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Fur Love — July 30, 2021

Fur Love

~ Fur Love ~

In 2019, Fur Love was launched.  Fur Love is a New Zealand business who make skincare products for dogs.  Their beauty range includes conditioners, moisturisers, shampoos, and more!  

Founder and CEO of Fur Love, Dr Ineke wanted to create something for her dog, Charli, who had ongoing skin problems.  They would often find themselves at the vet with Charli suffering from dry skin, rashes and skin breakdowns.  Being a surgeon, Dr Ineke knows that for humans, moisturising can be immensely helpful.  After enquiring about something similar for dogs, however, she found there was nothing.  

Dr Ineke wanted something that was gentle and nourishing that could be used daily.  Unable to find something that was suitable, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She had read about veterinary dermatology findings showing the effectiveness of lipid-rich products for dogs.  She then began to search for effective and natural remedies for dogs.  

After trialling different formulas, she found the perfect one.  Dr Ineke knew it had to be something that would benefit all dogs.  Whether for daily maintenance or treating sensitive skin, it had to work for all kinds of dogs. From this, Fur Love was created.  She wanted to sell her products to help other dog parents who may have also been struggling with similar issues.  

Through the work Fur Love do, they often work closely with research labs and veterinarians.  This helps ensure each and every product is of the highest quality possible.  They are all made with natural ingredients, such as beeswax, coconut oil and manuka honey.  Not only do the products work well, but they also smell amazing with scents such as lavender and coconut.  

As well as ensuring each product is high quality, the team at Fur Love nurture the special bond between dogs and their humans.  When using the products, it allows for some extra time together.  This further strengthens the connection between humans and pets. 

Fur Love is an amazing business.  Not only do they create luxurious products for dogs, but they obviously have such a passion for the work they do.  If you’re looking for some natural and lovely skincare products for your dog, then make sure to check out Fur Love!

Rocco and Co — July 26, 2021

Rocco and Co

~ Rocco and Co ~

In 2015, Rocco and Co launched. Rocco and Co are a New Zealand run business who design and make pet wear, from bandanas for cats and dogs, to leash covers, to special wedding attire, Rocco and Co have something for everyone.  

Unfortunately, the founder, Alyce, had a serious accident in 2015. This meant she could no longer work a full-time job away from home. Following the accident, she struggled to find things to keep her busy. While at home, she spent a lot of time with her dog, Rocco, and cat, Ali.  

During this time, Alyce wanted to find some cool and good quality pet wear for Rocco. However, this proved to be a challenge. She then decided to buy herself a sewing machine and some fabric. After she had completed her first creations, she shared them on Facebook. From this, she decided to turn her sewing into a business, and so, Rocco and Co was born. 

Following the creation of Rocco and Co Alyce spent hours, days and even weeks to ensure all her products we of very high quality, yet also something pet parents could afford. It was important to her to create products that were fashionable and weren’t too expensive.  

Since starting Rocco and Co, there have been many memorable moments. Because of the visual aid products, many people and dogs benefit. From bandanas that alert people that a dog is reactive and to be cautious, to a leash cover that tells people that a dog is working and to not approach. There is something for everyone at Rocco and Co!  

Each product sold by Rocco and Co is handmade. Alyce remembers one specific order she received from K9 Natural. At the time, they were sponsoring the All Jacks, a team of Jack Russels who would participate in the Jack Russel race at the Wanaka A&P Show. This is an annual event in which Jack Russels in NZ can have fun and run around with their humans. 

Alyce is passionate about what she does and loves seeing customers with their products. The response to her pet wear has ben immense and continues to grow.  Being a small business, simply sharing Rocco and Co can make a big difference. 

A lot of Alyce’s motivation lies with her customers and clients. They motivate her to keep working and creating new designs. When she gets unique orders, she loves fulfilling these as they are one-of-a-kind and are special to that client. It is obvious how much she cares about her business and for those who support it. 

Rocco and Co means so much to Alyce. She puts a lot of herself into the business and products. All products are bright, cheerful and positive, they show the love for animals, and so much more. It truly is something that represents who Alyce is and is something that she can be very proud of. 

The best part of Rocco and Co for Alyce, aside from creating beautiful products, are photos. Both those she takes and ones she receives from customers. When she sees photos from clients, it means a lot. She feels proud to see her products being used and bringing happiness to dogs and people alike. 

Rocco and Co is an amazing business. They create beautiful products for dogs and spread so much positivity. It is obvious how passionate Alyce is about her business and how much love goes into it. If you are wanting some new pet wear, then make sure you check out Rocco and Co!

La Primerose — June 30, 2021

La Primerose

~ La Primerose ~

In 2020, La Primerose was launched. La Primerose is a small business located in Australia that makes dog – and human – flower crowns, custom treat jars, and more!

The founder of La Primerose, Jane, started making flower crowns for her own dogs, Noah and Roo, and taking photos of them. Soon, friends of hers wanted flower crowns for their dogs, and even for themselves to match. After a while, Jane decided it was a good idea to open a shop to share these creations with more people. From this, La Primerose was created. 

Since opening La Primerose, it has allowed Jane to combine her love of both design and photography. With the Covid-19 pandemic and Jane having some health issues, finding work has been a challenge. This has been a great way for her to keep busy and have some income. Not only this, but it has also been a great experience to share with both her dogs, who model many of her artistic creations. 

Each product is hand-made and is customisable. You can get flower crowns, for you and your dog, in a variety of floral colours and can be customised specifically for your dog. If you think your dog may not be too keen on a flower crown though, there are also collar attachments. If you want a safe place for treats, La Primerose also can make treat jars. There’s something for humans and dogs to enjoy and share!

The care and attention that goes into each piece is truly amazing. It is obvious how much La Primerose means to Jane. It allows her to embrace her creativity but also brings a smile to those who see her pieces.

La Primerose is an amazing business. They create stunning products that will brighten anyone’s day. If you’re keen to get a flower crown or another product, then make sure to go check out their page! 

Ruffles Pet Wear — May 26, 2021

Ruffles Pet Wear

~ Ruffles Pet Wear ~

In 2019, Ruffles Pet Wear launched.  Ruffles Pet Wear is a New Zealand business that hand-makes quality coats, raincoats, pyjamas, and more for dogs.  

Founder, Liv, had the idea to make coats when she was 15 years old.  Her family had a mini fox terrier who, while always on the go, was always cold.  Her mum would buy jumpers for her until one day, Liv decided to make some.  She bought a pattern and some material and started making what is now her pattern for the pyjamas that are now part of their catalogue.  

Soon, Liv began selling her coats through vet clinics, grooming salons, and TradeMe.  At the time, she was selling these through her business, then called Poppy’s PJs.  This continued for a few years but soon stopped.  It wasn’t until 10 years later when Liv got her own down that she pulled out her old patterns and materials.  She found some beautiful wool blankets and decided to repurpose them, making her creations warmer, more colourful and more sustainable.  

From this, in 2019, Ruffles Pet Wear was born.  This has allowed Liv to build a community from her business.  From communicating with customers to help create their dog the perfect coat, to seeing them out and about, it brings Liv so much happiness and encourages her to continue her work.  

Aside from the coats, Liv has a passion for animals.  Both Liv’s dogs, Aero and Jet, are rescues and now occasionally model for Ruffles Pet Wear.  Liv wanted to give both Aero and Jet a chance at having a good life, one they might not have had before being rescued.  Because of her passion for supporting animals and rescues, Liv has done a lot of charity work.  She has held fundraisers and occasionally drops off coats to animal shelters to help keep some of the dogs warm.  

In 2020, Liv supported different animal rescues by creating special one-off coats and selling them at an auction.  All the proceeds made went to the rescues.  Not only this, but she also arranged a donation drop and collected dog food, toys, bedding and grooming tools, too.  

One of Liv’s biggest motivations for Ruffles Pet Wear is simply the dogs.  She enjoys creating the perfect coat for each dog.  Seeing their happy faces when wearing the coats and, of course, adding a bit of cosiness to a cold day.  

Each and every purchase helps Ruffles Pet Wear.  As it is a small business, any support helps, big or small.  From liking a post, sharing a cute picture or buying a coat for your dog, it all means a lot.  

Amid the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Liv had struggled with a greatly reduced income.  Being able to create and sell coats helped support her and her family during this time.  Unfortunately, she had been made redundant by the end of the year, however, she has now made Ruffles Pet Wear a full-time job.  Just this year, she released limited winter collection in a wide range of colours!  

Having Ruffles Pet Wear empowers Liv.  She is able to combine her passion for dogs and design through her business.  It makes her feel proud being able to work from home, work for herself, support her family and to help dogs within her community.  The passion Liv has for her business is amazing.  It is evident how much she cares for her creations and for the four-legged customers she makes them for.  

Ruffles Pet Wear is an amazing New Zealand business.  If you would like to purchase your own Ruffles dog coat, check out their page.  There are so many colours and they can be made for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Go check them out now!