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Kate and Nova — March 9, 2022

Kate and Nova

~ Kate and Nova ~

Last year, Kate adopted fluffy kitten, Nova. In the short amount of time they’ve been together, they have formed a very special bond and have enjoyed going on adventures together. 

Mid 2021, Kate met then 2-month-old Nova, a British blue fluffball. Kate thought she was the sweetest little thing and was instantly in love. She decided to adopt Nova a month after meeting her. At first, she was unsure of her new environment, but soon enough, Nova flourished and showed her true colours. 

A few weeks after adopting Nova, however, Kate fell sick. She was stuck in bed for a while and during this time, Nova supported and cared for her. She stayed with her in bed the whole time and always provided lots of cuddles! As well as this, she often cheered Kate up by being her bubbly self and being an energetic kitten. 

Having Nova has had a huge impact on Kate. Each morning, when Kate wakes up, she is always met by a smoochy kitten. It’s certainly a great way to start her day. Not only this, but Nova also fills Kate’s daily life with so much more happiness. From their chats, where Nova chirps and meows, to doing chores. While chores may take a bit longer as Nova can be a bit of a distraction, she makes simple things more enjoyable. 

Recently, Kate has started harness training Nova. They love this time they get to spend together, and Nova loves exploring around their neighbourhood. As well as this, Nova has become a local celebrity. She is a fabulous Instagram model, showing off how stylish she is with many different accessories!

When not out and about, Kate and Nova love simply spending time together. After long days, they love to snuggle up on the couch together. Sometimes, Nova will sit with Kate’s partner while he’s working or playing video games. She just loves being around people! Everyone who meets Nova adores her. 

The impact that Nova has had on Kate has been huge. They share such a special bond and have so much love for one another. They’re bond will only continue to flourish!

Nabihah and Winston — December 1, 2021

Nabihah and Winston

~ Nabihah and Winston ~

In mid-2021, Winston found his forever home, and Nabihah found her best friend. In the short amount of time they’ve been together, they have formed a very strong bond. 

Following the 2020 lockdown in New Zealand as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nabihah found her mental health greatly declined. She couldn’t find any happiness in her days and felt herself continuously spiralling downwards. It was a very difficult time for her, and she just couldn’t see any way out. 

One day, while at work, a co-worker recommended Nabihah get a pet. This was something she was interested in, but at the time couldn’t find the right animal for her. Then, in 2021, that all changed. 

Nabihah heard of a breeder and quickly contacted them. There was one kitten there but he had just been given to a family. However, not too long after, the family had to give him back as they couldn’t look after him. The breeder got in contact with Nabihah to let her know he was back up for adopting and, without a doubt, she said yes! She felt it was just meant to be. 

When Nabihah first met Winston, she instantly fell in love. The moment they met, she was filled with immense joy and knew that her life would be changed as a result. 

Having Winston has had an incredible impact on Nabihah. Her mental health has gradually gotten better. He has given her a sense of purpose, an unconditional source of love and is her own personal ray of sunshine. On days when Nabihah may be struggling, she knows she has Winston. 

Amid the 2021 lockdown in NZ, Nabihah found her mental health challenged once again. Yet, this time around, she had Winston. Every day when she woke up, he was right there and happy to give her as many snuggles as she needed. Even though it has been a very stressful situation, it was made a bit better with her furry companion. 

Through all the obstacles that Nabihah has faced, Winston has been right by her side. She would often have multiple appointments per week with doctors and therapists, but with Winston, she has found herself to be in a much better place, both mentally and physically. 

One of the most significant things Winston has helped Nabihah with is simply bringing more joy into her life. As Winston is a kitten, he is very playful. He loves to chase and Nabihah through his cat tunnel. This never fails to bring her immense joy and endless laughter. 

The impact that Winston has had on Nabihah has been life-changing. Right from the first day they met, he has brightened every day since. The love and care they have for one another is truly special.