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Tommy and TJ — November 2, 2022

Tommy and TJ

~ Tommy and TJ ~

Three years ago, Tommy was given a new home. Not long after, TJ was welcomed to the family. Since then, they have flourished and relish the freedom they now have. 

Near Tommy and TJ’s human’s house, there is a lot of farmland. There were many cows who were used for milking. They bred many and kept the females, but not all the males. Tommy’s human realised this and decided to rescue him for a better chance in life. Not long after, did she feel that Tommy was a bit lonely, so she reached out and that’s when TJ found his forever home. 

Before Tommy, his human had never been near a cow, let alone cared for one. However, it didn’t take long before she fell in love and learned how to properly look after cows. Since adopting both Tommy and TJ, their human has learnt how to groom them, play with them and just give them the best life possible. 

Having Tommy and TJ has been life-changing for their human. They have helped her to meet new people through the cow community and bring joy into each day. Being able to simply see them living out their best lives brings their human immense happiness. 

Something that Tommy, TJ and their human enjoy is running around. Both Tommy and TJ run right beside her and it’s time they get to just be together. As well as this, both cows absolutely love having tummy scratches – of which their human is more than happy to do!

The bond that Tommy and TJ share with their human is truly special. They have brought so much love and joy into each other’s lives.