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Becky, Sushi, Hugo and Blondie — February 1, 2023

Becky, Sushi, Hugo and Blondie

~ Becky, Sushi, Hugo and Blondie ~

Nine years ago, Becky welcomed Sushi into her life. A year later, Hugo joined their family. Four years after, Blondie found her forever home with Becky. Since then, they have become a family and have improved each other’s lives greatly. 

Becky has always had a passion for animals. When she adopted Sushi nine years ago, she felt thrilled to have a cat of her own. Then, a year later, she adopted Hugo from Beth Stern. Hugo, like Sushi, is blind. So, Beth wanted him to go to a home that knew how to properly care for an animal with special needs. Once he arrived, Becky instantly fell in love with him. 

Many rescues have received so much support thanks to Hugo. He and Becky raise money for animal rescues and animals in need. As well as this, they have also helped to spread awareness and be great advocates for rescue animals. It was because of this that they found Blondie. Becky had been fostering her for a while, she was semi-feral and was finding it hard to adjust to being a house cat. However, Blondie formed a bond with Becky, Sushi and Hugo and, from that moment, she found her forever home. 

Having Hugo has had a huge impact on Becky’s life. Looking after him and Sushi has helped her to learn about animals with special needs and how to help make the world more accessible for them. Both Hugo and Sushi never let their blindness slow them down. Hugo especially loves to explore and greet anyone and everyone he meets. Seeing him and his adopted siblings live their best life never fails to make Becky’s day. 

Every night, Hugo loves to curl up with Becky under the blankets. Sometimes, if she goes to bed before he does, he’ll place his paw on her nose until she lifts up the covers for him. This is just one example of how Sushi, Hugo and Blondie all bring so much joy into Becky’s life. The best thing, however, is knowing that she is able to give them a life where they can truly flourish. 

The impact that Sushi, Hugo and Blondie have all had on Becky, as well as the impact she has had on them, is immeasurable. They bring each other endless joy and unconditional love every single day.

Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow — January 20, 2023

Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow

~ Claudia, Michael, Ash and Willow ~

In early 2022, Claudia and Michael welcomed Ash and Willow into their home. Since then, they have become a family and bring love and joy into every day. 

Having always been an animal lover, Claudia had always wanted to adopt a furbaby of her own. When she and Michael moved into their new home together, they thought it would be the perfect time to adopt two cats. As they both work long hours, they felt it best to have two cats who could keep each other company. They spent some time searching for two cats who would suit their lifestyle. 

One day, while looking online, Claudia and Michael came across two domestic shorthair kittens and instantly fell in love. They arranged a visit and as soon as they arrived, the two kittens, named Ash and Willow, jumped onto their laps. The kittens were inquisitive and talkative and it wasn’t long before they were on their way to their forever home.

Since adopting Ash and Willow, Claudia and Michael’s house has become a home. Each day, both cats bring so much love and happiness to their humans’ lives. Whenever Claudia returns home from work, she’s always greeted by her feline friends. She loves being able to spend time with them and give them the best life possible. As well as this, Ash and Willow are as good as Claudia’s alarm clock! Every morning, as they eagerly await their food, Ash will walk across her face and make biscuits on her neck, while Willow wraps herself around Claudia’s legs as she gets out of bed. 

Something that Ash and Willow enjoy is going outside and exploring. Willow is the more adventurous of the siblings. She loves climbing up trees and going on adventures and when she returns, she’s very talkative and lets her humans know all about what she did. Ash is somewhat less adventurous but still likes to spend time with Claudia and Michael when they’re outside or doing some gardening. 

The impact that Ash and Willow have had on Claudia and Michael has been immeasurable. They’ve become a family and have truly changed each other’s lives for the better by sharing so much love and happiness. 

Sanne, Victor and Ronja — January 18, 2023

Sanne, Victor and Ronja

~ Sanne, Victor and Ronja ~

Some years ago, Sanne adopted Victor, a sweet cat who happened to be deaf. Then, six months later, she adopted Ronja who also happened to be deaf. Since then, they have become a family. 

While looking online for a furry friend, Sanne came across a post from someone who had been fostering a lovely six-month-old all-white cat named Victor. She was told he was deaf and would require an adaptive home that could ensure his safety. At the time, she had only seen photos but she knew in her heart that this was the cat for her. She decided to arrange a visit and once they met, there was no doubt in Sanne’s mind that this cat had found his forever home. 

Six months after adopting Victor, Sanne wanted to adopt a second cat so that he wouldn’t get lonely when she was away. After some time looking on adoption websites, she came across a deaf tabby kitten looking for her forever home. Once Sanne arrived at the shelter, she immediately noticed how calm and relaxed the kitten was in the busy environment. She felt that this meant the kitten would be fine around Victor and, two weeks later, she brought the kitten, now named Ronja, home. 

It took some time for Victor to adjust to having a new furry friend in his home, but eventually, he and Ronja put aside their differences and have since become like siblings. They have made Sanne’s house a home simply by being themselves and providing their human with unconditional love. 

When Sanne adopted Victor and Ronja, her husband was often away on work trips. Having her feline friends meant that Sanne always had someone to come home to after work. Now, she has MS which has meant she has had to work fewer hours. However, Victor and Ronja have been great companions. Whenever she is having a bad health day, they’re right there to comfort their human. As well as this, they give Sanne a purpose each morning, usually in the form of waiting for their breakfast and helping Sanne to keep active. 

Having Victor and Ronja has been life-changing for Sanne. She has learnt more about cats than ever and how to best support those with impairments. This has inspired her to become a volunteer at a local shelter, as well as put food outside her house for stray cats and kittens and trap and help homeless cats. At present, she has already helped over 40! She owes all this to Victor and Ronja and the impact they have had on her. 

Since adopting Victor and Ronja, Sanne has received many messages and comments asking for her advice about deaf cats. People might have adopted one and want to help make their home as accessible as possible, or may have not realised it at the time and need a bit of support. Wanting to help as many people as possible, Sanne started a website, DeafDarlings.DK, to share her experiences and as much information as possible. Not only this but there were no other websites like this in her native language of Danish, so she felt proud to be able to provide this platform. 

Something that Sanne, Victor and Ronja enjoy is being able to spend time together. Ronja has been harness-trained and likes to go for walks with her human. This allows them both to go outside and have some fresh air and just be present in the moment. Victor, on the other hand, is not a fan of the harness but loves to play chase with Sanne, who often wonders which of them has the most fun! Of course, at the end of the day, they all snuggle up together.

The impact that Victor and Ronja have had on Sanne has been incredible. Every day is made better simply because they’re together. They share so much love and happiness with one another and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet — January 11, 2023

Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet

~ Rose, Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet ~

Just over a year ago, Rose welcomed Hades into her life. He was shortly followed by Sophie. Some months later, she adopted Freya and then, lastly, Violet joined their family. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond and have changed each other’s lives hugely. 

For as long as she can remember, Rose has always been passionate about animals. Her mum runs Hooved Haven, a rescue dedicated to helping sheep and goats. Through Hooved Haven, Rose met Hades, an orphaned Suffolk cross lamb. At the time, Rose was struggling with her mental health, however, when she met Hades, she fell instantly in love. He gave her a purpose and really helped her to find hope during her tough days. Whenever she cried, he would walk up to her and put his head in her lap. Suffice it to say, Hades had found his forever home. 

Three weeks later, Rose met Sophie, an East Friesian lamb. A friend of Rose’s told her about the lamb and how she had been orphaned but didn’t have the resources to care for her. So, Rose decided to take Sophie in. It turned out to be a perfect fit as Hades enjoyed having another sheep friend and Sophie enjoyed snuggling up with her new human. 

Coincidentally, Rose adopted Hades and Sophie just before a 4-month Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. It was a stressful time, however, having her two sheep friends helped her hugely. Every night and every morning, Hades and Sophie would sleep on Rose’s bed, give each day a purpose and encourage Rose to go outside. As well as this, when Rose was taking her defensive driving course, Hades would sit on her lap for the whole two-hour sessions for two weeks which was a big comfort to her. 

Sometime later, Rose’s mum felt that, as lambs were too big to hold and cuddle, adopting a cat might be a good idea for Rose as an emotional support animal. After some looking, they came across Freya, a Ragdoll x Persian kitten. However, since adopting her, and being raised by Hades and Sophie, Freya has become more of a sheep than a cat! She loves following her sheep siblings around the yard and even sleeps in their houses. 

In early 2022, Rose took Hades, Sophie and Freya to the annual Pets in Tartan parade. Everyone loved meeting them and interacting with two sheep, for some, for the first time. Before attending, Rose harness-trained Freya so she could join in on the fun, too. Because of this, she has become the stall mascot whenever they’re at a market. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, in August of 2022, Rose adopted Violet, a Valais Blacknose sheep. At the time, Rose didn’t feel ready to take on another lamb. However, she and her mum were contacted about a two-day-old lamb who was born as a twin and their mother was unable to feed them both. The owner said that, if no one took this lamb in, she would have to be put down. In that moment, Rose decided to adopt the lamb and name her Violet. 

Due to being the youngest and smallest sheep, Violet receives a lot of attention! While Rose has tried, she has not been able to integrate Violet into the herd, so they often go places together. From markets to cafes – including their favourite, Fat Kitty Cafe – they love being able to explore new places together, and everyone they meet immediately falls in love with Violet. Every time they go out, Rose is often told that seeing Violet has brought a smile to their face. Knowing this, and knowing that all the photos she shares brings so much joy, means the world to her. 

Having Hades, Sophie and Violet has helped Rose spread awareness about sheep. She loves being able to educate people about them and what having one is like. To Rose, they, and Freya, are her babies. Being able to give them the opportunity to live their best life is all that matters to her. 

The impact that Hades, Sophie, Freya and Violet have had on Rose has been incredible. They bring so much love into Rose’s life and their community. Each day is made better simply because they have each other.

Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco — December 19, 2022

Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco

~ Fiona, Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco ~

A few years ago, Fiona met Merah and Lacey, two adorable kittens. Not long after, Sylvie joined their family, and then lastly, Coco was welcomed to her new forever home. In the time since they have all been together, Fiona and her feline friends have formed such special bonds. 

In 2017, Fiona and her cat, Chloe, welcomed Merah and Lacey into their family. She fell in love with both of their sweet and fluffy little faces. They were snuggly but also quite mischievous and playful. 

Sadly, two years later, Fiona lost Chloe. She was heartbroken and missed her feline friend terribly. Some months later, her husband returned home after work with an adorable Burmese kitten named Sylvie. Sylvie was also quite mischievous and loved snuggling with Fiona. She helped her human through this difficult time and Merah and Lacey were quick to accept her into their family, too. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, Fiona, her husband, Merah, Lacey and Sylvie welcomed a new furry friend, named Coco, into their home in 2019. Coco is the cuddliest of all Fiona’s feline family members and will often follow her humans around, trotting behind them wherever they go. 

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Fiona was working and studying from home. Knowing that she had several furry friends to keep her company helped to make this time less stressful. Coco has often sat on the printer as she keeps watch on her human to ensure she’s doing what she should be. 

Having Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco has had a huge impact on Fiona. Every day is made better simply because they have each other. They always make her laugh with their antics and at least one of them is always keen for a pat or a cuddle. 

The impact that Merah, Lacey, Sylvie and Coco have had on Fiona has been incredible. From helping her with the loss of Chloe, supporting her through the pandemic and simply bringing love and joy into every day, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. 

Anna and FinnJasper — December 16, 2022

Anna and FinnJasper

~ Anna and FinnJasper ~

Over nine years ago, Anna met FinnJasper for the first time. In the time since then, they have formed a truly special bond and have brought endless love and joy into each other’s lives. 

In 2013, Anna lost her heart cat, Nystan. Missing having a furry friend, she decided to welcome a new furry companion into her life.

It wasn’t long before Anna spotted a litter of Norwegian Forest x Maine Coon kittens and fell in love with the one named FinnJasper. She decided to contact the owners to arrange a visit. The owners stated that there were several other families who were looking to adopt, but they would only adopt their kittens out to the family who the kitten chose. A week later, Anna received the call that it appeared FinnJasper had chosen her. 

Before Anna had even finished signing the adoption papers, FinnJasper was already out the door, ready to start his new life. From that moment, Anna promised him that he would never be alone and would always be loved. 

Since adopting FinnJasper, Anna has made good on her promise that he will never be alone. Together, they have travelled to many different places for all kinds of adventures. When travelling, FinnJasper knows to be well-mannered and, whenever possible, can often be seen sitting on Anna’s shoulders, while attached to a leash, as they discover their new surroundings. 

Together, while travelling, Anna and FinnJasper have made many friends, including some celebrities. From Australian actress, Mia Wasikowska, to Crown Princesses Victoria and Estelle of Sweden, and even being contacted by Paul McCartney and many others! Through their travels, Anna has become more comfortable socialising and her confidence has flourished. 

Having FinnJasper has been life-changing for Anna. Every day, he helps by being a companion and providing Anna with endless joy and unconditional love.

The bond that Anna and FinnJasper share is amazing. They have helped one another hugely and continue to make each day better by simply being together.

Tanner and Fishtopher — December 7, 2022

Tanner and Fishtopher

~ Tanner and Fishtopher ~

In November of 2022, while wishing for his forever home, Fishtopher’s dream finally became reality when Tanner and his family heard of his journey. In the short time since, Fishtopher and Tanner have formed a very special bond. 

Fishtopher was rescued by the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre. While not much is known about his past, it was evident to everyone at the rescue that he had been through a lot and, following a vet check, was diagnosed with FIV. Despite this, he has always loved receiving affection. While at the rescue, the staff saw how anxious and upset he was; he just wanted a family of his own. Wanting to help him, they posted his profile on social media and the PetFinder website.  

After sharing Fishtopher’s plight, the Homeward Bound Adoption Centre received hundreds of applications for him. When Tanner and his family saw his picture, they instantly fell in love and applied to adopt him. Then, after what felt like a long wait, he was contacted and told that he and Fishtopher were a perfect match. 

In the small amount of time since finding his forever home, Fishtopher has flourished. He gets all the cuddles he could want and receives unconditional love and affection. One of his favourite things is simply relaxing on the couch, watching TV and curling up next to his humans. To Tanner, his new feline friend has brought so much joy. Whenever he returns home after a long day, he looks forward to seeing Fishtopher’s fluffy face. 

Since adopting Fishtopher, Tanner has used their story to spread awareness about animal rescues and shelters. Through his social media accounts, Fishtopher’s family shares the profiles and photos of other animals who are looking for homes. Knowing that they’re able to help other cats and dogs through this means a lot. 

The impact that Tanner and Fishtopher have had on each other has been huge. Tanner has provided Fishtopher with his home and a family, and Fishtopher brings endless joy and unconditional love into his human’s life. 

Rose Mary and Scooter — December 5, 2022

Rose Mary and Scooter

~ Rose Mary and Scooter ~

At the end of 2018, Rose Mary met Scooter, a handsome Siamese kitten. They have changed each other’s lives hugely since then and continue to bring love and joy to every day. 

On December 22nd of 2018, Rose Mary was told about a small Siamese kitten who had been found wandering around behind trash cans. She decided to then meet with the kitten who was found to be incontinent and had been paralysed from the waist down. As soon as Rose Mary met him, she instantly fell in love and offered to foster him. However, it wasn’t long before she knew he was a perfect companion and decided to adopt him and name him Scooter. 

Less than a year later, an unexpected incident occurred during a procedure for Scooter. He suffered a punctured urethra, was passing blood, wasn’t eating and seemed to be in a lot of pain. As well as this, he was given a terminal diagnosis with a 0% survival rate, yet Scooter wasn’t about to accept that. He fought, with Rose Mary by his side, and after a long journey, he not only survived but is now thriving. His strength and bravery never cease to amaze his human. 

Having Scooter has changed Rose Mary’s life hugely. Every day, he provides her with endless joy and unconditional love. It’s this love that empowers Rose Mary to be the best version of herself. She ensures that Scooter knows just how loved he is in return, too. 

The courage and compassion Scooter shows everyone around him is inspiring to Rose Mary. No matter who he meets, human, cat or dog, he is always a welcoming host, especially when meeting a new rescue friend. When out and about, Scooter is a great advocate for animals with disabilities. He continuously proves that simply having a disability doesn’t make him any less of a cat and that he can still live a full and happy life. 

Both Rose Mary and Scooter enjoy going on their daily walks. Being able to explore the world around him and meet new friends is something he always looks forward to. At the end of each day, both he and Rose Mary have their own nightly routine. Scooter will groom himself – and briefly Rose Mary – before bed, then does some biscuit making and finally, lays his head down on his human’s arm and purrs himself to sleep. 

The impact that both Rose Mary and Scooter have had on each other has been huge. They’ve both faced their own struggles but, together, they have gotten through it all and fill each and every day with love and happiness. 

Katie and Pym — November 28, 2022

Katie and Pym

~ Katie and Pym ~

Almost eight years ago, Katie met Pym for the first time. Since then, they have become the best of friends and, because of Pym’s antics, have become TikTok famous. 

In 2015, Katie decided to visit a local animal rescue shelter. Initially, she was only going in to help and not looking to adopt. However, when she met a tortoiseshell kitten named Pym, there was no way she would be leaving the shelter without her. From that moment onwards, Pym had found her forever home. 

Having Pym has been life-changing for Katie. They have been right by each other’s sides through thick and thin. Katie has experienced many difficult times, including the loss of her father five years ago. She was devastated, however, Pym helped her hugely. No matter what, Pym always brightened Katie’s day, whether with a warm, fluffy snuggle or her cheeky antics. 

A while after adopting Pym, Katie noticed she was unusually fascinated with water. Whenever she would have a shower, Pym would eagerly join her! Initially, Katie was surprised, but it didn’t take long before it became part of their normal everyday life. It has now become Pym’s favourite thing. 

As a result, Katie decided to record Pym and, after a while, they became TikTok famous. Together, they have brought so much happiness to people all over the world as they watch Pym the Shower Cat enjoying her daily showers. Katie has received many messages telling her how much her videos have made them smile or reminded them of their own cats. It means a lot to her to be able to share a bit of positivity with others. 

The bond that Katie and Pym share is truly special. They have helped each other through many tough times and have made the good times better. 

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo — November 18, 2022

Rinsa, Casper and Romeo

~ Rinsa, Casper and Romeo ~

Several years ago, Rinsa adopted Samoyed pup, Casper. Then, a few years later, adopted Himalayan Persian, Romeo. Since then, they have formed a unique and special bond and now share their lives with people – and animals – all over the world. 

About seven years ago, Rinsa and her partner met Casper, a beautiful Samoyed pup. They instantly fell in love with his sweet face and decided to adopt him. Four years later, they welcomed Romeo into their lives. While unsure at first whether Casper and Romeo would get on, Rinsa’s concerns about them soon melted away and she has been amazed by how close they have become. 

Having Casper and Romeo has been life changing for Rinsa. Each day, they bring her and her partner endless joy and unconditional love. They help their humans through the tough times and make the good times better. As well as this, Casper and Romeo have helped give their humans more of a sense of responsibility and encourage them to live more active lives. 

Since adopting Casper and Romeo, Rinsa has discovered a love of exploring New Zealand. Together, they find new places to enjoy and to appreciate. Not only this, but Rinsa is a talented photographer and enjoys being able to capture these moments to share with others. Closer to home, Casper and Romeo are very loved by the community. When out and about, people often go to greet them. 

Seeing the bond that Casper and Romeo have created has been so special to Rinsa. They’ve become like brothers and make their humans smile every day, no matter what. At the end of each day, they all look forward to cuddling up together on the couch. 

The bond that Rinsa, Casper and Romeo share is truly special. They have helped each other hugely and bring love and happiness into every single day.