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Bryce and Buster — December 3, 2021

Bryce and Buster

~ Bryce and Buster ~

Just over five years ago, Buster found his forever home with Bryce. Since then, they have become the best of friends and Buster has flourished into a loving and bubbly dog. 

In 2016, Bryce met Buster, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Since then, Buster has helped Bryce immensely; through thick and thin. He has been a great companion and is always at Bryce’s side. 

Buster is definitely a very loved doggo. He brings so much happiness to Bryce and their community. Buster is full of joy and loves to spread it with as many people as he can. He also helps to educate others on his breed. Sometimes Staffys can seem a bit scary, but not all of them are. Those who are raised in a responsible and good environment can grow up to become very loving and kind dogs – just look at Buster! 

Having Buster has taught Bryce so much. He has learnt about dogs and how best to care for them. Not only this, but Bryce’s life has been changed for the better by Buster. Through all of life’s challenges, having Buster has helped Bryce get through. Bryce loves to talk to Buster about his day when he gets home from work. It’s time they get to spend together and just enjoy each other’s company. 

The bond that Bryce and Buster share is truly special. Buster has helped Bryce immensely, and Bryce has helped Buster become the handsome boy he is today!

Elizabeth and Theo — August 25, 2021

Elizabeth and Theo

~ Elizabeth and Theo ~

Last year, Theo found his forever home with Elizabeth. Ever since then, the two have formed a very special bond and brought so much love and happiness into each other’s life. 

In 2020, Elizabeth wanted to welcome a furry friend into her life. It wasn’t long until she met a small, fluffy and cheeky 8-week-old tabby kitten. It was love at first sight. Within that time, he’d found his home with Elizabeth and had a new name – Theodore, or Theo. 

Having Theo has helped Elizabeth immensely. Throughout the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in Australia, Theo was right there to help Elizabeth through the challenges it presented. He comforted her and helped make it a bit easier. 

Whenever Elizabeth is having a tough time, Theo is always right there. He’s a very loving cat and loves to snuggle with his human. Whenever she returns home from work, he is beyond thrilled to welcome her back with a cuddle. 

No matter what may be happening in Elizabeth’s life, she knows she has Theo. He can bring a smile to her face even when she’s struggling. He enjoys spending time with friends and is always excited to meet new people. 

After a long and busy day, Elizabeth and Theo enjoy spending quality time together. When Elizabeth goes to sit or lay down on the couch, Theo will curl up with her and have a nap. This time is their favourite. It’s time for just them to enjoy the company of one another. 

Elizabeth and Theo have such a sweet bond. It is evident how much love they share. They enjoy spending time together and never fail to brighten each other’s day. 

Sage and Millie — August 9, 2021

Sage and Millie

~ Sage and Millie ~

A couple of years ago, Sage met their service dog, Millie. Since then, they have become the best of friends. 

Sage has different health conditions which can affect their day-to-day life. Because of this, it was suggested they look into getting a service dog to help them. Sage thought this was a great idea and decided to look into it right away. 

After a while, Sage heard of a breeder who had a new litter of Golden Retriever puppies. Once they were six weeks old, Sage was able to meet them. There was one puppy in particular who stood out. She kept following Sage wherever they would go and had the darkest coat of her litter. From that moment, Sage knew it was meant to be. 

Once Sage was able to bring the puppy home, and being named Millie, it was a turning point. They soon began training Millie and teaching her how to become a service dog. Due to having different conditions, Millie has been trained as a multi-purpose service dog, meaning that she has many tasks, from physical chores to helping with psychological symptoms. Millie can help by performing deep pressure therapy, helping raise Sage’s blood pressure, and much more. 

Having Millie has helped Sage immensely. She gives them a purpose in life and no matter what may be happening, can always bring a smile to their face. She has helped Sage so much. Millie is very loving, although sometimes mischievous, dog. With her, Sage has gained so much more independence, happiness and freedom. They know that whatever may happen in life, Millie will be right there. 

While at school with Sage, Millie was known to help offer support and comfort students who may have been struggling. However, she only does that if she can be sure her human is safe first, of course! 

When off-duty, Millie enjoys meeting up with her other assistance dog friends. They can play together and run around at parks. She also loves spending time with Sage and just snuggling up with them. They both enjoy this special time they get together. 

In 2021, Sage welcomed Tilly-Maeve into their home. Maeve is their service dog prospect and will be able to work alongside Millie. She is only a few months old, but is a quick learner and has started to develop a strong bond with Sage. 

Now, Sage and Millie share a bond that is stronger than ever. Sage has gained so much independence and happiness thanks to Millie, but first and foremost, they gained a best friend. The love they have for one another is truly special. 

Naomi, Rubi and Mahli — February 1, 2021

Naomi, Rubi and Mahli

~ Naomi, Rubi and Mahli ~

10 years ago, German Shepherd, Mahli, found her forever home with Naomi and Daniel. 6 years later, Rubi joined their family. They have all bettered the lives of one another, and continue to support each other every day.

In South Australia in 2011, Naomi and Daniel were looking for her a canine companion. They were searching all the local shelters and received a phone call from the Animal Welfare League. They had a pup that they felt might be a match – a 6-month-old stray German Shepherd. Immediately after the call, they jumped into their car and went to meet the new pup.

It was love at first sight for Naomi. The puppy, Shiera, could not keep still. She was very excited at the idea of meeting her new fur-ever humans. It was then, without a doubt, that she would join Naomi’s family, albeit with a new name – Mahli.

Mahli brought a new layer of happiness to Naomi and Daniel’s lives. Yet, there was still something missing. 6 years after adopting Mahli, they welcomed a new puppy into the family. After a long search for another German Shepherd puppy, they finally found one. She met a small, quiet puppy, which was decided to be a good fit for the very energetic Mahli. It wasn’t until they got home, they realised the new puppy, Rubi, was just as cheeky as her older adoptive sister.

Having both Mahli and Rubi in her life, Naomi has gained immense joy, as well as many challenges and lessons! Although the ensured the two dogs were properly trained and socialised, Naomi noticed Rubi was reactive around other dogs when with Mahli. For a period, they had to increase their training with Rubi to be less reactive. This was a big challenge. It got so stressful that they stopped taking Rubi and Mahli out to places such as parks and beaches, especially if other dogs were there. Naomi knew that, in order for her family to enjoy time out together, she had to increase their training. It was a lot of hard work, but now they are able to for walks in groups and pass other dogs without reacting, something Naomi did not think would ever happen.

Whenever Naomi feels down or stressed, Mahli and Rubi are her rocks. They bring her a lot of joy no matter what and encourage her to go out as much as often. Together, they go for walks and Naomi will take photos and can feel her stresses drifting away. They love exploring their world together.

Not only this, but Mahli played a very special role in Naomi and Daniel’s relationship. When Daniel proposed to Naomi, Mahli was right there with the engagement ring on her collar. This helped to ensure that the proposal was filled with love.

Going out for walks with both dogs allows Naomi to appreciate the simple things in life and to have a sense of peacefulness. She is grateful for her family having their health and being happy, as well as spending quality time together. In 2019, they embarked on a new adventure; moving to New Zealand.

Over the last 3 years, Naomi and Rubi have participated in charity events. Together, they have raised thousands of dollars for different conditions, such as bowel cancer, breast cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more. They educate people and spread awareness, as well as raising money to help those who may struggle with any of the aforementioned conditions. Naomi and Rubi are once again working to help support 2 important charities, Bowel Cancer Australia and the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

While they do a lot of work to help charities, they still enjoy travelling and going out on adventures. Whenever Naomi and her family are on holiday, Mahli and Rubi often excitedly join them. Together, they have seen a lot of the North Island of New Zealand and a lot of South Australia. Having both the dogs just adds a whole new layer to the excitement and joy of visiting new places and scenery.

It is evident how much Mahli and Rubi mean to Naomi. They obviously mean the world to one another. Having her dogs has allowed Naomi to meet new people and she has even started a walking group for reactive dogs. Having Mahli and Rubi has brought so much love and joy into Naomi’s life. You can definitely see the care and love they all have for one another.