Pawsitive Tales

Sharing heartwarming tales of animals and their humans.

Olive — June 10, 2022


~ Isabel and Olive ~

Three years ago, Boxer pup, Olive, found her family. Since then, they have formed such a beautiful bond and Olive has brought so much love and happiness into their home. 

Sadly, in 2017, Olive’s family lost their dog, Scarlet, to kidney failure. They were absolutely devastated. Exactly one year later, they received a phone call from a breeder. They were told about a pup, Olive, who would be a great fit for the. It felt like a sign and Isabel immediately decided to adopt Olive.

Since day one, Olive has brought so much joy into her family’s home. She’s a pup full of love and is very smart – sometimes too smart! Olive has a big personality and loves to make everyone smile. Her family’s lives have been hugely impacted by Olive’s positivity, energy and endless love.

Something that Olive and her whole family love doing is going for walks together. As well as this, Olive has a love for any ball she sees, especially tennis balls, and would happily play all day long. She also enjoys playing with her cousin, Meg, who visits a few times per week. 

Olive has touched so many lives. She has brought so much happiness into her family’s lives and all those who meet her. The bond that they share is so special and they have had a huge impact on each other.

Erin and Martha — February 23, 2022

Erin and Martha

~ Erin and Martha ~

Seven years ago, Martha found her forever home with Erin. Since then, Martha has changed her human’s life and has had an impact on many others, both near and far, and even some squirrels!

In 2015, Erin had lost her 17-year-old cat. She was devastated and her home felt empty without an animal. Months later, she decided to adopt a dog from her local rescue. There, she met a Boxer named Martha who had been at the rescue for over a year. She was reactive to most people and other dogs, and had a large scar down her back that she had before finding her way to the rescue. Because of this, people would often overlook her when looking to adopt. However, as soon as she met Erin, she went up to her and curled up in her lap. There was no doubt in her mind; Martha was perfect. 

Having Martha changed Erin’s life. She helped to comfort her following the loss of her cat, and provided so much love and happiness. Not only this, but Martha has allowed Erin to meet many new people through going for walks and sharing her story through social media. 

While Martha finds it difficult to trust people and other dogs, she has found an unlikely friendship in a family of squirrels. Every weekend, she and Erin go to their local park. Martha will sit at a tree for hours, waiting for the squirrels to come and say hi. Despite her reactivity with others, she holds a lot of trust and comfort in her squirrel friends. She lets them walk up to her and touch her nose and paws. 

Martha’s unexpected friendship has spread a lot of positivity, both near and far. While at the park, people will often say ‘hello’ to Erin and ask how Martha is so calm around the squirrels. Erin often shares videos of their interactions with the squirrels and shows just how special Martha is. As well as this, simply spending time at the park together is something they both enjoy. 

The impact that both Erin and Martha have had on one another has been huge. Erin has provided Martha with the love she hadn’t previously known, and Martha has provided Erin with so much happiness. They truly share such a beautiful bond.