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Kit and Frost — January 12, 2022

Kit and Frost

~ Kit and Frost ~

Just over two years ago, Kit adopted their canine companion, Frost. Since then, they have formed such a special bond.

In 2019, Kit and their partner were looking to adopt a furry friend. They soon heard of a litter of Border Collie pups and fell in love. When they met one of the puppies at nine weeks old, Kit instantly knew she was perfect. They adopted her and named her Frost. 

No matter what, Frost can always brighten Kit’s day. Whether she’s finding somewhere high up to sit, excitedly running to them, or ungracefully jumping at them for a cuddle, Frost never fails to bring a smile to her human’s day. 

Having Frost has greatly impacted Kit’s life. After long days at work or when they’re feeling down, Frost is right there. She just knows how to cheer them up. As well as this, she also encourages Kit to go out for walks each day which has had been very helpful to their mental health. 

One of Kit and Frost’s favourite activities is going out on adventures together. Frost loves to explore the beach for sticks and play in the water. Being a collie, she has a lot of energy! She just loves being active and is always ready to play, or go exploring. 

Frost has had such a big impact on Kit. The bond they’ve formed is so special and has bettered Kit’s life immensely. Frost has brought so much happiness into their life.

Caitlin and Bella — December 20, 2021

Caitlin and Bella

~ Caitlin and Bella ~

Two years ago, Caitlin met Bella, a Border Collie puppy. Since then, they have formed such a strong and special bond. 

For as long as she can remember, Caitlin had always wanted her own puppy. Her family already had a seven-year-old dog named Lucy, but Caitlin wanted a puppy who she could grow up with. 

Christmas of 2019, Caitlin and her family were on their way to meet some family friends, only this was just a cover. They were actually on their way to meet a new litter of Border Collie puppies! Once they arrived, Caitlin was overjoyed. One puppy, in particular, ran right up to her and the rest is history. There was no doubt this puppy, Bella, had found her home. 

Having Bella has helped Caitlin immensely. She has gained confidence in herself and has learnt to be more assertive through training Bella. Together, they do a lot of agility training. It’s time they get to spend together and it’s something they both enjoy.

One of Caitlin’s favourite things is working on new tricks and commands with Bella. Because of this, she has been inspired to pursue dog training as a career! Without Bella, Caitlin wouldn’t have known just how much she loves working with dogs. 

It is evident just how much Bella has impacted Caitlin, and vice versa. They have enriched each other’s lives through the love, joy and happiness they share. 

Caitlin and Anastasia — October 27, 2021

Caitlin and Anastasia

~ Caitlin and Anastasia ~

A few years ago, Caitlin adopted Border Collie pup, Anastasia. Ever since, they have become inseparable and Anastasia has had such a big impact on Caitlin’s life. 

Caitlin had always wanted a Border Collie. She spent a while looking until she came across a new litter of puppies in 2016. She contacted the breeder and they arranged a time for her to meet them. 

Once she arrived, she instantly fell in love with one special pup, Anastasia. Caitlin loved how energetic and mischievous she was, and couldn’t resist her adorable face. Without any doubt in her mind, Caitlin adopted Anastasia.

Having Anastasia has helped Caitlin immensely. She has brought endless happiness and love since day one. Whenever Caitlin has struggled with her mental health, she knows that Anastasia is right there. 

No matter how difficult things may be, she can always brighten Caitlin’s day. She inspires Caitlin and helps her to grow as a person. Being responsible for another being has also helped her immensely. When she finds it hard to get out of bed, Anastasia gives her a reason to get up. 

After long days at work when Caitlin is feeling tired and stressed, it always brings a smile to her face when she’s greeted by an excited Anastasia. They enjoy being in each other’s company and love to curl up on the couch together. 

Two of their favourite things to do are photoshoots and going on adventures. Anastasia is a natural model and loves to pose for photos. When they are able to, they enjoy going for walks and discovering new trails and new friends. 

It is obvious how much care and love Caitlin and Anastasia have for one another. They have both had such a positive impact on each other’s lives. 

Hughie — October 20, 2021


~ Hughie ~

Late last year, Hughie, a Cocker Spaniel x Border Collie, found his forever home. In the short amount of time that he and his humans have been together, their lives have been filled with happiness. 

In 2020, Hughie’s humans met him. It was love at first sight. As soon as she picked him up, he snuggled up into her arms. From that moment, they knew it was meant to be. 

With Hughie in their life, he has made their family feel complete. Whenever his human is feeling down, he is right there for her. He’ll snuggle up next to her and stay by her side until she is feeling a bit better. No matter what, he always seems to know how to brighten anyone’s day. 

Not only has Hughie brought happiness to his human’s life but, when he can, he goes with her to work. When there, he always makes their days a bit brighter and can always bring a smile to their faces. Even just when going out and about for walks, Hughie is always met with lots of smiles.

The bond that Hughie has with his humans and his community is amazing. He has brought so much happiness and love into the lives of others. 

Bri and Patch — May 17, 2021

Bri and Patch

~ Bri and Patch ~

Although he had a rough start to life, Patch, a Border Collie x Staffy, with the help of his human, Bri, has flourished into a beautiful and loving dog.  They have both formed a very strong bond and are now inseparable.  

At only a few weeks old, Patch’s mother was in an accident.  He and his 10 other siblings were all then taken to the SPCA.  At 4-months-old, after he was taken into the care of the SPCA, Bri found him listed on Trade Me.  She fell in love with him and welcomed him into her family.  

Having Patch in her life has helped Bri immensely.  She has found more purpose in life and more reasons to go outside and be active.  Patch loves to go for walks and run around.  He has helped Bri a lot, both mentally and physically.  For Patch, Bri has helped him to have a better life.  He is loved and is able to play, enjoy food and more.  

One of Patch’s favourite things is going for walks.  If Bri simply says the word ‘walk’, Patch becomes very excited!  He’s definitely a character, but it’s because of this that no matter what, he can always bring a smile to someone’s face. 

Not only has Patch helped bring more happiness to Bri’s life, but he is loved by the community.  Bri’s father enjoys walking Patch, and their community enjoy saying hello to him when out and about.  He’s certainly a bit of a local celebrity there!

The bond between Bri and Patch is obvious.  From the way they look at one another, can understand each other and simply just how much love they have is truly something special.