna’s eating disorder and was in a very dark place, she remembers sleepwalking one night. She fell over and became unconscious. Sensing something was wrong, Amenity woke up and started barking to alert Adrianna’s boyfriend. They immediately went to the emergency department and Adrianna recovered. This moment will always stand out to her as one of love and hope, that showed her just how much Amenity loves her.

Something that Adrianna and Amenity enjoy is going on adventures. Whether hiking, biking or walking a trail, being able to explore the world together is a cherished experience. When not adventuring, simply spending time together and snuggling up in bed means the world to them.  

The impact that Amenity has had on Adrianna has been incredible. They have brought endless joy and unconditional love into each other’s lives. Every day is made better because they have one another and know that, no matter what, they aren’t alone.