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Genevieve, Izak and Frankie — May 4, 2022

Genevieve, Izak and Frankie

~ Genevieve, Izak and Frankie ~

In 2021, Genevieve and her fiance, Izak, adopted Taco Terrier, Frankie. They have formed a very special bond and have become a family together. 

Having been wanting to adopt a dog, Genevieve and Izak had spent some time discussing it but felt that they needed to find their own place first. Once they did, they began searching for a furry friend. 

Izak started searching by joining some pages on social media. After a while, a 5-month-old puppy, Frankie, appeared on one of them. She was being rehomed as she and her sibling couldn’t be kept together due to fighting too much. Izak sent a photo to Genevieve and they both fell in love with her little face. They were unsure if they could adopt her as a lot of people were also interested in giving her a forever home. However, two weeks later, Izak and Genevieve received a call telling them Frankie was theirs. 

After receiving the call, Genevieve and Izak went on a six-hour drive to Hawera to pick up their new furbaby. Halfway there, they found themselves being filled with anticipation, wondering if she would like them and be a good fit. Once they arrived, however, they knew Frankie was perfect. She fell asleep on Izak’s shoulder and he and Genevieve knew she had found her forever home. 

Since adopting Frankie, she has had such a huge impact on both her humans, Genevieve especially. Each day, Frankie brings so much joy and love. When they return home from work, being welcomed by an excited pup never fails to make them smile. 

Genevieve is a mental health advocate and has co-founded a charity, Voices of Hope, and co-created an app resource name Love Your Kite. Both help to provide hope to those struggling with mental illnesses. It can become overwhelming at times but Frankie is always there. When things are tough, whether it’s a challenging day or it’s been a difficult day at work, Frankie is right by Genevieve’s side. She also just knows exactly when to give Genevieve a big snuggle. 

Not only has Frankie had an impact on Genevieve and Izak, but also those around her. When out and about, all who pass by smile as they see her little face. She’s a very social dog and just loves meeting new friends. As well as this, if Frankie wants more attention or pats, she taps her humans with her front paw and looks up with her puppy-dog eyes. 

One of Genevieve, Izak and Frankie’s favourite things to do together is go to the beach. Seeing Frankie tear around and play fills Genevieve’s heart with pure joy. The happiness that the beach brings Frankie spreads to those who see her living her best life. One time, she even made a friend at the beach by sneaking a chip from their fish and chips lunch! 

The impact that Frankie has had on Genevieve and Izak has been huge. From being woken up early in the morning to be met by a snuggly pup, to laughing every day because of her antics. She has brought so much light and love into their lives and has formed a special bond. 

A Pup of Hope — September 21, 2020

A Pup of Hope

~ Genevieve and Abby ~

Abby, a mini fox terrier, arrived in New Zealand from Australia in 2007 and was warmly welcomed into the family of Genevieve Mora. The two have since shared a close bond. Genevieve remembers falling in love with fox terriers, and once she and Abby met, she knew it was meant to be.

It wasn’t until Genevieve met Abby that she realised just how much animals can change our lives.

Between 2008 and 2013, Genevieve battled mental health issues. Having struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and anorexia nervosa, this period in her life was difficult, to say the least. Whenever Genevieve was able to return home, she remembers Abby always being there.

During her 5 year battle with mental illness, Genevieve was in and out of the hospital. This was a harrowing period in her life. Genevieve’s obsessive-compulsive disorder impacted every aspect of her life, and was an obstacle she had to overcome. Genevieve has fond memories of Abby always being by her side.

As you can imagine, this was a very difficult time in Genevieve’s life, but she recalls Abby as being a great support. Abby always kept Genevieve company, and helped her immensely in her recovery. It seemed Abby just knew she needed some more love and care. Being in and out of hospital, Genevieve found it difficult being apart from Abby during these trying times. Happily, Abby was always there to welcome Gen home when she was allowed out.

Looking after Abby helped Genevieve learn to look after herself. Having Abby allowed Genevieve to focus on something outside of herself, and to care for another living being. Seeing Abby after a hospital admission or treatment, gave Genevieve some form of hope and something to look forward to. She could know that no matter what happened, she would return home to her dog who would greet her with happiness and no judgement.

Now, Genevieve is in a much healthier place, both mentally and physically. Although she still has days and moments when things can get a bit much, she has resources and a strong support system to help her, which of course includes Abby. Abby is now 13 years old, but she is still very active.

When struggling, Genevieve enjoys the company of Abby. Abby’s presence comforts Genevieve, and despite her small size, helps Genevieve to feel safer. She is encouraged to go out and have some activity during the day to walk and exercise Abby. This is something Genevieve very much enjoys. Watching Abby run around, especially off-leash, brings both of them a lot of joy.

Genevieve views Abby as a sibling. They have a mutual understanding of one another. When they both are a bit tired, Abby will snuggle with Genevieve, and they even share the bed. When her own mental health is a struggle, she knows she has Abby there as a support. Abby provides Genevieve with much comfort and happiness. They have an unspoken understanding of one another.

After recovering from anorexia and OCD, Genevieve wanted to help others going through similar struggles. She, along with her friend Jazz Thornton, started a charity, named Voices of HOPE. Voices of Hope aims to help raise awareness around mental health issues and to inspire hope.

Since recovering, Genevieve has shared her journey with mental health, both locally and worldwide, to show others they are not alone and that there is hope. On top of this, she is working on an app to aid individuals in their eating disorder recovery journeys. The app, called Love Your Kite, will be launching in the very near future. Doing this can make her days very busy at times, but she knows that whatever happens during the day, Abby will excitedly welcome her back home.