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Ana and Boba — February 18, 2022

Ana and Boba

~ Ana and Boba ~

In late 2020, Ana met Staffordshire Terrier pup, Boba. While she had a tough upbringing, Ana helped her to flourish into a bubbly, loving dog.

June of 2020, Ana and her partner, Ted, felt it was time to adopt a dog. She had always wanted a dog and finally felt ready. Ana started searching online and came across the Saving Hope Foundation, a no-kill sanctuary for animals in New Zealand. She saw a sweet light brown and white Staffy puppy and knew she was the one. 

A month later, Ana met with the foster family and from the moment she first met, there was no doubt in Ana’s mind this was the perfect puppy. She was a bright and bubbly pup who instantly brightened her day. Ana looked at Ted and they both just knew she was the one. They immediately decided to adopt her and named her Boba. 

Soon after adopting Boba, Ana and Ted struggled to help her adapt to her new home. She was very timid and shy. They found it a challenge to walk her on a leash and to get her into theit car for trips to the beach or the vet. This was difficult for Ana to see. She wanted Boba to know she was safe, but it took months before she slowly adjusted. 

Working through everything with Boba has taught Ana a lot. She has learnt to be more understanding and patient, as well as being able to read cues when she may be a bit unsure of something. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was all worth it for Boba who is now thriving. 

One day, while Ana and Ted were at work, Boba managed to escape their house. Upon returning home, Ana couldn’t find her anywhere. It was harrowing for her as she was terrified she may not see Boba again. Just as she was starting to lose hope, however, they found her happily in a neighbour’s backyard. From then, Ana vowed to herself that she would always treasure Boba and ensure she gets the best life possible. 

Having Boba has helped Ana so much. Before Boba, Ana was happy to stay at home. Now, she has been encouraged to go out, to socialise and to embrace nature more. Because she loves meeting new people – and dogs – Boba has helped Ana to be more confident when out and about.

Not only has Boba had an impact on Ana, but also her family. Ana’s family love to visit them both and are always shown a lot of love by Boba. Her happiness is so infectious that anyone who meets her is instantly filled with joy. She’s just a loving, goofy and sweet doggo who enjoys making those around her smile. 

Something that Ana and Boba enjoy doing together is exploring their surroundings and just spending time with each other. Ana is very creative and Boba is happy to help her pursue this. They have an Instagram account where they share Boba’s adventures and the occasional photoshoot!

The impact that Ana and Boba have had on each other is amazing. They share such a beautiful and special bond. They have both changed their lives for the better through love and joy. 

Bryce and Buster — December 3, 2021

Bryce and Buster

~ Bryce and Buster ~

Just over five years ago, Buster found his forever home with Bryce. Since then, they have become the best of friends and Buster has flourished into a loving and bubbly dog. 

In 2016, Bryce met Buster, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Since then, Buster has helped Bryce immensely; through thick and thin. He has been a great companion and is always at Bryce’s side. 

Buster is definitely a very loved doggo. He brings so much happiness to Bryce and their community. Buster is full of joy and loves to spread it with as many people as he can. He also helps to educate others on his breed. Sometimes Staffys can seem a bit scary, but not all of them are. Those who are raised in a responsible and good environment can grow up to become very loving and kind dogs – just look at Buster! 

Having Buster has taught Bryce so much. He has learnt about dogs and how best to care for them. Not only this, but Bryce’s life has been changed for the better by Buster. Through all of life’s challenges, having Buster has helped Bryce get through. Bryce loves to talk to Buster about his day when he gets home from work. It’s time they get to spend together and just enjoy each other’s company. 

The bond that Bryce and Buster share is truly special. Buster has helped Bryce immensely, and Bryce has helped Buster become the handsome boy he is today!