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Skylar and Milo — August 24, 2022

Skylar and Milo

~ Skylar and Milo ~

Three years ago, Skylar adopted Milo, a cheeky Chihuahua pup. Since first meeting, they have become the best of friends and bring joy into each other’s lives each day. 

For as long as she can remember, Skylar has always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. When she was younger, she remembers dancing around the dining room table as her mother groomed dogs, and sitting under her mother’s work table to cuddle with some of the puppies. Suffice it to say, Skylar has always loved dogs. 

Wanting a dog of her own, Skylar spent around three years searching for the perfect companion. One day in 2019, her mother came across an 18-month-old Chihuahua looking for a home. They instantly decided to make the 2-hour car trip from Christchurch to Kaikoura to meet the pup. As they pulled into the driveway, two excited Chihuahuas came tearing toward them. One of them, named Milo, decided to show Skylar around the house and she knew in that moment, that he was perfect. 

Having Milo has helped Skylar immensely. Every morning, he motivates her to get up, even if it’s tough, and listens to his human without judgement. He has given Skylar more of a purpose, confidence and even independence. As well as this, Milo has encouraged her to be more involved within her community, both online and off. Being able to meet new people, and furbabies, through Milo’s Instagram page has meant a lot to Skylar. 

Not only has Milo helped Skylar, but he has also had a big impact on her grandmother. When at work, Skylar has her grandmother look after Milo. Seeing their bond flourish has warmed her heart. Each day, Milo keeps his great-grandmother company, providing her with someone to talk to and comfort. 

Both Skylar and Milo enjoy going on adventures together. From visiting their favourite spots to finding new ones, having this time with one another always brings them joy. To Skylar, there’s nothing better than walking in nature with her best friend. 

The bond that Skylar and Milo share is incredible. They have been there for one another through thick and thin. Skylar’s life has changed for the better because of Milo. She ensures that he is living his best life every day by never skipping a pat or cuddle, always having delicious food, and making sure he’s as happy as he can be! 

Jen and Cooper — May 9, 2022

Jen and Cooper

~ Jen and Cooper ~

Thirteen years ago, Jen and Cooper met. Ever since, they have changed each other’s lives for the better and continue to share so much love, hope and joy with one another.

Initially, Cooper was brought into the local shelter. He was terrified, weak and severely malnourished. During the same time, Jen was in a treatment centre being treated for an eating disorder. Individually, they weren’t doing well emotionally or physically. 

While at the treatment centre, another patient had a dog with them. Jen loved helping to care for it. Her treatment team saw how much the dog had helped her and, when the patient and their dog left, they suggested she look into getting her a dog of her own. Jen’s mood lifted and it was suggested she look into getting her own dog. She decided to visit a local shelter. After some looking, she met a scared, small one-year-old Chihuahua. From the moment she looked into his eyes, she was in love and had no doubt in her mind that he had found his forever home, and a new name – Cooper. 

Since adopting Cooper, Jen’s life has changed for the better. She didn’t just rescue him when she adopted him, but he, too, rescued her. Each day, Cooper spreads so much love and joy. He became Jen’s service dog, best friend, and companion.

At 3 years old, Jen helped Cooper to beat cancer. It was a difficult time for the both of them but, through thick and thin, they stayed by each other’s side. He has since made a full recovery and has continued to live his life to the fullest while sharing joy with everyone he meets. 

Both Jen and Cooper have their own health challenges; Jen struggles with chronic neurological Lyme disease and Cooper has heart disease and neurological difficulties. Having each other has helped each other hugely. They have a mutual understanding and just know how to brighten one another’s day, no matter what. 

Despite the struggles she has experienced, Jen is grateful for all she has gone through, as, through it all, it led her to Cooper. He has shown her that there is so much good in the world and together, they found hope. They both had to learn how to have a good relationship with food, build up their strength, and face their past traumas. Individually, this was a huge challenge, but by believing in one another, they got through it all. 

No matter what, Cooper can always brighten Jen’s day. If she’s struggling, Cooper is right there to cheer her up with his antics or a warm cuddle. Not only this, but Jen ensures that Cooper is able to live his best life with all the love he deserves. They also share joy within their community by sharing Cooper’s adventures on social media. He’s a great model and loves posing for the camera. 

Not a day has gone by since Jen and Cooper met that they haven’t had an impact on each other. The unconditional love they share is truly special and, although they both face health conditions, they help each other to stay positive, determined and not only to heal, but to flourish. 

Ludivine and Féroce — November 12, 2021

Ludivine and Féroce

~ Ludivine and Féroce ~

Eleven years ago, Ludivine adopted Chihuahua pup, Féroce. It’s been just over a decade and the two have gone on many adventures together since. 

Ludivine had always wanted a dog. As she travels a lot, she had been looking for a dog who could join her. In 2010, she met Féroce, a small and timid Chihuahua puppy. Ludivine fell in love as soon as she saw him and decided to adopt him.

Having Féroce has had such a big impact on Ludivine. When they go out on adventures together, Ludivine knows she has her loyal companion by her side. Together they have gone skiing, swimming, hiking and much more! They love to spend this time together and enjoy the world around them.

Not only has Féroce had an impact on Ludivine’s physical health, but also her mental health. No matter what may be happening in her life, Ludivine knows she always has Féroce. He is a ray of sunshine and always knows how to make her smile. She can confide in him and talk about anything and everything. 

Féroce also gives Ludivine a sense of connection among her community. When out walking, people smile as they pass by and stop to talk. If Ludivine can bring him to a venue, she certainly will. He is also often asked after by friends and family! 

Ludivine and Féroce share a very special bond. He is her closest companion. They bring each other so much joy and love.

Angela and Freddie — October 11, 2021

Angela and Freddie

~ Angela and Freddie ~

Years ago, Chihuahua pup, Freddie, was found abandoned and in need of urgent care. Today, Freddie, with the help of her human Angela, is thriving. 

In December of 2018, Freddie was found abandoned in a duffel bag. She had evidently suffered a lot in her short life. As a puppy, she had been dropped and had broken both her front legs. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive the necessary help she needed, and her legs healed improperly. Freddie also has dental issues, with having only two canine teeth left, causing an overbite. As well as this, she was born without an epiglottis, some cartilage at the back of the throat, meaning she is at risk of aspirating and must be handfed all her meals.

After being treated, she was put up for adoption at the Hesperia Shelter in California. The shelter contacted Angela, who has always had a passion for animals, and asked her to come in to meet Freddie. Once she laid eyes on the pup, she started crying. It was hard to see such a young animal be in such bad shape. 

Soon after meeting, Angela decided to adopt Freddie and to give her a forever home. Having Freddie in her life has brought Angela endless happiness. While Freddie has had a difficult life, she is always ready to play and loves to cuddle. 

Angela has shared Freddie’s story and through this has helped others. Freddie has shown that animals with health conditions can thrive when cared for. Not only this, but she has inspired many pet owners around the world simply by being her adorable self. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Freddie did many meet-and-greets with friends all around America. Through this, both Angela and Freddie have met some great people. 

Having Freddie has had a huge impact on Angela. She has shown that, no matter, there is joy and beauty in everything. Freddie may have many health conditions, but she is always happy and doesn’t let her challenges stop her from living her best life. 

Freddie shows everyone that, even though she may look a bit different, being unique is special and that it’s important to embrace all that is you. That everyone is deserving of love and kindness. 

The bond that Angela and Freddie share is a very special one. Angela has supported and loved her companion through all the difficulties, and Freddie has provided her with so much happiness and unconditional love.