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Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael — November 22, 2021

Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael

~ Noam, Lihi, O’Malley, Maizie and Michael ~

About six years ago, Noam and his wife, Lihi, began their cat rescuing journey. In that time, Noam and Lihi have adopted three cats and have rescued many more. It’s because of this, Noam decided to share his passion for animals through his other passions; music and art. 

Noam has always loved animals. He has always wanted to help them and any stray animal he met, he would offer help. One day, in 2015, he and Lihi were staying at her family’s house. After returning home from work, Lihi and her family called Noam upstairs. When he did, he saw a small grey and white 3-month-old kitten. 

The kitten was found by Lihi and her family. The kitten was wandering near a busy road and they went to save him. After caring for him, it became evident that this kitten, now named O’Malley, had found his home with Noam and Lihi. A year later, they decided to find their own place and took O’Malley with them. 

Not long after moving into their new home, another kitten found herself in their care. The tabby kitten was about 2-months old and needed someone to look after her. Sadly, due to being handled by humans, her mother left. It was because of this that Noam and Lihi welcomed her into their home and named her Maizie.

Seeing so many cats in need inspired Noam and Lihi to care for all the strays in their neighbourhood, Rehavia. They would feed them daily and would catch them for neutering and any medical treatments they may need. It meant a lot to Noam to do this as he has always wanted to help animals, and this has allowed him to do just that. 

Six months after adopting Maizie, they met another special kitten. He was affectionate and enjoyed greeting Noam and Lihi. However, they saw he had been suffering from some health issues and knew he wouldn’t do well on the streets, and so welcomed the new kitten, Michael, into their home. 

Having O’Malley, Maizie and Michael has brought so much joy and love into Noam and Lihi’s life. They are their world. He and Lihi love the company of their feline friends and their lives have been changed for the better because of them. No matter what might be going on in their life, Noam and Lihi know that their furbabies will be right there. They enjoy playing together, snuggling and just being with each other. 

Together, Noam and Lihi have helped over 100 stray cats in their neighbourhood. It’s a lot of work, but it means so much to both of them. Every little bit helps. They know that the streets are a tough place for any cat to be, and so try to help them as best they can. From providing food to ensuring that any cat who needs medical attention receives it, Noam and Lihi do whatever they can. 

One day, Noam and Lihi hope to open a shelter. It can be tough to provide for stray cats without a proper facility. Noam hopes that this can further help animals, both in his neighbourhood and beyond, as well as spread awareness about animal welfare and how to better care for these cats. One of the ways he has been fundraising for this is through his page, Sympawnies

For as long as he can remember, Noam has always been creative. He would draw and paint as a child, and loved music. Inspired by Bach’s unique style of handwriting while composing and how he created shapes in his scores and conveyed a musical picture, Noam drew a lot of inspiration from this and started Sympawnies. 

Through Sympawnies, Noam takes on commissions to write music inspired by people’s pets, wildlife and all kinds of animals. People can send in pictures of their animal, as well as a brief description of their personality, and Noam will create a beautiful work of art. Not only this, but 20% of the profits made go to helping cats in his neighbourhood. 

Through Sympawnies, Noam uses his platform to educate people about animals and welfare. Recently, he composed a piece, titled ‘Paso Dobulle’, to raise awareness around bullfighting. He wants to continue using his platform as a way for people to know more about animals and how one can better care for them.

As a composer, Noam uses his passions to express his love of animals. Each commission is personal to each animal. It’s immensely rewarding to Noam and he feels thrilled to create such unique and special works for animals and their humans.

The impact that O’Malley, Maizie and Michael have had on Noam has been huge. They have provided him and Lihi with endless joy and unconditional love. If you would like to check out Noam’s previous works, or even commission your own sympawny go to his page, Sympawnies, now!

Bryce and Arbor — November 15, 2021

Bryce and Arbor

~ Bryce and Arbor ~

Ten years ago, Bryce rescued Arbor from a shelter in Las Vegas. In the time since then, they have both had a big impact on each other and the greater community. 

In 2011, Bryce visited a shelter in Las Vegas in search of a new canine companion. Soon, he came across a large black dog and was told that, like black cats, black dogs find it more difficult to find homes. He also felt an instant connection with this one dog. Bryce decided then and there that this was the perfect dog, and named her Arbor. 

Not long after welcoming Arbor into his family, Bryce realised just how special she was. She would pick up commands quickly and could easily remember them. Then, one day after work, Bryce returned home to see a finished painting. Bryce’s then-partner told him that Arbor had actually painted the piece of art. He couldn’t believe it until she showed him the video. 

Arbor started to become famous on social media. With her talent for painting, she and Bryce began to fundraise for local shelters. She would paint and he would auction them off. Fairly soon after, she appeared in newspapers and shows worldwide, from Japan to America, England to New Zealand. 

Having such a big following, Bryce and Arbor started to advocate. The shelter Arbor had come from were neglecting many of their animals and many of the animals were put down. They wanted to do something about this, to stop the suffering of these animals. Together, they used their voices to speak up. 

Bryce had started a page that would bring to light some of what was happening at the shelter. There were protests, interviews, and more. It also inspired Bryce to open his own non-profit organisation – No Kill Las Vegas. 

It took quite some time, but eventually, the shelter wanted to make a change. They have taken on much of what Bryce advocated for; better care, doing all they could for the animals, and making their living environment better in general. 

Thanks to Arbor, Bryce was able to raise awareness and inspire these changes. He is thankful for Arbor as she has helped to save many animals at the shelter she once lived in. 

Since all her advocate work, Arbor continues to paint and have these auctioned off to fundraise for local shelters. In 2021, she has also appeared in the Netflix series, ‘Pet Stars’ and Disney+ series, ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’. She is truly a shining star and has touched many throughout her amazing journey. 

It’s obvious just how much Bryce and Arbor have impacted each other. They have brought so much love and happiness into each other’s lives, and together have changed the lives of so many.