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Robyn, Andy and Ollie — January 16, 2023

Robyn, Andy and Ollie

~ Robyn, Andy and Ollie ~

Almost three years ago, Robyn and Andy welcomed beautiful cockatiel, Ollie, into their home. Since then, Ollie has changed their lives and continues to bring love and joy into every day. 

Both Robyn and Andy have a big passion for animals and animal welfare. Wanting to help birds in their community, they decided to start a small bird rescue and rehoming service. One day, a baby cockatiel came to them in very bad shape. He had been injured by some adult male cockatiels and was in need of emergency vet care. It was a long journey to recovery, but thankfully, he got through it but still has some ongoing issues. Robyn and Andy had fallen in love with this little bird and decided to adopt him and name him Ollie. 

Since adopting Ollie, Robyn and Andy have been on many adventures together. They have completed the Tongariro Crossing (Ollie being the first domestic bird to do so), kayaking on the Waikato River, bush walks and road walking between nature tours. 

Currently, Robyn, Andy and Ollie are working towards completing the 3000km Te Araroa, meaning ‘the long pathway’ in te reo Māori, trail together over a two-year period. Ollie travels the trail with Robyn in a special pack designed for him. On a sunny day, he is harnessed to Robyn’s shoulder so he can enjoy all the views. When the weather is a bit cooler, he wears lovely, warm vests from Cambridge Crochet Queen, Jill Smith.

While working towards completing the Te Araroa trail, Robyn, Andy and Ollie hope to raise $10,000 for the Te Araroa Trust through Ollie’s own GiveALittle page. This money will go towards maintenance and improvement of the trail. Being able to do this and meet many people through Ollie’s page has meant so much to both his humans. 

As well as going on many adventures, Ollie is also known as a ‘Pet with Purpose’ meaning he accompanies Robyn and Andy to communities, workplaces, groups and more. He helps to gain interest and spread awareness about birds and that having a disability doesn’t make him any less than an able-bodied bird. Not only that, but Ollie is also a regular visitor at rest homes and pre-schools to share with them some joy and positivity. 

Ollie has had a huge impact on many people. He is a great advocate for animals with disabilities and has been able to educate people and spread awareness about birds. People who have previously not liked birds have found that Ollie is a safe way to learn about them. He brings a smile to everyone he meets and for that, Robyn and Andy are so thankful 

The impact that Ollie has had on Robyn and Andy has been immeasurable. He has helped them to explore New Zealand, meet new people and animals, spread awareness and so much more. Above it all, however, the love and happiness they share with each other is evident in everything they do. They have truly changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Mallory and Bowie — October 19, 2022

Mallory and Bowie

~ Mallory and Bowie ~

A few years ago, Mallory welcomed Bowie into her home. Since then, they have formed a very special bond and have helped each other hugely. 

When she graduated, Mallory decided to find herself a duckling friend as a graduation gift. Having raised ducks as a kid, she wanted to get back into this. She met a local farmer who introduced her to a small Rouen duckling looking for a forever home. Instantly, she fell in love with him and met him when he was only a day old. He had some balance issues and slow reflexes, making Mallory want to give him a home where he could flourish. Then and there, she knew he had found his forever home and named him Bowie. 

Over the last few years, Mallory has struggled with her mental health. From dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic to studying for her PhD, some days getting out of bed was an enormous feat. However, having to get up and feed Bowie and the rest of the ducky family members helps give Mallory a routine and a purpose in her daily life. Each day is made so much better, simply by being together. 

One of Mallory’s favourite things to do with Bowie is relaxing on the couch and watching TV with one another. As well as this, Bowie enjoys hunting for bugs to eat! While Mallory helps him find them, she leaves the bugs all to him. 

Not only has Bowie impacted Mallory’s life, but also her family and community. Everyone is always eager to ask about her ducky friend and see how he’s doing. It’s brought Mallory a lot closer to those around her, too. She has also loved being part of the Instagram duck community. It’s a way for Mallory to connect with other duck parents and educate others. 

The bond that Mallory and Bowie share is truly special. They have become the best of friends and have changed each other’s lives hugely.

Simirunn and Raptor — October 5, 2022

Simirunn and Raptor

~ Simirunn and Raptor ~

Two years ago, Raptor found his forever home with Simirunn. Since then, they have become the best of friends. 

In 2020, Simirunn wanted to adopt an animal. One day, she heard of a Sun Conure looking for his home. When she first met him, she thought he looked like a dinosaur! From that moment, she knew he was the perfect pet and named him Raptor, in honour of his dinosaurian appearance.

Having Raptor has changed Simirunn’s life. He has helped her to live in the moment, appreciate the little things, and spend more time with her family. Simirunn and Raptor do everything together, with Raptor insisting on being included in all his human does.

Simirunn and Raptor share a truly special bond. Through thick and thin, they have been there for each other and bring so much love and joy into one another’s life. 

Rebecca and Ori — September 2, 2022

Rebecca and Ori

~ Rebecca and Ori ~

Three years ago, Rebecca adopted blue and gold Macaw, Ori. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, through Ori’s social media pages, bring joy to everyone around them. 

In 2019, Rebecca heard of a Macaw named Ori looking for a new home. His first family loved him dearly but, unfortunately, due to health issues, they couldn’t keep him. As soon as Rebecca heard this, she jumped at the chance to adopt him and was thrilled when this was approved. 

It took some time for Rebecca to learn how best to care for Ori as he was much bigger than any bird she had owned. However, after a lot of work and patience, they began to trust one another. She learnt all she could about parrots in order to give her new feathered friend the best life she could. It took some time, but Rebecca is thankful to have gained Ori’s trust and friendship. 

Before adopting Ori, Rebecca sadly lost her heart bird, Rintja. This was devastating for Rebecca. She felt lost, heartbroken and struggled to face each day. Once Ori arrived in her life, little by little, she found happiness in each day and had a purpose. This has helped Rebecca hugely and allowed her to slowly heal. 

Rebecca and Ori love training. From flight training to trick training, having this time strengthens this bond and helps build their trust in each other. In doing this, they both have gained confidence in themselves and better understand one another. 

The love that Rebecca and Ori share is truly special. They have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to fill every day with a bit of sunshine. 

Aaron and Aurora — June 6, 2022

Aaron and Aurora

~ Aaron and Aurora ~

Last year, Aaron met a 3-week-old barn owl named Aurora. It was love at first sight and they have been together ever since. 

In 2021, a friend of Aaron’s said they had a barn owl who was looking for a new home. The moment that he saw her, he fell instantly in love. It was a magical moment, aside from the bird poop she bestowed upon Aaron’s hand! However, he had no doubt in his mind that this sweet little owl had found her home and he named her Aurora. 

Having Aurora has impacted Aaron hugely. She has helped him to find meaning and purpose in life. Each day, Aurora motivates him to be the best he can be to give her the life she deserves. She has taught him patience and has provided her human with unconditional love and support. 

When Aaron wakes up in the morning, he looks forward to being greeted by Aurora’s sweet face. She shows her human that there’s so much good in the world. As well as this, she reminds Aaron to stop and appreciate the small things and is an absolute ray of sunshine.

Not only has Aurora impacted Aaron’s life, but also those around them. She often joins him at work and, no matter what, she brings smiles to everyone’s faces. When not at work, Aaron and Aurora love going to the park or on nature walks. This is time when they get to enjoy each other’s company, as well as allow Aurora to have a big fly around. 

The impact that Aurora has had on Aaron is amazing. They have both greatly improved one another’s life and continue to fill each day with love and happiness. Each day is made better simply because they have each other. 

Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow — April 22, 2022

Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow

~ Mikala, Chester, Raven and Willow ~

A couple of years ago, Mikala welcomed lorikeet, Chester, into her life. Not long after, she adopted Raven, then Willow. Since then, they have become a very close and loving family. 

Having always been an animal lover, Mikala and her partner were looking to adopt an animal from their local pet store in December of 2018. Initially, they were looking into getting some fish, but then they saw Chester. Chester, a rainbow lorikeet, was at the bottom of his cage and ignoring everything around him. However, when he saw Mikala and her partner, he instantly engaged with them. From that moment, Mikala knew he had chosen then and they adopted him that same day. 

A year later, Raven was welcomed into Mikala’s home. She had been Mikala’s partner’s family dog but when she was two years old, Mikala adopted her. As soon as she met the German Shepherd pup, she was instantly in love. 

Then, in 2020, Mikala found Willow. Unfortunately, she lost her cat Otis and was devastated. A few weeks later, Mikala received a call about another kitten, with an interesting background, looking for a home. She had been spayed but went missing for 2.5 months, when turned up at Mikala’s aunt’s house! Mikala felt it was meant to be and drove for three hours to go pick her up.

Mikala has struggled with health issues, and having Raven has greatly helped her. She motivates her human to stay active and get out of the house each day for walks. This has had a huge impact on Mikala’s mental and physical health. Not only this, but Raven has also been a big support for Mikala during her studies. From encouraging her to get some fresh air to simply being there, Raven never fails to brighten her human’s day.

Having Chester has brought a new sense of joy to Mikala’s life. Chester is protective of his humans, especially Mikala, and has a lot of character. Mikala has learnt a lot about birds, too. Initially, she thought it would be easier than a cat or dog, but soon found he is quite high-maintenance. While he’s the smallest member of the family, he is definitely the boss of the house!

Raven has had a huge impact on Mikala. From encouraging her to be more active to helping her to make new friends, both human and canine. They go on adventures together, too. Mikala loves doing obedience and scent training with Raven and it has made their bond even stronger in doing so. She has brought so much joy and love into Mikala’s life. 

The youngest of the family, Willow, has also had a big impact on Mikala and her partner. She loves company and is especially close with Mikala’s partner. Each morning, Willow curls up on his chest and will excitedly greet him when he gets home from work. As well as this, any time she hears the treats being opened, she immediately runs to the source. Willow loves being around her family, however, Chester has learnt how to meow and often enjoys teasing her! 

It’s obvious that Chester, Raven and Willow have had a huge impact on Mikala. They have helped her through many difficult times and have made the good times better. The love and care they all have for one another is truly special. 

Cinnamon — June 25, 2021


~ Cinnamon ~

In 2019, Cinnamon found her forever home.  Since then, she and her human have become the best of friends.

One day, Cinnamon’s human remembers walking into a pet store.  Her mother was looking for some supplies for her own bird.  It was then that Cinnamon’s human was told about some birds that were looking for a home.  As soon as she saw Cinnamon, she fell instantly in love.  Cinnamon’s human looks back on that day as being one of the best of her life. 

Having Cinnamon has given her human so much happiness.  They are an inseparable pair.  From eating snacks together to even playing checkers, simply being in each other’s company brings them both so much happiness.  They also love to play together, Cinnamon especially loves playing with her toys.  

The bond between Cinnamon and her human is truly a special one.  They have so much love for one another and have both changed each other’s life for the better.