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Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse — July 6, 2022

Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse

~ Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse ~

A few years ago, Mahala adopted her furbabies, Odie, Rosie and then Mouse. In the time since then, they have all changed each other’s lives and have shown each other unconditional love. 

In 2017, Mahala was looking to adopt a greyhound. Then one day, she was told of some who were looking for a home and decided to meet them. Once she got there, she fell in love with one named Opawa Diesel, or Odie. Instantly, Mahala knew he was meant to be with her, and adopted him then and there.

After adopting Odie, he and Mahala did everything together. Some years later, they returned to the kennels to meet some more of the dogs. As they arrived, one of the greyhounds jumped at the fence to meet Mahala. Not 15 minutes later, Mahala and Odie were driving back home with a new, furry family member – Rosie. 

Mahala, Odie and Rosie became very well known in the greyhound community. They held adoption events, fostered, and even home checks. When Mahala had her son, Odie and Rosie immediately accepted him and treated him as part of their pack. 

Not long after giving birth did Mahala receive a new foster greyhound named Mouse. She came into Mahala’s care very skinny and had some tumours. Eventually, they found a home, but the week before, Mahala knew in her heart that they would be welcoming Mouse into their family. 

Something that Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse enjoy is going on adventures. From doing zoomies on the beach, picnics, travelling and more, they all love this time they get to spend together. As well as this, Mahala often takes her trio of dogs to markets and schools to spread awareness about greyhounds. 

When out and about, Mahala and her dogs often get stopped by people, asking about life with greyhounds. She’s often asked about how active greyhounds are and if they would be good pets, to which she always replies with a big ‘yes!’ and explains they’re not all that different from cats behaviour-wise. Because of all she does with Odie, Rosie and Mouse, Mahala has even been able to help with sending adoption applications for retired greyhounds!

The bond that Mahala, Odie, Rosie and Mouse all share is so special. Mahala has given all three dogs their second chance and ensures that each day they get all the love they deserve. In return, Odie, Rosie and Mouse fill every day with endless joy. 

Summer Hound — December 8, 2021

Summer Hound

~ Summer Hound ~

In 2021, Summer Hound was launched. Summer Hound is a New Zealand based business who make and sell a range of cooling accessories for dogs. From cooling bandanas to summer bands to wrap around your dog’s neck to help them stay safe during the warmer months. 

Founder, Janina, wanted to create something for her Greyhound, Romeo. Greyhounds don’t tolerate heat very well and Romeo is no exception. He would often pant for long periods of time and when out, would find shaded spots. 

Janina hated seeing Romeo suffer every year with the heat. He has helped her through many tough times and has brought her immense happiness. She wanted to help him as a thank you for everything he has done for her. 

After a while, Janina remembers waking up one night with a business idea. That idea soon flourished. She wanted to create some products for Romeo and other dogs to stay cool in the summer. With some encouragement from her partner, Janina decided to pursue this idea and so, Summer Hound was born. 

Having only launched recently, Summer Hound already has a variety of designs and two different styles of cooling accessories. They are easy to use and help to cool your doggo – and even cats – down. Not only does Janina sell great products, but she uses her platform to educate pet parents on summer safety for animals. 

Animals can feel the heat a lot more than humans. While humans can sweat, animals’ bodies are different and express heat differently, such as panting in dogs. It can even be dangerous for some as it can lead to some serious health conditions. This is why Janina shares so much awareness around summer safety, to help others understand the dangers of summer and prepare for it and prevent any issues. 

One of Janina’s favourite things is seeing dogs wearing and using Summer Hound accessories. In New Zealand, many enjoy a summery day and being with friends – furry friends included, of course! So with these accessories, it allows pet parents to spend that time together without having to worry about the heat impacting their furbabies. 

Summer Hound is an awesome business. They create amazing products to help your canine companions, as well as spread awareness about summer safety. It is obvious how much passion Janina has for what she does and how much love goes into it. If you want some cooling accessories, then make sure you check out Summer Hound!