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Francesca, Charlie, Wilson and Willow — November 10, 2021

Francesca, Charlie, Wilson and Willow

~ Francesca, Charlie, Wilson and Willow ~

Ten years ago, Francesca welcomed Charlie and Wilson into her life. Then, in 2020, puppy, Willow, joined their family. Throughout all this, they have formed a very strong bond. All three dogs have also inspired Francesca to pursue her art. 

In 2011, Francesca and her family had heard of a litter of Miniature Schnauzer x Jack Russel puppies. Their family had incomplete without a canine companion, and they felt an active and friendly pup was the perfect addition. 

They met the litter and they instantly fell in love with two of the puppies. When they were old enough, Francesca’s family welcomed Charlie and Wilson as new furry family members. 

Having Charlie brought Francesca and her family so much happiness. Her cheekiness never failed to make them laugh and she always knew just how to brighten their day. 

Early 2018, Francesca started her own business, ‘Wilson Portraits’. This has become her passion project. Through Wilson Portraits, she creates portraits of people’s pets. Her first work was a Dalmation and she felt overjoyed to combine her love of art and animals to create something that others can cherish.

Sadly, two years later, Wilson passed away. Francesca and her family were heartbroken. Following his death, they welcomed a second fur baby into their home. They had heard of another breeder who had a new litter of Heading x Huntaway puppies. Soon, she was on her way to meet the pups and fell in love with a sweet little pup, Willow. 

Willow has brought a lot of positivity into Francesca’s life. She has also become a sister to Charlie and the two love spending time together. Francesca loves seeing them together.

Francesca and her family’s lives have been changed thanks to Charlie and Willow. They enjoy going on walks together, snuggling up after a long day, and occasionally, they check up on them both during the day to ensure they’re okay.

With both Charlie and Willow, Francesca has been continuously encouraged to keep creating portraits. She enjoys gifting her artwork to friends and loves the joy it brings people when they see their furbaby captured so beautifully. 

Not only does Francesca create pet portraits, but she has done many different works of art and occasionally sells t-shirts with her designs. Her passions truly show through all that she does. 

The love that Charlie and Willow bring to Francesca’s life is so special. They have had such a big impact on her and have helped her to pursue her passion. The three of them all care so much for each other and have been amazing companions.

Charlie and Molly — March 8, 2021

Charlie and Molly

~ Charlie and Molly ~

In the short amount of time since being together, Charlie and her labradoodle, Molly, have become the best of friends.  

Molly was welcomed into the family on Charlie’s birthday.  The two of them had an instant bond and Charlie recalls Molly being the cutest puppy she had ever seen.  From then, their friendship only grew.  

Having Molly in her life has helped Charlie through some tough times.  If she’s struggling, Charlie knows that Molly will be right there.  Whether to listen without judgement or to offer comfort in the form of a fluffy hug!  Charlie feels safe around Molly.  She can confide in Molly, knowing she won’t judge her or be disappointed in her.  This is something that has helped Charlie immensely.  

Even though Molly isn’t quite a year old yet, she and Charlie share an incredible bond.  They enjoy simply spending time together.  From just enjoying each other’s company to long walks along beaches and rivers.  As well as this, they love going on adventures and trying new things, from new treats to new tricks!

The bond between Charlie and Molly is evident.  In the year they’ve been together, they have flourished as friends.  Charlie can’t imagine what her life would be like without her canine companion.  Molly means the world to Charlie and Charlie means the world to Molly.  

Paula and Charlie — February 8, 2021

Paula and Charlie

~ Paula and Charlie ~

Charlie, a lovely black labrador, met his fur-ever person, Paula, during a breeder meet-and-greet. From there, it was love at first sight.

Charlie is now in training to become Paula’s Assistance Dog. Paula, unfortunately, struggles with her mental health on a daily basis. Dealing with such conditions as PTSD, EUPD, and anxiety, present many challenges. However, amid all this, she knows Charlie is right there for her to help her find hope.

After her mental health challenges overwhelmed her, Paula nearly lost her life. It was in this moment, Charlie comforted her. He stayed right by her side until help arrived. His unwavering loyalty helped to pull her through this dark moment. If it wasn’t for Charlie, Paula isn’t sure what would have happened during that time, nor if she would be here now. Charlie saved her life that day, and every day since.

Having Charlie has added a bit of hope to Paula’s life and encourages her to keep going. Every morning, Charlie helps Paula get up, usually by him wondering where his breakfast is! Charlie gives Paula a sense of responsibility. He helps her focus on something outside of herself and to care for another living being.

Not only this, but because of Charlie, Paula has become more active. She goes out with Charlie for walks and they often enjoy playing with Charlie’s many toys. They also do a lot of training, such as obedience and assistance dog lessons. They especially love walking along the beach together, with the occasional swim!

Paula feels that, without Charlie, she might not be here. He is her hero and she is immensely grateful to him. He helps her through the tough times and makes the good times better. It is evident how much they care for one another. Charlie has brought hope, happiness, and love into Paula’s life.